44 Ice and Fire Fusion! Nirvana Rebirth

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Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass and Blazing Delicate Apricot.

In terms of quality, these two were not the best among all the immortal herbs. However, when the two were combined, they were the best here.

Although consuming these two immortal herbs at the same time would be very dangerous, this was Fang Xuan's best choice.

Sitting by the spring, he hesitated for a while. Then, determination appeared in his eyes, and he finally started to act.

The Blazing Delicate Apricot and Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass were both real immortal herbs. They could not be cut with metal, or else the effects of the immortal herbs would be greatly reduced. They could only be picked with jade tools.

Fortunately, Fang Xuan had an ancient jade spade in his interspatial ring that he had seized from the enemy. With this jade spade, he was able to pick the two immortal herbs without any damage.

When the two immortal herbs gathered in front of Fang Xuan, the extreme cold and extreme heat aura strangely disappeared.

The Blazing Delicate Apricot's fiery red leaves were covered with a layer of snow-white frost. The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass's cold white tips were covered with fiery red heat.

The cold and the heat blended and neutralized each other.

These two immortal herbs countered each other. There would be ten seconds to neutralize the extreme cold and extreme heat attributes of the two immortal herbs. This was also the best time to consume them.

If this time was missed, the two immortal herbs would be corroded by each other. Their medicinal effects would be destroyed, and they would lose their effects.

Now was the time.

Fang Xuan's eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, he picked up the two immortal herbs and threw them into his mouth. He even started to chew.

"Hmm … It's quite tasty."

Although these two immortal herbs were highly poisonous, they tasted quite good. It was like a cool ice cream paired with a fragrant hot dog. The combination of cold and hot was sweet and delicious.

However, not long after, Fang Xuan's body suddenly trembled. His expression immediately turned ugly.

"Ah … It's so hot"

Waves of heat surged through his limbs and bones. Fang Xuan felt as if he was in the mouth of a blazing volcano. The blood in his veins instantly boiled. His body turned blood-red as if he was about to melt from this terrifying heat.

This was the Blazing Delicate Apricot's extreme heat energy wreaking havoc in his body. The veins on his forehead, which were drenched in sweat, were bulging.

His face was distorted because of the excessive pain, and his body was convulsing non-stop.

Desperately suppressing the pain, Fang Xuan gritted his teeth and meditated. He channeled the Ice Phoenix martial soul in his body and used the power of frost to alleviate the pain brought about by the power of extreme heat.

Under such circumstances, he had to keep his mind clear. He absolutely could not faint from the pain, otherwise, everything would be over.

Under the effects of the Ice Phoenix martial soul, the scorching aura was temporarily suppressed. Fang Xuan's pain was slightly alleviated, and his complexion gradually returned to normal.

However, before he could even catch his breath, a terrifying wave of extreme cold energy erupted and directly froze his lower body into an ice cube!

"Hiss! Damn it, it's so cold"

Fang Xuan knew that the Star Anise Mysterious Ice The grass was unleashing its demonic powers. He clenched his teeth and circulated his soul power with all his might to resist the invasion of the cold air.

This situation was similar to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal being in Taishang Laojun's Eight Trigrams Furnace.

However, Fang Xuan did not have Mr Sun's Invincible Vajra Body. Even though his willpower was very strong, his body could no longer withstand the Blazing Delicate Apricot and the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass' torture. The surface of his body started to crack, and streaks of blood dyed his entire body red.

"The time has come …"

Fang Xuan endured this excruciating pain for three minutes to wait for the medicinal effects of the two Celestial Medicines to take effect. He slammed his right hand on the ground, and a powerful force erupted, directly causing the ground to crack. His frozen body also borrowed this elastic force to plunge headfirst into the Icefire Yin Yang Well.

The Blazing Delicate Apricot and the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass were two divine herbs that were both extremely hot and extremely cold. They were a perfect match for the Icefire Yin Yang Well, which was also a fusion of yin and yang.

The spring water in the Icefire Yin Yang Well contained extremely terrifying powers of ice and fire. If an ordinary person fell in, they would die. Even a Titled Douluo like Dugu Bo would not be able to survive.

However, the Blazing Delicate Apricot and the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass were born from the Icefire Yin Yang Well. They contained both cold and heat and were closely related to each other.

This was why Fang Xuan, who had consumed these two divine herbs, was not immediately swallowed by the spring water. Instead, he struggled bitterly in the Icefire Yin Yang Well. The pain that he was enduring was even more intense than before. He could explode and die at any time.

During this process, the immense energy that the two divine herbs contained quickly fused with his body, and strengthened Fang Xuan's abilities continuously.

Icefire Body Tempering was a complete transformation.

Fang Xuan was submerged in the spring water, but he could feel that his body was undergoing an earth-shattering transformation.

"This … this is …"

Suddenly, a miraculous scene played out in front of him.

Within his dan tian, the Nine Heart Begonia bloomed and danced. A milky-white, gentle energy guided the two energies of extreme cold and extreme heat. The berserk energies that were wreaking havoc in his body began to circulate in an orderly manner through his meridians.

They comforted, melted, and absorbed continuously.

"The Nine Heart Begonia is helping me absorb these two divine herbs?"

Feeling this miraculous change, Fang Xuan was extremely shocked.

As a top-notch plant-type martial soul, the Nine Heart Begonia resonated with the divine herbs. They complemented each other and gradually stabilized the violent ice and fire, continuously transforming into Fang Xuan's strength …

It was a miraculous scene.

He remembered that in the original Douluo novel, Tang San had consumed the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass and the Blazing Delicate Apricot. Although he had cultivated the Golden Body of Invulnerability, due to his lack of strength, the immense medicinal power of the Two divine herbs had settled in his body and was not completely absorbed.

As a result, consuming the two types of immortal herbs did not increase Tang San's soul power rank. He only had a constitution that made him immune to poison.

But now, under the catalysis of the Nine Heart Begonia, Fang Xuan was madly absorbing the immense medicinal power of the two divine herbs. His soul power skyrocketed crazily.

He directly jumped from Level 22 to Level 25.


Level 26!

Level 27!

Level 28!

And it was still growing crazily …

Of course, this process was still extremely painful. It could be said to be hellish torture!

Although he had the neutralizing effect of the Nine Heart Begonia, Fang Xuan's rank was too low. He could not withstand the tyrannical medicinal power of the divine herbs many times. His skin cracked time and time again, and even his body exploded many times. Crimson blood dyed the Icefire Yin Yang Well red.

Fortunately, he had the Nine Heart Begonia to heal his injuries. His body collapsed again and again, and then collapsed again and again …

Fang Xuan had never seen what hell was like, but thinking about it, perhaps it was not much different from his current situation.

Until late at night, this painful torture finally ended.


The surface of the water in the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well exploded, and a tall and muscular body leaped out. It drew a beautiful arc through the air before landing gracefully beside a clean spring.

This person was completely naked. His ivory jade-like skin shone, and his strong and full muscles bulged. He was simply like a peerless treasure that had just been refined in a furnace.

"Level 30"

Fang Xuan clenched his fists and felt the boundless soul power in his body. A look of ecstasy appeared on his handsome face, and a carefree laughter rang through the quiet valley …


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