3 Scheme

Just as Gui Mei was about to continue speaking, five illusory rings suddenly appeared again, surrounding the body of the old lady.

'You thought I was dead? Good thing I managed to do that secret technique that causes my heart to shift to the right side of my chest before I got stabbed. Well, go and die, you piece of sh*t!'

"Damn it! We were careless!" seeing the rings, Gui Mei and the feminine guy immediately tried to protect themselves. The five illusory rings exploded, causing mass destruction to the surrounding 1km land.

After a while, some ragged breathes was heard. Two injured people were gradually revealed as the smoke settled. Although Gui Mei and the feminine guy were careless, they were still Titled Douluos after all. They only received minor injuries although the explosion occurred near them.

But even minor injuries can cause great changes to a battle, so the two had no choice but to go towards Qian Xunji.



Qian Xunji frowned, "I didn't expect that the maid has a technique like that. As far as I'm concerned, only heirs from Clear Sky Clan can learn this technique."

The feminine guy hesitated to speak before whispering to Qian Xunji, "Almighty Pope, if all the members of the Divine Sword Clan were to know of this technique, I suggest—"

"No. All of the members of Divine Sword Clan only care about swords. They would rather marry a sword than the opposite gender. They will not touch anything unrelated to swords. As far as I know, the heir of the Divine Sword Clan has a deep relationship with the self-proclaimed heir of Clear Sky Clan."

"The Divine Sword Clan's heir left to travel the world since he was 6 years old, so his views are much broader compared to the other members of his clan, along with his maid. The heir of Clear Sky Clan must have taught him the fundamentals of the Great Sumeru Hammer and the heir of Divine Sword Clan must have improvised it to suit their spirit."

"Chen Xiao hasn't returned to his clan yet so we can safely assume that only he and his maid must have learned this technique."

The two had no choice but to nod, albeit doubtfully.

"Now go back to the Heaven Dou City branch of Spirit Hall and have someone heal you. I expect you to go back tomorrow. Also, find that old geezer Dugo Bo that we know of a way to extend his son's life for a few years but in one condition. Have him concoct a strong but undetectable poison and make sure that they can kill Titled Douluo or weaken them." Qian Xunji spoke as a piece of paper flew towards the two as the feminine guy took it.

"Also, make sure to tell our members to spread rumors about the Divine Sword Clan going evil. Use all possible resources you can to make this happen. Tomorrow, the Divine Sword Clan must cease to exist." Qian Xunji took out a piece of paper from his spatial ring and let it fly towards the two as the feminine guy took it before the two darted into the distance.

Qian Xunji looked at the two silhouettes gradually disappearing on the horizon as a cold expression donned his face.


Meanwhile, on Chen Beixuan's side, he was still on the huge flying sword heading to the unknown.

'So system, mind telling me on how the hell is this sword even flying at 50km/h and how even am I still on the sword.

[You have been reincarnated to the world of Soul Land. In this world, strength is respected. The strong prey on the weak.]

[All of the residents of this world are born with Spirits, and those who use their Spirits for battle are called Spirit Masters, which is considered the noblest profession in the world.]

[The reason why the sword is flying has to do something with Spiritual Energy, which Spirit Masters use to unleash abilities of their Spirits.]


The system continued explaining until Beixuan got the gist of it [1]. He nodded before saying, 'I get the gist of it. So, mind telling me how this sword keeps flying even though nobody's supplying spiritual power on it?'

[This is what the members of Divine Sword Clan call, "Ego Sword." They are given to heirs every generation. Like what the name says, they are swords with the capacity to think just like human beings. As for how the sword is flying, the old lady carrying you earlier fused a 10,000-year spirit ring to it.]

'Isn't it bad to have them a consciousness? I mean, they can turn their backs on me anytime. Having a two-edged blade is dangerous for me.' Chen Beixuan pointed out.

[Not at all. Swords like these always remain faithful to their owner until their death. The past two owners of this sword are dead, and they ordered this sword to be loyal to you until the end of your life.]

'Hmm... System, so where is this sword heading to anyway.' Beixuan questioned

[This sword was ordered to go towards the nearest Clear Sky Clan member. Please rest assured. The closest Clear Sky Clan member right now is Tang Huo, the heir of Clear Sky Clan. Tang Huo and your father, Chen Xiao, have a relation of sworn brothers.]

'Well, I guess I can rest assured that I'll be going to safe hands.' Chen Beixuan thought before closing his eyes.



In the direction Chen Beixuan was heading into, two people were running slowly in the thick forest. The other one was a handsome man in his mid-30s wearing a dark robe [2]. The other one was a gorgeous lady with beautiful long blue hair wearing a beautiful dress.

The handsome man kept looking every minute at the lady's stomach, which had a visible bump, before resuming to look towards the front. The man suddenly raised his hand as both of them stopped.

"Wait here, Ah Yin. I sense something flying fast towards us." The man looked towards the lady before leaping towards the distance.

"Hao..." the lady wanted to say something, but the man was already nowhere to be spotted.

The man leaped towards the incoming entity before suddenly stopping and muttered, "Xiao's Ego Sword?"

The ego sword slowed down as it came near the man. The man looked towards the sword which was carrying a newborn baby.

"Huh, a baby?" The sword came near the man before he held it with his hand. A short memory suddenly invaded the man's brain, though the man seemed to pay no mind to it as he closed his eyes.

His eyes suddenly opened as he gritted his teeth, "Spirit Hall! We must go back to the clan fast and tell them this information!" The man took the sword to his spatial ring and looked towards the baby who had its eyes closed before taking it to his embrace and leaping towards the lady he was with earlier.


[1] - I didn't make the system fully explain it to him because I believe that all people reading this already know or have read Douluo Dalu/Soul Land, so I just skipped it.

[2] - I'm basing off Tang Hao's look in the donghua. Tbh, I don't even know whether he's handsome or not because the characters in the donghua are all handsome/beautiful.


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