109 Chapter 108: The War on the Undead(11)

'Ah shit!' He inwardly cursed as Xian Long flapped his wings once and appeared right in front of him, with his broadsword over his head and ready to decapitate him!

He ducked, dodging the attack, and he summoned out Atlanna in his left hand and thrusted its sharp prongs towards Xian Long's midsection, intending to turn him into a squash kebab. But he dodged to the side, bending his back like a pulled string of a bow.

A purple ligh covered Xian Long's broadsword and waves of wind gathered around the sword, his fifth and thousand year old soul ring shining.

It was called Wind Splitting Slash. A layer of wind element would cover his martial soul, boosting its speed and enhancing its sharpness. It was his most powerful soul skill.

Added with his Battle Armor on, his attack was enough to bisect a Soul Emperor in half easily!

'Oh no!' Tang Wulin retracted his trident back and held it in front of him horizontally, used reinforcement on it and him, just in time to blocked the ghoul general's attack and have the ground beneath him shatter and his knees buckling from the power of Xian Long's attack.

This completely surprised Xian Long.

Not only did the kid not get cut or get pushed down deep into the ground. But his weapon, or his martial soul, he couldn't tell but he knew that the boy's abnormal physical strength couldn't possibly be transferred to his weapon and withstand his attack!

'So how the fuck is this trident not cut into two?!' Xian Long growled pushed more of his strength into his broadsword.

Tang Wulin gritted his teeth in pain as he felt the power of Xian Long's strike, a trail of fresh blood dripped down his mouth. Even though he had guarded against the latter's attack with Atlanna, the blow was still strong enough to shake his organs and cracked the bones in his arms; well except for his right arm, still in its dragonified state, as well as his legs.

'Damn it! I haven't fully recovered my soul power yet, so using reinforcement right now on both my body and weapon is quickly draining me. At this rate, if I don't change the situation soon, I would be out of soul power in about three minutes.' Tang Wulin gritted his teeth once more as he felt his arms getting heavier from the broadsword's pressure.

His eyes widened as a fist entered his line of sight, before he momentarily blacked out.

He snapped his eyes opened and hissed, he felt pain all over his entire body. He felt it even more in his head and face.

'Oh gods above. I think my nose is broken, a few of my teeth are missing and I think my skull is cracked.'

A quick look around to find out that he was inside some sort of a clothing store, and he was on top of a pile of clothes, which had probably softened the blow to his body.

'Ugh. I don't know why, but the guy is clearly ain't holding back anymore to kidnap me but instead, he's planning to kill me.' Tang Wulin groaned as he stood up back from the pile of clothes. His entire upper body is completely destroyed, displaying his muscular body and his golden dragon scales.

He looked around to see that Atlanna wasn't around him and he soon felt that it was in his body, making him sigh in relief.

He had only managed to stay alive this long was because he had clutched onto the very durable trident. He wouldn't know what to do against that ghoul if Atlanna suddenly went missing.

Tang Wulin froze, he heard the loud shattering of concrete, metal and glass and the ground beneath his feet shaking.

Xian Long was coming.

'What do I do? A long drawn out battle is out of the question. Although he expended a lot of soul power from using his strongest soul skill, it wasn't to the point of draining himself dry unlike me. I'm at ten percent of my soul power now and if I pop a pill to restore it, it would, at most, be at around fifteen percent of I'm given a minute of rest to recover. But what can I do with fifteen percent of soul power from a Soul Grandmaster?' He clenched his hands tight. He was feeling trapped.

'No. I won't give up. There has to be a way out of this situation. "If you ain't dead yet, you ain't gonna die." That's what my cartoon hero once said.' He took a deep calm breath in and exhaled. He calmed down and started thinking...

'If I were Xiu Ye, what would I do in this situation?'

A few moments of silence passed and his eyes snapped open with a flash glint of red lightning in them. His body strated to get enveloped in a fog of a dark red color.

'I'd overpower my opponent with the proper power or tool to do it.' Suddenly, the two golden soul rings around Tang Wulin changed into a dimmer light of purple. A long snake with golden scales appeared tangled around his right arm and resting its head on his shoulder.

Several blue golden vines appeared beneath him and swayed around behind him.

On Tang Wulin's left hand, three long bladed swords with red handles protruded between his fingers.

'And I have the right tools for the job.'


"C'mon kid, come out..." Xian Long muttered as he stalked through the destroyed entrance of the store he punched Tang Wulin into.

He warily watched his surroundings, his broadsword ready to swing the moment he sees movement.

Thankfully the lights in the store was still on, so it was easy for him to find the kid.

Although he found the trail of destruction where the boy had landed, there was no trace of him. He had somehow recovered enough to escape, but with the amount of injuries he has he wouldn't have gone far and is probably hiding in this store still.

Xian Long looked around him and analyzed for any clues for where the kid was hiding and was ignorant of the large ball of water forming above him.

Before he could move a sudden downpour of water appeared above and enveloped him like a waterfall.

The sudden appearance of it and its pressure was enough to stunned him for a little bit before he swung his broadsword around, slicing the water apart until it dropped down onto him and soaking him.

Xian Long snorted as he lowered his sword, "What were planning on dousing me with that? It would have crushed any Soul Elders but not a Soul King with Battle Armor on such as myself. Give up brat! If you show yourself now, I might be merciful enough to give you a swift death."

He waited for a moment and there was only silence in the room.

Xian Long huffed and muttered, "So be it." He raised his broadsword up and prepared to use one of his soul skills to demolish the store.

If he can't find the brat, then he'll just snuff him out of his hiding space.

Suddenly, there was a swoosh sound of something being thrown and Xian Long had looked behind his shoulder in time to see three swords with red handles embedded behind him.

The action confused Xian Long as he sees Tang Wulin, covered in a dark-red layer of miasma, now appearing in the view of his eyesight.

"What the heck was that for? You missed. Did I really punch you so much that it made you an idiot?"

"Seriously, how could I forget about these things..." Tang Wulin muttered, catching Xian Long in surprise.

'What is he talking about?'

Tang Wulin didn't bother to explain anything to him as he snapped his fingers, the second purple colored soul ring around him lit up, but by the vicious smile on his face, this was all according to his plan.

Xian Long narrowed his eyes then widened as he felt himself incapable of moving! His Battle Armor then began to freeze into solid ice and long blue-golden vines burst of the ground, with his Battle Armor froze into solid ice, it easily pierced through his body!

Tang Wulin spread his arms apart and two spears appeared in his hands. In his right hand was his trident Atlanna and in the other was a one bladed blue silver spear. The dark-red miasma around him burst forth, covering the entire area around him and his weapons.

D͐͢͟e̯̭̠̍̃̔͞͡a͠th̶͇ͯ̽͡g̶͉҉o͇̅ͣd̢̞̑͠͏'͇̖s̹̋͏ D̟̯̈́o̵̸̧͇̓̔ͤm̷̃ͦ́ḁ̷͙į͚͖̳ͨ͑n͞!̞̘̗ͨ͏̷̛

"Thanks for underestimating me until the end. If not, I wouldn't have easily trapped you like this and giving me the chance to kill you." Tang Wulin said as he leaped towards Xian Long with his spears posed to stab the undead straight to his head.

'Y-You little bastard–!' Xian Long inwardly screamed. He willed himself to move! Slowly but surely, he was moving–!

His head was then pierced, exploding into chunks of meat and a shower of blood.

Xian Long, one of the seven ghoul generals, was dead.


Alternate Title: (Double spear wielding, Plot armor still works for Wulin?!, Deathgod's Domain!)

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