2 Explosion

[...] System

'...' Thoughts

"..." Speaking to someone


[System activated!]

The baby opened its eyes immediately. It looked towards the old lady before looking towards its surroundings. The baby closed its eyes immediately after.

'Huh? Now that I noticed it, my surroundings and even the old lady carrying me are large, well, at least from my view. Did I somehow reincarnate as a baby with a system? And why do I somehow feel familiar with the term 'system'? As if I encountered something similar before...'

For some odd reason, the baby was extremely calm, as if it had encountered something similar before.

[Host must be referring to his past life. This is your second reincarnation, so you must have encountered it during your first life. However, I don't know why you lost most of your memories as it had never occurred to my past hosts before. I think the host must have suffered damages to the soul before reincarnating here.]

'Interesting... How did I get you then?'

[This... I have no recollection of it either. All I know is that I must serve you until I have no use to you.]

'Suspicious...' The baby frowned.

'System, since you said that "most," that must mean that I can still recover some of my memories from my past life, correct?'

[Affirmative. Though I suggest you don't try to recount your memories from your past life as your soul might suffer under extreme pain.]

The baby paid no heed to the words of the system as it tried to recount its past life memories. A second later, the baby suffered in extreme pain as it cried.

*crying sounds*

The old lady stopped for a moment as it looked towards the baby before saying, "Shhh, I know you miss your father and mother, but we must get out of these woods alive. Otherwise, your father will be mad at me."

The crying sounds halted after that. The old lady clenched her fist before loosening it and sighed. She shook her head before continuing to run to the unknown.

'My emotions... I cried even though I didn't mean to do that. I guess I really did become a baby. Well, seems like what the system said is true, no use in trying to recount my memories because my soul is still damaged. So system, can you tell me your uses?'

Instead of the system explaining, a blue transparent screen appeared in front of the baby.





'Open my status.'

[Name: Chen Beixuan

Age: 1 day

Title: Heir of Divine Sword Clan (A+)

Spirit Rank: 10 (Innate Full Spirit Power) [1]


1. Primordial Divine Sword (Dormant)

Description: Upgraded version of Divine Sword Spirit.

2. Soul-Plucking Guqin (Dormant)

Description: Upgraded version of Guqin Spirit.

Skills: None]

'So my name is Chen Beixuan, huh... By the way, system, what does this mean? Spirit Rank? Spirits? Where the he—'

Just as Beixuan was about to ask, the old lady carrying him came to a halt. She suddenly pressed her ring as a flying sword came out of it before it fell. She muttered, "The clan's special flying sword's not flying anymore... Is Master already dead..?"

The old lady crouched as she touched the flying sword in the ground before it started flying again. The flying sword largened as she put Beixuan in the flying sword. She released the flying sword before it darted into the distance.

The old lady sighed before looking at the skies as she gritted her teeth. A long clear blue sword seemingly carved out of crystal suddenly came out of the old lady's hands as illusory rings formed around her. Yellow, Yellow, Purple, Purple, Purple. A Spirit King!

The old lady shed a single tear before wiping it with her other hand and muttered, "Clear Sky Clan and Divine Sword Clan have been friends for a very long time now, ever since the time of both ancestors of the clan. I hope the Clear Sky Clan helps us. This flying sword will fly towards the closest member of the Clear Sky Clan, and with this, my duty has been fulfilled. I only need to stall them for a short amount of time to make sure that the prince will be able to escape safely."

Two silhouettes suddenly formed near the old lady a minute later. One of the silhouettes looked very feminine wearing silver armor. The other one was wearing dark and gloomy armor. The one wearing silver armor closed his eyes before saying, "Gui Mei, I don't sense the heir of the Divine Sword Clan here. Perhaps we can scout further."

The one who was called Gui Mei nodded before looking towards the old lady, "She's a member of the Seven Kill Sword Branch of Divine Sword Clan. She's the maid of that Chen Xiao. Perhaps we can get some information out of her."

The old lady looked solemn as she looked at the two Titled Douluos chattings. She knew she was no match for them. But she only needed to stall them for as long as she can.

"Seven Kill Sword: Flood Dragon Returns To Sea!"

The old lady jumped towards Gui Mei as an illusory flood dragon covered the sword of the old lady. Just as the sword was about to reach the Gui Mei, a black silhouette came out of him and blocked it with its own hands.

The old lady tried to jump back to recuperate, but another black silhouette came out of Gui Mei's body and stabbed the old lady's heart from behind.

The old lady puked blood as she fell to the ground. The rings around her disappeared. She didn't even last for a minute!

Gui Mei looked bored as he stepped closer to the old lady before stepping on her as he said, "What a shame, I wanted to torture you, but you just had to commit suici—"

Just as Gui Mei was about to continue speaking, five illusory rings suddenly appeared again, surrounding the body of the old lady.

'You thought I was dead? Good thing I managed to do that secret technique that causes my heart to shift to the right side of my chest [2] before I got stabbed. Well, go and die, you piece of sh*t!'

"Damn it! We were careless!" [3] seeing the rings, Gui Mei and the feminine guy immediately tried to protect themselves. The five illusory rings exploded, causing mass destruction to the surrounding 1km land.


[1] I know that having an extremely powerful spirit will immediately let you skip to the 20th Spirit Rank like Qian Renxue for example, but I didn't do it 'cuz MC will become op fast. You can say that I nerfed him. Blame me if you want :)

[2] I know that the heart is located in the middle of the chest, although slightly tilted to the left, but I still put "shifted to the right" because that's what I always read in cultivation novel where the MC shifts their organs so they can be protected. It always says "shifted to the right."

[3] I know it's highly unlikely to happen, but plot always reigns supreme!

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