13 Killing Intent

Nuoding City was located in the middle of the Fasinuo province under Heaven Dou Empire. It wasn't a major city, but the border of another empire was very close. Hence, merchants from the two great Empires traded here frequently. Because of this, Nuoding City flourished, along with the villages near it.

"Tang San, Tang Beixuan. In a moment, Grandpa will take you to the academy and return. When you both are alone at the academy, you must listen to your teachers carefully. Don't leave the academy without their permission. When the semesters end, Grandpa Jack will come again and meet you. That time will be almost at the New Year."

This was, after all, Tang San's first time to leave home for a lengthy amount of time. Even if they went shopping, Tang San would be usually left in the gates while Tang Beixuan helps Grandpa Jack carry their stuff, so it was a new experience. Tang San subconsciously said:

"Grandpa Jack, are you leaving soon?"

Old Jack replied with a wry smile,

"A hotel is not for us poor people to stay in. You two must try to win credit. When Grandpa sees you both next time, I hope you both would have already become spirit masters so that the both of you can become the pride of our Holy Spirit Village."

It had been a long time since Holy Spirit Village produced a Spirit Master. The duo was considered a miracle to their village. After all, they were both born with Innate Full Spirit Power, although they were born with 'trash' spirits.

Nuoding Primary Spirit Master Academy was located in the west of Nuoding City. Grandpa Jack had to ask a few passerby's for direction, although they have circled this city many times.

In the distance, they could see a large arch gate. The arch was twenty meters wide, and its height was over ten meters, made of solid rock. Below were two jet-black iron gates.

In the middle of the arched gate were two large words, "Nuoding Academy".

Grandpa Jack brought Tang San and Tang Beixuan to the front gate, but they were immediately stopped by a young gatekeeper before they could enter,

"What on earth? Is this a place where you country bumpkins can enter?"

Grandpa Jack's apparel counted as bright and new in Holy Spirit Village, but arriving in Nuoding City, it showed the appearance of a country bumpkin. The gatekeeper had a disdainful look in his eyes as he looked at the trio.

Old Jack was surprised before showing an apologetic smile and said,

"This? Little brother, we came from Holy Spirit Village. These children are our village's working students for this year, you see. We need to go through."

The young gatekeeper frowned, and somewhat queerly said:

"So a grass nest can still produce a golden phoenix? A tiny village also has people with spirit power? But the academy has not had a working student for a good many years. You cannot fake it."

A trace of anger flashed in Grandpa Jack's eyes, but he swallowed the insult as he reached the certificate given by Spirit Hall in his pockets and gave it to the gatekeeper.

"Spirits are Blue Silver Grass and Guqin? But both are Innate Full Spirit Power?! Ridiculous. This is the biggest joke in the world. I have worked for the academy as a gatekeeper for four years, but I still haven't heard of a student with Innate Full Spirit Power, let alone two! I think this Spirit Hall certificate is a forgery!"

Even if Grandpa Jack had a better temperament, he was still unable to restrain himself facing what the gatekeeper said.

"You are intentionally making this difficult. Wait and see! I'll go find a lord Spirit Hall attendant. Little San, Little Bai, we're leaving."

"What Holy Spirit Village. I think Beggar village should be the correct name."

"What did you say?!"

Old Jack fiercely turned around. He was incredibly proud of his village and its name. That was one of the reasons he also fell out with Tang Hao. Now, an outsider was saying this, how could he tolerate it?

"What? Not convinced, ah? I said you came from Beggar Village. What's wrong? Look at your clothes. Even the dirty kid on your right is just wearing a white robe without any clothes under it. Listen here, our Nuoding Academy is not a charity. Quickly leave!" The gatekeeper pointed at Tang Beixuan.

Suddenly a thin and small figure appeared between the two people. He pushed the gatekeeper's left hand before kicking his chest with his right foot. Although the figure was thin and small, the figure still managed to make the gatekeeper fall on his buttocks.

"Little San, you..."

Grandpa Jack looked dumbstruck at the small figure.

The gatekeeper got furious and charged towards Tang San. Tang Beixuan who was at the side felt Tang San's barely noticeable killing intent so he intervened. He took out the Ego Sword from his ear and enlargened its size. He stabbed it into the gatekeeper's mouth who fell again. He didn't forget to lower the sharpness of the sword.

(^ imagine Levi's sword in Zeke's mouth.)

Somehow, he felt that Tang San really had a way to kill this gatekeeper. He didn't know of Tang San's hidden weapons since he hides them carefully, even when he's forging. That's why he did this.

The gatekeeper sweated and his body trembled, looking at the little figure who he mocked earlier for just having white robes on. Tang San was surprised for a moment before he tried to pull Tang Beixuan. Grandpa Jack was even more surprised as his mouth opened agape.

Tang San pulled Tang Beixuan's body as he said,

"Brother, stop."

Tang Beixuan just snorted. While inwardly, he was thinking,

'If I didn't sense your killing intent, this gatekeeper will leave with severe injuries, or even worse, killed. It's much better to do it this way rather than getting harmed. At least, the suitable choice so this guy doesn't bother us.' He was very familiar with killing intent since his Guqin was partially made with killing intent.

"Stop!" A rather hoarse voice sounded. Soon, a forty to fifty years old man who looked thin rushed into their view. He was wearing black clothes with two hands held at his back. He looked very sluggish and disheveled.

He looked towards the gatekeeper who was still on the ground, examining his mouth. He asked,

"Are you okay?"

"Grandmaster, you have returned. I'm okay. I'm not injured at all." The gatekeeper said as he looked fearfully at Tang Beixuan.

'Grandmaster' glanced at Tang Beixuan. He thought,

'Ruthless at his age...'

Grandpa Jack was, after all, a village chief and could read a person's mood. From the gatekeeper's words, he concluded that this middle-aged man was not ranked low in the academy.

"I'm terribly sorry for the actions of my kids. They have not yet experienced the world greatly, so please forgive me!"

Grandmaster who was still looking at Tang Beixuan glanced at Grandpa Jack who was kowtowing. He helped Grandpa Jack up before saying,

"It's okay. It's our gatekeeper's fault as well for trying to attack kids. Old gentleman, can you please give me the Spirit Hall certificate?"

Grandpa Jack gave the certificate of Spirit Hall hurriedly to Grandmaster. Grandmaster took the certificate and read it slowly. He glanced at Tang San and Tang Beixuan from time to time. The Grandmaster's gazes gave Tang San a feeling of being completely seen through.

"There is nothing wrong with the certificate. Old gentleman, for this matter, let me apologize on behalf of the academy. I'll take care of the kids for you." said Grandmaster as he took the certificate.

Grandpa Jack bowed and said,

"Please don't, it's also my fault for not educating these kids strictly. Tang San, Tang Beixuan, follow Grandmaster inside, okay? Both of you must be obedient." he looked towards Tang San and Tang Beixuan with a stern gaze.

Both Tang San and Tang Beixuan nodded. Truthfully, Tang San planned to shoot his Tang Sect's silent sleeve dart at the gatekeeper earlier if Tang Beixuan didn't intervene. Tang Sect's silent sleeve dart shoots extremely fast. He was certain that nobody in the scene will detect it. Without evidence, who could say that he killed him. He was ruthless since he worships Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record's general principles.

[Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Records, general principles, third time: Determine whether the opponent is an enemy. If they are, aim to kill.]

Not only until Grandpa Jack warned Tang San and Tang Beixuan several more times did he leave. Tang Beixuan put his left hand's index finger in the ring in his right hand's ring finger, and the sword he was holding disappeared. While in truth, he just put it on his [Inventory.]

As for Tang Beixuan's sword, he already had a plan on how it magically appeared. He had Tang San forge a ring on his right hand's ring finger. He explained to Tang San how he needs a reason for how he managed to magically make it appear in thin air. He knew the existence of Essence Tools or Spirit Guidance Tools like storage space tools through the system.

As for how he got the ring? He would just say that their ring was a family inheritance.

As for a scabbard? Metals were really hard to come by in Holy Spirit Village so he didn't try to make it. After all, he doesn't know how to make it. It is extremely hard for someone who doesn't know how to make it, forge it on the first try. And Tang San didn't want to waste metals since he needs them for his hidden weapons. It was easier to create rings. As for leather scabbards or wooden scabbards? Leather was really scarce in their village, and wooden scabbards take a lot of practice to make.

As for Tang Hao? Their father doesn't care about anything except for their training back then. Because of that, Tang Beixuan had to look for Tang San instead.

As for how Tang Beixuan will explain how his sword disappeared to Tang San? He will just say to Tang San that it was something that his master gave him. He knows Tang San will believe him since no one can learn how to play Guqin on their own without any guidance. Also, there was really no explanation on how Tang Beixuan got his hands on a Guqin, and a high-quality one at that. All of this hints that he has a master.


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