Douluo: Crow's Guiding Light

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What is Douluo: Crow's Guiding Light

Read Douluo: Crow's Guiding Light fanfiction written by the author Aczekial on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a world where martial arts reign supreme and the divide between the privileged and the commoners is stark, Sheng Jun, an orphan born into a humble background, grows up ignorant of the ways of combat. Despite his lack of training, he possesses a latent talent that goes unnoticed until fate intervenes in the form of a dying martial master, himself a product of commoner origins. Recognizing Sheng Jun's untapped potential, the master takes him under his wing as his final disciple, passing on his knowledge and skills before drawing his last breath. With the weight of his master's teachings on his shoulders, Sheng Jun vows to use his newfound abilities to challenge the injustices plaguing society, where the powerful oppress the weak. Facing formidable adversaries and daunting obstacles, Sheng Jun's resolve is tested time and again. But with each challenge he overcomes, his determination only grows stronger. Along the way, he gathers allies from all walks of life, united by a shared desire for justice and equality. As Sheng Jun's reputation as a champion of the oppressed and a teacher for all spreads, he draws the attention of those who see him as a threat to their positions. In the end, Sheng Jun's journey culminates in a final showdown with the forces of tyranny that lasts for 30 days, where he is slain due to his only weakness being exposed. He closed his eyes in both regret and satisfaction; regret because he never really had time to enjoy his life, but if given another chance, he would still make the same choices. Still, his last thought was that of satisfaction, knowing that his goals had been accomplished. Little did he know that this was not the end for him, as he opened his eyes in the world of Douluo Dalu. ... I'm writing this fanfic primarily for myself and for those who are interested. The MC will primarily interact with the original main characters of the show, but he will not harbour prejudice against Spirit Hall or hate them in any way without a good reason (obviously since they help common people awaken their martial soul). This is not a harem fanfic, and the MC will not pursue romantic relationships with the original characters. Instead, he will focus on helping them improve in strength and character, particularly Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai. English is not my first language, so there may be many typos and mistakes. This is also my first book, as I didn't find any Douluo fanfic that suited me, so I decided to write one myself. You can't imagine how unbearable my sister and I feel when reading some fanfics. Of course, some might feel the same about my fanfic, and you're free to have your own opinion, so ignore it if you don't like it. By the way, I have no idea how Chinese names work so if you see a mistake please feel free to comment.

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Hello everyone who is interested in my book, I am here to tell you more about this book and my thoughts about it. THIS POST CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERs REGARDING THE PLOT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. My thoughts about the novel: As I started writing this novel, I didn't really have a clear storyline in mind. So, the story might get messy at some point. Please point it out for me if that happens. I don't really know how many chapters I will write in total, but expect it to be at least 400+ chapters at minimum. I can't really say as my memory about the original content is a bit foggy. About the MC: As I was tired of reading villain MCs (yes, I know they are popular right now, but too much is too much), so I think my MC will be more inclined towards hero type, as you all would have noticed from the synopsis. But don't worry, he is not a saving damsel in distress and pushover type. He can be selfless but also selfish depending on the situation. About the book (Minor spoiler): -The MC won't steal Tang San's opportunities (I mean he's not a villain). -Fixing Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai's character. -Save my girl Bai Chenxiang from her loneliness (The ship is still Ma Hongjun x Bai Chenxiang. Our MC will have his own original love interest). The Heavenly Dao Sutra is much more than a cultivation technique, so you don't need to fear that our MC won't have his own advantages (well, it's not really a cheat, pretty balanced in my opinion). Even though the whole point of Heavenly Dao Sutra is equality, as its creator, he might as well have a slight edge compared to other practitioners. That's about all I can think of for now. Feel free to ask questions if you have any, and I will try my best to answer them when I have time.


Extremely well written and original amongst a sea of 'Tang San bad' or 'Just follow Tang San' fics. Loving the idea and originality as well as the quality of the novel.


really like the story and so far mc is very likable and I like how Mc and love interest are reincarnated and are from different like mc is from ancient time of tang san's original world where as fl is from the mordren world


at the time I'm writing my review this fanfiction only has 5 chapters so I can't go into much detail. It seems to have potential, like the MC so far and the martial soul seems pretty unique. Would recommend 👍


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