Douluo’s Stealing the Ten Thousand Realms System!

Tang San: Thief, return my Eight Spider Lances! Return my fairy grass! Why can’t my Blue Silver Grass awaken as the Blue Silver Emperor? Xiao Yan: Which thief stole my strange fire! Castan: Who stole Feiyan’s heart? I am pleased in every way, but she is indifferent! Tian Yan: Father, when will you come back to see me and mother again! Li Xingyun: Shouldn’t the empress like me? Sasuke: Return my Nissan’s writing wheel! Hello, I am not the original author, I loved this novel very much, I wanted to share it for those who have not seen it and those who do not know. I don't own anything about this novel and the characters. Note; I do not expect any income from this novel. Original: https://www.mtlnovel.com/douluos-stealing-the-ten-thousand-realms-system/ https://m.qidian.com/book/1025142158.html Author: Fried green pepper with egg

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Steal the blood of the Blue Silver Emperor

Emperor Soul Village.

   I heard you right, not the Holy Soul Village, but the Emperor Soul Village.

  Dihun Village is located in the south of Notting City, Fastino Province, with a population of more than 100 households. It is only three to five miles away from Shenghun Village.

   According to legend, many years ago, Emperor Soul Village was not called Emperor Soul Village, and Holy Soul Village was not called Holy Soul Village.

   Suddenly, one day from the Holy Soul Village, a Soul Saint with the eighth title of Soul Master came out, and the name of the Holy Soul Village came from this.

   Within a few days, the Lanyin Village next door (now Dihun Village), unwilling to be left behind, it is said that a soul emperor also appeared.

   How many years ago exactly?

   Are there any soul saints and soul emperors? unknown!

   But since then, the two adjacent villages have been changed to Shenghun Village and Dihun Village!

   By the creek, a child who was about five or six years old a year, with a blue silver grass in his mouth, was lying on the grass with his eyes closed, enjoying the sun.

   With his head resting on his hands, Erlang kept tapping his legs and humming a nursery rhyme.

   "Little Jiro! Go to school with your schoolbag..."

  The elder Tom of Emperor Soul Village in the distance, seeing the child being lazy again, took up his shoulder and rushed over.

   Old Tom yelled as he ran, "You are lazy again, and you will be awakening your spirit next month. Without a good physical fitness, how can you become a soul master in the future? See if I don't beat you to death."

   When the child heard it, something was wrong.

   turned over, got up in an instant, and ran away.

   "Don't chase, Grandpa Tom, what's the use of exercising every day, anyway, I can't become a soul master."

   "Boy, don't run!"

   Old Tom yelled out of breath.

   "No, I stop, you will punch me again later."

   He doesn't listen! In the past, the old man's pole did not go too far.


   The two chased and fled.

   After half an hour, he collapsed to the ground out of breath.

  Old Tom grabbed the child's calf, breathed in the fresh air quickly, and said solemnly: "Finally caught your kid! Will you dare to be lazy in the future."

   At this time, the child's strength to speak is almost gone, and a child under six is ​​forced to run at full speed for half an hour. Who is causing this?

   "If you don't run anymore, you will kill me, and I won't run anymore. I'm exhausted!"

   Old Tom was so embarrassed when he saw the naughty brat who was usually mischievous. He laughed and said respectfully: "Your boy has today too! Forget it! Seeing that you have been running for so long today, I will let you go first."

   The two rested for a while before returning to the village.

   Old Tom and the child walked side by side on the trail.

   "Grandpa Tom, why are you so obsessed with making me a soul master?"

   The child asks a question that has been perplexed in his mind for a long time.

Old Tom sighed and said, "Ah! The old Jack in the village next door has always said that there is a strong soul sage in their village. Our emperor soul village follows the trend of them, and the strong soul emperor that came out is fake. !

Humph! That **** old man.

   But, if you a brat can become a soul master, I can slap him in the face. "

   Thinking of being able to fight for his breath in front of old Jack in the future, old Tom burst into laughter.

The corner of the child's mouth twitched, and he rolled his eyes at Old Tom, and said, "What! Didn't you say that my dead cheap father and mother's martial arts are all blue silver grass! No surprise, I will do too. Awaken the Blue Silver Grass."

   If the children didn't fit the atmosphere, Old Tom's laughter came to an abrupt end.

   Raised the hand knife and knocked it on the child's small head.

   "It hurts, it hurts..."

   The child squatted on the ground with his head in his hands and screamed pretendingly.

   Seeing the funny performance of children, old Tom shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"Don't howl, old man, I didn't try hard at all." After thinking about it, Old Tom said again: "Last year I asked Master Su Yuntao, wouldn't Wuhun occasionally have something...what? Yes? Yes, the martial soul mutates. Maybe you can mutate a good martial soul?"

   Old Tom's words made the child no longer pretend to be in pain, he sighed, got up and walked back to his dilapidated little home!

   Before leaving, raised his little hand to say goodbye to old Tom.

   Wuhun mutation? Where is it so easy! What's more, it was Lan Yincao, he didn't have the blood of the Blue Silver Emperor like Tang San did.

   That's right, this child is a traverser.

   In his previous life, he was a social animal in Blue Star. I didn't know that after watching "Douluo Continent" all night, he suddenly died on the bed the next day.

   woke up again, he found himself transformed into a baby.

   As I grew up, I spent 2 years learning the language of Douluo Continent, and knew that I had a very domineering and awkward name-the family name, the ancestor of the big name, oh no, it was the clan.

   Every time Old Tom introduces his clan to others, he is very difficult, so he often calls him "Smelly Boy", yelling, and everyone forgets what his real name is!

I heard from the old village chief Tom that his dead cheap father was called the clan king, which was the name given by his cheaper grandfather, the clan emperor, who lowered his requirements, meaning that he hoped that the clan king could become the soul king when he grows up. Power cannot be cultivated.

   When I arrived at the clan generation, I lowered the requirements again, hoping that my son could become the soul sect.

   At first knowing that he had crossed to the Douluo Continent, the clan was very excited, and excitedly ran to the holy soul village next door to see the protagonist Tang San.

   want to see what the protagonist of the controversial "badass" in his previous life is like.

   As a result, bah! Looks really ordinary, yet handsome half brother (Author: looks like you are a ugly ratio.)

   But he still intends to make friends. There is no way, his own cheap parents who have passed away, their martial arts spirits are all blue silver grass, properly used martial arts spirits.

   If you want to practice, you can only find a way.

   Douluo's mainland exercises are rare, and this is the only way to deceive Tang San's "Xuan Tian Gong".

  Who knows that Tang San is a thief. Every time he sees his clan, he hides far away like he sees his true ancestor.

   Where the "feel and weak" clan caught up with Tang San, who had practiced the Tang Sect's peculiar learning, he gave up after he came and went.

  In the empty thatched house, lying on the shabby bed, looking at the familiar ceiling, it shouldn't be said that it is a thatched roof, the clan kept sighing.

   "Oh! I thought Xiaoye could punch the protagonist when I arrived in the Douluo Continent, kick the Haotianzong, and marry Bai Fumei (cough cough, I missed it).

   Unexpectedly, even practicing in the future has become a luxury, and the spirit of martial arts will be awakened next month. Is someone in our clan really going to die in this emperor soul village? "

   Suddenly, a voice rang in the clan's mind.

   [Dip, feel the host's unwillingness, steal the system and start loading, the countdown is 10, 9, 8...]




   The clans with poor language ability, excitedly shouted three games in a row!

   "Haha! Young master, I am finally going to counterattack, how far the dog thief Tang San will get me!"

   [drop, steals the system to load, is it bound? ]

   "Quickly, let me bind Xiaoye!"

  [Steal system binding is complete! Thanks for using. ]

   The clan who had been familiar with all kinds of net writing routines did not speak again, but silently shouted in their minds: "System, what is the function of stealing the system."

   [Host, the main function of the stealing system is to steal all kinds of treasures from the heavens and worlds, including but not limited to: abilities, techniques, geniuses, bloodlines... and more! ]

   "Haha, my little ancestor is going to hang up."

   The little ancestor is the newly changed claim of the clan, and others call themselves the young master, who is the clan? In the future, the existence that is destined to gallop across the heavens and worlds, of course, must have a unique self-proclaim, which determines that in the future they will all call themselves "little ancestors"!

[Dip, the host should not be happy too early. Stealing is restricted and risky. It can only be stolen once a year. Each level of soul power can also increase the chance of stealing. However, if the stolen target's hatred value reaches At full value, the host will be randomly teleported to within one mile of the stolen object for an hour. ]

   "Fuck! Isn't that dangerous? If I accidentally stole the small inner part of Bibi Dong and was sent to the Spirit Hall, wouldn't it be a life of nine deaths!"

   [Dip, the host is wrong, it should be ten dead and no life! ]

   "You don't need to say, I know your little ancestor!"

   [Dip, the host's stealing opportunity this year has not been used, does the host steal it? ]

   "Steal, why not steal! Starve the courageous to death,"

   [Di, the system is stealing...]

   [drop, congratulations to the host for stealing the blood of Tang San, the protagonist of "Douluo Dalu", the Blue Silver Emperor Martial Spirit. ]


Hello, I have finished this novel about 5 times. As a douluo fan, I think it would have been one of the best douluo ffs if it wasn't for the unnecessary big harem. But this is still pretty good on this site, so I wanted to share it.

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