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A young fan of novels and anime was reborn on the Doulo continent. Full of excitement for coming to his favorite novel, feng liang couldn't help but imagine his bright future, but reality gave him a bucket of cold water, drase realizes that not everything was so easy. Desperate as it was a year before the plot began, his long-awaited golden finger finally arrived and from that moment his life began to improve, coming to fulfill many of his dreams. [do not lick tang san, do not worship the teacher] Chapters will be uploaded every 4 or 3 days, in total 2 times per week. -----------IMPORTANT-------------------------------- This is my first novel, besides, English is not my native language. But I hope you like it and apologize beforehand if there are problems with the writing. In this story, I'm putting together several things that I would like, it won't be a perfect story.

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first fight

When I got home, I went directly to my room to take the pill to cut and wash the marrow. The moment I swallowed it, I felt a warmth all over my body, and noticing that it was taking effect, I used my spiritual consciousness to check the process, I could see how my organs, muscles and cells were eliminating all the dirt and impurities they had.

After a while, when the process was finished, there was a black and viscous layer on top of my skin with an awful smell, so I went to take a bath and change my clothes quickly.

After I finished doing my things, I felt that my body was many times better than before, I could absorb more energy from heaven and earth, moreover, my physical condition was at least 2 or 3 times better than before.

Immersed in the midst of happiness for my body's improvements, I started to plan on how to get to the place where his first soul ring is located, so I spoke to the system:

"Ciel, do you have a map that of the entire Heaven Dou Empire? And if so, show it to me, help me see how to get to the forest where the silver blue king is."

[yes host]

When Ciel's voice finished playing, a screen appeared in front of me, with the place I needed to get to and with a line guiding from where I was.

(it's very similar to a Google map type guidance application).

Looking at the path, I realized that it would take me about a week to go and a week to come back, if nothing happens on the way, in half a month I should be back and I would have plenty of time to help little Yin find her first spirit ring before she enters school.

So, knowing what I should do, I went to the kitchen to take out some food and put it in my storage space. I left a letter for Grandpa, so he wouldn't worry, as I would be back in half a month, and after I finished preparing all my things, I started my journey.


It has been 4 days since I started traveling to the forest where the silver blue king is, on the way I have seen many things, since it is very different to read about the landscapes and animals than to see them by yourself. In conclusion, I am enjoying the trip.

Just as I was walking along the trail, I heard a loud noise, there was shouting, you couldn't hear it well. Out of curiosity I approached, and when I got about 60 meters away I saw that they were raiders, trying to take supplies from a caravan.

I hesitated whether to help, since it was not my problem what was happening to them, but something prevented me from leaving, and at the moment I hesitated a voice rang in my head.

[Mission activated: How can a person as righteous as you let this situation happen? Help the people in the caravan to eliminate the bandits, the more bandits you kill, the better the reward].

Seeing the mission, I was silent for a moment.

Quickly, I came to my senses, silently activated my martial spirit longfeng to attract luck and spoke to the system.

"Ciel, activate the random weapon card and also draw a lottery."

[yes host, wait a moment]

[Congratulations host for obtaining "Kyojuro Rengoku's inheritance" and get "zempakuto"]

Seeing the inheritance I got, I felt great happiness, but I quickly became serious again because today was going to be my first real fight.

I carefully approached the place where the bandits were and watched them for a while, I had to be careful, because if I got caught, things would get more complicated and I didn't want that.

When I finished observing them, I concluded that they were around 10 people, 2 of them were soul masters of level 23 and 21, and regarding the others, they were all in the range of level 13-17.

I activated the sharingan and one could have to have two commas in each eye, which is the result of a year of practice. Noticing that the person with the highest level moved a little away from the group, I followed him and prepared to attack him stealthily.

When I was ready, I took a deep breath and did not delay any longer.

I took out my new sword "Ryujin Jakka" and used shanpu, the next moment I appeared behind the captain of the bandits, I attacked directly to the upper back as fast as possible to kill him directly.

The bandit leader from one moment to the next felt a shiver on his back, having a bad premonition, he instinctively turned to the side, so he could see a beautiful catanna passing quickly by the place where his back had been before and there were some beads of sweat that appeared because of the fright.

As he looked at the fact that his attacker was only a 6 or 7 year old boy, he felt a great humiliation and a sense of anger arose in his heart:

"who are you brat!"

The bandit captain shouted angrily, which alarmed his companions who were still robbing the caravan.

I didn't care that he spoke, I just wanted to finish the fight quickly to go to deal with the others, so I took a breath and attacked again.

I used shanpu again and appeared on his right side, aiming at his neck, I attacked quickly, without giving him time, this time to react.

"First Stance: The Dancing Flame."

The blade of my catana moved very fluidly as it left a trail of flames everywhere it passed and quickly cut the bandit's neck. It was so fluid and fast the cut, that the robber chief was in shock for a moment, he did not know how he died, he could simply observe the trail of fire that my sword had left.

When everyone reacted, it was too late, they could only see the head of their boss separate from the body.

Without wasting time, I attacked his second in command who had a soul power only one level higher than mine. I used shanpu to get closer, but it was not so easy this time because he was alert, so he dodged my sword. I have to say that the fighting instinct of these bandits is good, you can tell they have fought before, because it is not easy to hit him.

I attacked the second captain again, I approached him so as not to give him the opportunity to use his martial spirit. But just when I was a few meters away from him, I felt a danger behind me, so I quickly moved away from the place where I was, only to see a hole in the ground made by one of the bandits who had a martial spirit of something that looked like a flaming monkey.

Noticing that the other equal bandits were approaching and not to take too long, I started to attack again, at the same time I made a signal with my left hand and said:

"Shadow Multi-clone Jutsu."

(by getting the jutsu from the system, I don't need to signal with my hands before activating them).

After that, 8 people very similar to me appeared and attacked each of the bandits, while I took care of the second in command.

Deciding to only use the first techniques of the Sword of the Immortal (Xian Wang), which I got in my first lottery, since I had never used it before, so I took advantage of perfecting my moves one by one.

Thus I spent 1 hour and a half, in which only I and the second in command of the bandits were left, in terms of conditions, I had no problem, maybe breathing a little fast, but nothing more than that. While the bandit with whom I was fighting was in very bad shape, he was tired and his clothes were bloody.

The other bandits died at the hands of my clones, since having a lower soul power, there was no problem using them, plus I took the opportunity to make my clones only use the martial arts inherited from garou, to become even more perfected in them.

Seeing that I could no longer get any other benefit, I decided to end the fight now. Using shanpu, I appeared in front of the second bandit captain and attacked him directly in the direction of his heart. The bandit wanted to dodge, but he stayed still for a few seconds, as he happened to see my blood-colored eyes with two commas spinning, so he fell for a second in confusion, when he woke up again it was too late, because he had my katana stuck in his heart and I could only see a great lack of will in his eyes before he died.