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Changed Soul-Plucking Guqin —> Demonic Guqin


His eyes suddenly opened as he gritted his teeth, "Spirit Hall! We must go back to the clan fast and tell them this information!" The man took the sword to his spatial ring and looked towards the baby who had its eyes closed before taking it to his embrace and leaping towards the lady he was with earlier.

Night arrived as darkness consumed the skies. The breeze rushed into the baby's face as he slowly opened his eyes because of the cold air. The man holding the baby looked towards its face before gazing to the front, not saying anything.

'So this is Tang Hao, huh.'

The duo quickly arrived at the lady who was sitting on a tree branch looking at the skies. Tang Hao's face softened while looking at her.

The baby looked towards Tang Hao's face that got visible because of the wind while running here and nodded. To think that this strong man had also a soft spot to him...

'This must be his wife.' The baby thought as it looked towards the bump on the lady's stomach.

[Correct. She is a 100,000 years old Spirit Beast who became a human to have a chance to live forever. The system suggests that you kill her and absorb her ring after you are strong enough to do so.]

The baby's face frowned. 'Hey system, I appreciate your help and suggestions, but won't I die even if I get the chance to kill her and absorb her ring in the future? You said that having a stronger body allows you to absorb older rings. You also said that the absorption rate of a spirit ring depends on the strength of the one absorbing's soul. My soul's badly damaged at the moment. By the time I absorbed the ring, a year would've already passed and I would've died from external problems.'

[No host. Your soul is strengthened by the system. A soul strengthened by a system is stronger than Gods themselves, so even if your soul is damaged, at most, your soul's strength is around a Quasi-God. Meaning that you can instantly absorb a ring, as long as your body can handle it.] The system replied.

The baby nodded before telling the system as he looked towards the two people conversing, 'Well, I guess I can consider doing that. Hey System, I also have one favor to ask. Can you download the language of this world or something? I can't understand what the inhabitants of this world are saying.'

Though the baby could understand some parts of the conversation, it was still not understandable. It was akin to watching a Japanese V-Tuber. You could understand some phrases here and there because of you watching a couple anime, but that was it.

"kwak chang kaboom gra chong—" (Explaining who the hell is the baby he's holding and the memory he got.) Ah Yin kept nodding whilst frowning from time to time.

[Downloading... 11%... 21%... 34%... 57%... 69%... 85%... 99%... 100...% Done!]

"—let's sleep now Ah Yin, you must be tired." Tang Hao said gently as he looked towards his wife who nodded.

Ah Yin landed gently on the ground as Tang Hao quickly went towards her before giving the baby on his embrace and saying, "Take Xiao's son. I'll prepare the camp first."

Ah Yin nodded and took Chen Beixuan. She couldn't help but look at him with pity. The two looked at each other before Beixuan closed his eyes again.

'I guess I can rest assured that I'm in safe hands. After all, a 100,000-year-old Spirit Beast and the man who can marry her must be both on the top of the food chain.'

'One last thing System. Can you like, stop reading my thoughts every now and then? I don't want someone to spy on what I'm thinking. It creeps me out. I know you want to help me, but I'll just call you when I need you.'


Beixuan sighed softly.

After Tang Hao prepared the camps, Ah Yin went in. She frowned and went outside again and asked,

"You're not sleeping with me?"

"I still have to guard the camps from ambushes of the Spirit Hall." Ah Yin had no choice but to nod and go back to the camps and sleep.

"I hope things go well..." Tang Hao retracted his gaze from the camps and looked towards the beautiful night sky before sighing.



And just like that, many days came to pass. The three managed to contact the Clear Sky Clan by going to their subordinate village for help but they only responded with one reply which was an obvious no.

Even after receiving news that their long time friend, Divine Sword Clan, would be receiving attacks from Spirit Hall, they didn't send reinforcements or react strongly.

Tang Hao's and Ah Yin's son, Tang San, was also born during their time in the village. But after a week or so, they were kicked out from the village. Tang Hao was even banished from the clan even though he was the heir after they got the news that he and Ah Yin was being chased by Spirit Hall.

The Divine Sword Clan was also destroyed during this time after the Grand Elder of Spirit Hall, Qian Daoliu, personally helped obliterate them. Many people celebrated at this fact as from their perspectives, the Divine Sword Clan was evil, and with the so-called 'pieces of evidence' of Spirit Hall, they began to truly believe them.

The 8 clans, no, the 7 clans were once again showed the strength of Spirit Hall. The 7 clans knew the truth of the matter but they didn't show any opposition to Spirit Hall's action because, at this moment, they don't have the strength to oppose them even if they all combined.

Though they did release some information about the truth, albeit slowly. Because if the information got traced back to them, they might become the next Divine Sword Clan. Though nobody believed them. They also began to become wary of Spirit Hall.

The Clear Sky Clan also retreated to seclusion, not daring to reveal itself to the real world after receiving news that the Divine Sword Clan was destroyed, which didn't surprise the other clans.

Over the years, Clear Sky Clan regressed after their Patriarch, the grandfather of Tang Hao, Tang Chen, suddenly disappeared. Now, they even don't dare to face Spirit Hall. They became cowards.

Tang Hao was angered and disappointed in his clan. But the two didn't have any choice as they tried to look for a hideout with Tang Beixuan and Tang San.

After spending a lot of days with Beixuan, the two became fond of him, and knowing that he didn't have any relatives left, they adopted him. Beixuan was also very happy because who wouldn't want strong people as their parents in this very dangerous world?

Tang Hao and Ah Yin settled on living in Holy Spirit Village on Fasinuo Province. Holy Spirit Village was located in the countryside, and Spirit Masters are rarely found there, so it was a good choice for the two.

The family of four kept on living a smooth and happy life as they traveled towards their location, Holy Spirit Village, while also dodging the members of Spirit Hall along the way.

And it was until Ah Yin, the wife of Tang Hao, mother of Tang Beixuan and Tang San, died.


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