7 Spirit Awakening Ceremony (2)

Tang Beixuan stepped towards him, striding with confidence. He extended his right hand as the six stones near Su Yuntao's body rotated and came closer to his hand.

His body shone in golden light before all of them condensed in his right hand. Tang Beixuan felt uncomfortable because of the pain, though it was not enough to make him scream.

Soon, the golden light dispersed as an outline of a beautiful seven-stringed black Guqin with red clouds appeared on his right hand. A golden sword tattoo also manifested in his head before it quickly disappeared.

Su Yuntao didn't notice the tattoo as he seemed to focus only on the Guqin spirit. Seeing the red clouds on the Guqin, he thought, 'A variant?'

After some thinking, he shook his head and said harshly. "A Guqin, eh? Though it's quite rare, it doesn't have any remarkable abilities. It can't attack, block, nor support. It's a trash spirit. It would be better for you to go to a brothel and play your Guqin there than join the world of Spirit Masters."

Tang Beixuan felt extremely angered by his statement. He wanted to fight back but he still didn't do so. It was not because he was scared. Because he still can't defeat him with his current condition. He would have to look for a chance after he grows up if he wanted to fight him again.

He held his emotions before speaking coldly to Su Yuntao and retracting his right hand, "Sir. What next?"

"Release your spirit and touch this crystal ball of mine. Even if your spirit is trash, if you have a little bit of spirit power, you can advance and become stronger." Su Yuntao said.

Tang Beixuan didn't reply as he again materialized his Guqin in his right hand. He put his left hand on the crystal ball and felt some suction. Soon, the crystal ball shone with intensity as the light blinded the room.

Su Yuntao was amazed by the intensity of the light the crystal ball was giving. According to the traditional test, as long as a person has an ounce of spirit power, the crystal ball will only give some response before dimming again. However, this crystal ball radiated with such intensity, and it didn't look like it was about to dim. There was only one explanation for this...

"Heavens! Full Innate Spirit Power!"

Blue-green light was released from Su Yuntao's hand as the crystal ball in Tang Beixuan's left hand was pulled to his hand. His gaze changed. Earlier, he was looking greatly disappointed, and now, it was as if he was looking at a monster.

Although Tang Beixuan already knew of this, he still asked him. A village kid knowing of what is Full Innate Spirit Power would sound suspicious.

"Sir, what is Full Innate Spirit Power?"

"For everyone at the time of spirit awakening, apart from a spirit's form, while deciding whether it is big and powerful, the amount of spirit power is also extremely important. A vast amount of people at the time of spirit awakening do not have spirit power, like the several children before this. They are destined to be unable to become spirit masters in their lifetime. But provided spirit power appears, even if only a little, anyone can undergo meditation cultivation. And at the time of spirit awakening the spirit power amount is crucial for setting spirit master cultivation starting level. With higher spirit power level, acquired cultivation rate is greater. Moreover, because of starting level, the fundamentals will naturally also be practiced earlier than others. What is known as innate full spirit power is that at the time of spirit awakening, one is innately capable of attaining the highest spirit power." Su Yuntao subconsciously explained.

Tang Beixuan just nodded. Meanwhile, on the corner, Tang San looked like he was in deep thought as he gazed at Tang Beixuan and Su Yuntau from time to time. No one knew what he was thinking.

Perhaps Su Yuntao thought that Beixuan didn't know what he was saying that he continued explaining, "Our spirit is graded like this: every ten ranks is a title. After spirit awakening, one can automatically be known as a spirit scholar. Of course, only a first-level spirit scholar. In accordance with spirit strength intensity, it is subdivided into ranks. What is meant by innate full spirit strength is that exactly after awakening, spirit strength level is innately the highest tenth rank. I still have never come across a person with innate full spirit strength; originally when I awakened, I also was only second rank spirit power, nothing more."

Beixuan nodded again. He was about to go back to his original position when he was stopped by Su Yuntao,

"Wait! You, what's your name!" Su Yuntao suddenly said.

"My name's Tang Beixuan, sir," Beixuan replied with a monotone voice.

"Good name! Would you like to join Spirit Hall? You will be trained in the most elite training camp in the world and would be given the best resources." Su Yuntao offered.

"Sir, I'm sorry but I don't want to abandon my father and my little brother. Besides, I also think that I don't have the qualifications to join with my 'trash spirit.'" Tang Beixuan replied coldly. Join his enemy? Well, perhaps he could infiltrate them but he may get killed as soon as he entered because he knew that the Spirit Hall was akin to a scheming snake after hearing Tang Hao's and Ah Yin's daily conversations.

"I see..." Su Yuntao spoke in a bitter tone as he shook his head. Tang Beixuan also returned to his original place.

Finally, it was Tang San's turn. He stepped forward Su Yuntao without fear. Su Yuntao sent his stones again to Tang San as he bathed in golden light, soon, the golden light condensed into his right hand, revealing the outline of blue grass. Tang San put his left hand in the back as golden light also condensed, materializing a very small hammer.

Tang Beixuan noticed this and was amazed because he didn't think that his brother would have Twin Spirits too! He knew they were very rare, but to think that he and his brother were Twin Spirit users! The other children didn't notice this as they had already left their positions and wandered the place, looking at the decorations.

Su Yuntao looked disappointed and said,

"Again, a trash spirit it seems. Okay, children, you can leave now." Su Yuntao began to pack his things as the children, including Tang Beixuan left. Only Su Yuntao and Tang San were left.

Upon leaving the hall, Tang Beixuan was immediately greeted by the eager face of Grandpa Jack.

Grandpa Jack asked, "So, is there anyone who was able to awaken their spirits? Where is the Spirit Master."

Tang Beixuan immediately stepped up and replied, "Grandpa Jack, the Spirit Master told me I have Full Innate Spirit Power. I also awakened my spirit, which is a Guqin. Also, Sir is packing his things and resting as it seemed that he spent quite a lot of energy trying to awaken our spirits."

Grandpa Jack nodded as he sighed and looked down. Suddenly Grandpa Jack set his gaze over Beixuan and asked in a tone that contained disbelief, "Full Innate Spirit Power?!"

Beixuan nodded.

Grandpa Jack sighed and looked at the skies before saying, "It's a pity that your spirit is a Guqin..." He knew the significance of Full Innate Spirit Power but his spirit just had to be a trash one, unfortunately.

Beixuan wanted to refute the words of Grandpa Jack when suddenly, the doors of the hall opened, revealing Tang San and Su Yuntao. Seeing this, Grandpa Jack immediately went over towards Su Yuntao and asked,

"Sir, is Beixuan the only person who awakened their spirit? And what will we do now? Does a Guqin have no chance to become strong?" asked Grandpa Jack

"Regarding your first question. The answer is no. This kid Tang San also has Full Innate Spirit Power, it's just... His spirit is a Blue Silver Grass." replied Su Yuntao

Grandpa Jack's changed when he heard that. To think that they have two people who have spirit power, and they both have Full Innate Spirit Power. But fate also cursed them as they both received a useless spirit.

"Is there no way to cultivate Xiao San's and Xiao Bei's spirit?" He still couldn't help but ask.

"It is not entirely impossible for them to cultivate their spirits. In the end, useless spirit are truly useless. Even if he becomes a spirit master, he will probably be a useless spirit master. What a waste of talent. I will leave now, I still have other villages to take care of." Su Yuntao did not give Grandpa Jack a chance to ask him more questions as he leaped towards his new destination.

Tang San wanted to ask more questions, but Su Yuntao was already far. In the end, he couldn't help but go towards Grandpa Jack instead to ask more questions.

"Grandpa Jack, what's a spirit ring? How can we get this ring?" asked Tang San with great curiosity.

"I also don't know much about it. I only know that to obtain a spirit ring, one must hunt spirit beasts first. This is a very dangerous task that only spirit masters are capable of." answered Grandpa Jack.

"Xiao San, stop bothering Grandpa Jack. Let's go back home already and inform father of what happened today." Tang Beixuan told Tang San who was about to ask more questions.

In the end, Tang San nodded and went towards their home. Though he didn't run, he only walked as he went into deep thought.

"Wait, I'll come with you. I'll also talk with your father." Grandpa Jack suddenly said to Tang Beixuan. Beixuan just nodded and the group of three went to their home.

Soon, they arrived at a run-down house. Though it was run-down, it was still better compared to the houses in the village. Billowing smokes came from the chimney. The windows were still closed so their father must have not woken up yet.


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