Douluo Dalu (DD 1): Seraph Of Hope And Light Book

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Douluo Dalu (DD 1): Seraph Of Hope And Light


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If there was anybody to blame for half the tragedies that occur in Douluo Dalu, it would be Qian Xunji. A hard working and honest man gets transmigrated into the evil mentor of Bibi Dong. He never asked to be transmigrated. He didn't want all this power. All he wanted was a warm home, a loving family and friends. A new Seraphim rises from the ashes of the old, and they always did tell, 'What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.' ------------ Also, this is gonna be realistic, well, as realistic as a fantasy/kind-of Xianxia world can be. So no 3 year old Titled Douluo for you guys. No Pokemon harems. I'd like to think I've grown from before writing my first few fanfics, so this one is gonna be pretty different from the first few I wrote, which, now that I look back at are almost wish fulfillment. He's just a hardworking and honest guy trying to do his best. However, I'll probably be including a system, but like I said, it's gonna be realistic, so the system is not gonna be there just for the sake of overpowering the MC, it'll have it's role in the plot. It's gonna be a pretty unique at that... I hope. Also uploaded on fanfiction.net under the name IWannaImprove. ----------- Also, I don't own Douluo Dalu or any of it's versions. They belong to Tang Jia San Shao. I also don't own any elements from other works (animes, books, etc) which may or may not appear in my story. All images (if) uploaded in the novel do not belong to me. I am not an artist. They belong to their respective artists, if you wish to remove them please text me, I will do so.


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