Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System!

Tang San: Thief, return my Eight Spider Lances! Return my fairy grass! Why can’t my Blue Silver Grass awaken as the Blue Silver Emperor? Xiao Yan: Which thief stole my strange fire! Castan: Who stole Feiyan’s heart? I am pleased in every way, but she is indifferent! Tian Yan: Father, when will you come back to see me and mother again! Li Xingyun: Shouldn’t the empress like me? Sasuke: Return my Nissan’s writing wheel! Hello, I am not the original author, I loved this novel very much, I wanted to share it for those who have not seen it and those who do not know. I don't own anything about this novel and the characters. Note; I do not expect any income from this novel. Original: https://www.mtlnovel.com/douluos-stealing-the-ten-thousand-realms-system/ https://m.qidian.com/book/1025142158.html Author: Fried green pepper with egg

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The New Version Of "Ghosts"

(I think it's a chinese song, the author made jokes in his own way.)

Good fight, I'm the third scumbag, the ghost sees sorrow...Ah yuck, Heaven Dou Imperial City, the new version of the ship that has never been salvaged in Jiesili, I need to experience three times, like Lizao will **** me, love like Festival games.

Please see the text below:

Xue Beng died, dying under the Six Soul Horror Curse.

The Six Soul Horror Curse is not poison, and will automatically disappear after the host's death, and no one else can find out why.

But it didn't matter, as long as everyone thought Xue Beng died in Tang San's hands.

"Xue Beng was killed by Tang San."

This sentence spread ten to ten, ten to a hundred, and it spread throughout the entire Tiandou City in a moment. The city defense forces were dispatched and rushed over.

"Little San, run away quickly and find Uncle Tang outside the city, otherwise you won't be able to run away when the city defense army comes."

Meng was still panicked, completely panicked. If it's just a simple conflict, with the identity of the son of the Vast Sky Douluo, it can turn big things into small things. But now that the avalanche is dead, the nature is very different.

It is completely conceivable that a prince of the Heaven Dou Empire, one of the two great empires of the Douluo Continent, was killed on the street under a large crowd.

No matter how little the prince was taken seriously, he still represented the face of the royal family.

If Tang San can still be safe after killing Xue Beng, it is inevitable that someone will follow suit in the future, and the safety of the royal family will be at stake in the future.

As if premeditated, Xue Beng's death reached Prince Xue Xing's ears for the first time. After hearing this, Prince Xue Xing was angry and frightened. His only hope was shattered, shattered in Tang San's hands. He, who has always been at odds with Xue Qinghe, will definitely be the first to take his own knife after the other party ascends the throne.

Thinking of this, Prince Xue Xing led the army around him for the first time. He had a hard time, and Tang San didn't think about it.

Seeing the black and heavy surrounding city defense army, they were like Tang San and the other two, and couldn't help panicking. A drop of cold sweat dripped on his forehead, and Xiang Meng still said, "Still, what do you do if I leave?"

Meng still said anxiously: "Little San, go! There is the Dragon and Snake family behind me. As long as I don't make a move, the Heaven Dou Empire dare not do anything to me."

Hearing what Meng still said, Tang San gritted his teeth, "Wait for me to come back."

While talking, Tang San stepped on the ground, jumped onto the roof, and walked towards the city gate.

But where things are so easy, Prince Xue Xing is determined to catch Tang San this time.

"Catch it to me." Prince Xue Xing drew the sword from his waist, and the sword's edge pointed at Tang San.

Countless city defense forces came one after another, chasing them, and there were even soul masters in them, as low as the great soul master to the high soul emperor and so on.


Hearing the sound of breaking through the air behind him, Tang San stepped on the ghostly shadow, and dodged the crossbow arrows from behind. Before Tang San breathed a sigh of relief, a strong energy attack broke out again, this time it was a long-range attack spirit ability from a spirit master of the soul class level.

An attack was good to hide, but three, four, seven or eight, Tang San was very strenuous.

"Damn, they won't give me a chance to explain at all." Tang San cursed secretly in his heart.

Thinking of Tang San's heart being ruthless, he took out the Zhuge God Crossbow from the Twenty-Four Bridge Mingyueye Soul Guidance Device, and unexpectedly shot and killed two souls who attacked him and a soul sect.

It is a pity that Tang San is a forty-fourth-level soul sect, no matter how many cards he has, he won the army. Especially there are soul masters who are stronger than him.

No, one of the Soul Kings of the Mingong System caught up with Tang San.

This is a middle-aged, pale face, tall, but skinny, Wuhun is a colorful cat known for its speed. He was favored by Prince Xue Xing, and he has been saddled under his hands.

"Boy, you can't run away." A joking voice sounded from the tall and thin middle-aged.

Looking at the tall and thin middle-aged man in front of him blocking his path, Tang San's eyes flashed solemnly, one-on-one, he was fearless, but he still had a look behind him, so he definitely couldn't be entangled.

"I said that Xue Beng was not my killer." Tang San said coldly.

Hearing Tang San's words, the tall and thin middle-aged man's face was even more teasing, "Under the eyes of everyone, Your Highness Xue Beng died in your hands, so he dared to deny it.

But it doesn't matter, whether you killed it or not, you are dead. Prince Xue Xing took out a soul bone as a reward to capture you. So... please die! "

While talking, a pale gray light appeared on the tall and thin middle-aged body, his fingers grew wildly, turning into sharp claws, and suddenly the whole person turned into a human-shaped colorful cat.

White, yellow, yellow, purple, and purple, the five spirit rings rose from the feet of the tall and thin middle-aged, dazzling light around the body.

"Fourth Soul Ability—Death Claw."

As soon as the voice fell, the fourth purple spirit ring on the tall and thin middle-aged man suddenly lit up. Around the sharp claws of his hands, a cloud of black energy emerged, and he leaped up, violently blasting towards Tang San.

Tang San's heart secretly said something was wrong, that black qi seemed to be poison, and there was some remaining poison in his body that hadn't been cleared. If he was hit by this trick at this moment, he would definitely suffer.

Thinking of this, Tang San's Purple Demon Eyes turned on, his feet were lost in ghost shadows, Xuan Yu's hands and Crane Controlling Dragon used his hands, intending to resolve the opponent's spirit abilities with skill.

The two crossed over, and the tall and thin middle-aged man was thrown away by Tang San's control of the crane.

"Cough cough..." The tall and thin middle-aged man climbed up from the ground and coughed up a bit of blood, but his face showed excitement, "Haha...boy, you are fooled, my death claws are not poisonous. It's a very corrosive miasma, you dare to touch it with your hands."

"What..." Tang San glanced at his right hand with the color of his pupils. He found that the mysterious jade hand, which was not invaded by a hundred poisons, showed signs of corrosion.

Feeling the pain coming from his hand, Tang San tapped a few points on his arm to prevent the miasma from spreading into his body.

"As expected, Douluo Continent is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I still underestimate the World Spirit Master." Tang San secretly said in his heart.

Just as Tang San jumped up and planned to continue rushing out of the city~www.mtlnovel.com~ a scream came from the sky.

A strange bird rushed over, leaving three claw marks on Tang San's chest.

Tang San fell to the ground, staring at the strange bird, and found that the strange bird had seven spirit rings of yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black and black, which was undoubtedly a soul sage.

Seeing this scene, Tang San's heart shrank suddenly, and he recalled the scene of being chased by the sect for stealing secrets in his previous life. How similar is this to the current situation, a soul saint with flying ability , How did this let him escape.

The desperate thoughts only flashed in Tang San's eyes, and the anger that burned in his heart was the anger of revenge.

Stealing cheats in the previous life and being hunted down is excusable.

But now he didn't kill Avalanche at all, not to mention that the punch did not hit Avalanche, even if it hit, the opponent would break a few ribs at most. What's the point of killing with one move?

Someone wanted Xue Beng to die, but he was scrupulous, and let Xue Beng die in his own hands as a scapegoat-Tang San came to this conclusion.