1 Chapter 1- How about we start over?

Yuyan squints her eyes as she opened them, taking a while to adjust to her surroundings. With a deep frown on her brows, she jerked with a bit of force and immediately regretted the action.

She held her head like it would fall because it seemed like it would. Her head was spinning so much she was having a bad ache.

'This is not my room'. She thought as she glanced at her surroundings. 'where am I?'.

The room she was in was big, white. She looked down at herself and couldn't help the shock on her face. There was a needle in her hand! Given the surrounding plus the smell of drugs in the air, she already knew where she was.


How the hell did she end up in the hospital?

As far as she could remember, she went to bed last night after a long tiring day with her gang and even as she slept, she could feel a sudden peace and her heart slowing down.

Yuyan rolled her eyes. There was no way she would ever get so tired like that ever again.

"Uncle Hong?" she called. Maybe during her time of sleep, she passed out and he took her here.

Uncle Hong was her adoptive Father. A very nice man. Unmarried too. He didn't really adopt her, he just picked her off the streets when she was still a child and he had treated her like his own ever since.

Rising to her feet, her legs felt like jelly and she quickly sat back on the bed to avoid falling flat on her face.

She couldn't help but eye her surroundings again. This place looked like a private room. It screamed expensive. Even though the use of one colour was bugging her skin, she still could not deny the fact that the room was one she had never dreamt of being in.

It took a while to stop her legs from webling like jelly before proceeding to take out the needle.

Who had even dared to stick this in her arm anyways!

The door opened and she turned her attention to it. A nurse walked in. Immediately she held gaze with her, the woman gasped, made a U-turn and walked out.

"She's awake."

Yuyan heard her say and almost immediately, the door was flinged open. Almost pulling out.

Yuyan knitted her brows at the action but time slowed down when her eyes fell on the most handsome man she would probably ever see in her life.

She sucked In a breath. As if desperately trying to breathe in his scent.

He was dangerously tall. His black hair ruffling up to one side. The cutie was dressed in an all black suit that it clung to him like a second skin. Her eyes stayed glued to his grey ones that were throwing murderous looks her way.

Before she realised what was going on, the man was in front of her; looking down at her with a scowl on his face.

Yuyan frowned. She wasn't used to anyone giving that kind of look to her, it was reverse in her case.

Before she could speak, he beat her to it.

"Yuyan!". The man yelled. Even his voice was handsome!

"You shameless woman!". He continued. His words making her ears perk with interest.

This man didn't seem to realize that he was yelling at the most feared gang leader in the whole of her school and state.

' Trouble. You come to me yet again. In the form of a cutie '. She thought and a ghostly smile appeared on her lips.

"Are you that eager to die? If you want freedom then just walk away or better yet, take the suicide pills a little earlier than 8pm. You're a disgrace to womanhood...".

"Enough. Wait". She couldn't take any more of his yellings and thankfully at her calm words, he stopped talking. Yu Yan rubbed her temples as her eyes drifted close. "I'm having a terrible headache and yelling at me just makes it worse as well as bugs my skin."

She lifted her chin, holding his gaze to find him staring down at her with his eyebrows pulled back in surprise and his jaw practically touching the floor.

"How about we start over?". She offered with a nice smile which was very rare. But the smile soon died the minute she asked what had been burning inside her. "Who the hell are you?"

Now his face was dumbstruck and so was the nurse who immediately hurried outside.

The man's brows furrowed as if in doubt. "What do you mean by that?"

"Shhhh". She said wanting him to reduce his voice. He was being too loud and her head seemed like it was going to fall. Even breathing seemed hard.

"My head…hurts…elling so much." she spoke the words. Feeling like a caveman.

"Yuyan!" the man dared to yell again. His eyes not showing conviction at all. Instead, he felt like he was being fooled. She was playing dumb to avoid being scolded at.

"What nonsense are you sprouting? Don't play dumb with me else you will suffer for it."

The woman before him surprised him by ignoring him. The look on her face did say she was in so much pain but he pushed any atom of care aside. Now she knew how he was feeling. He'd been in pains ever since he met her.

His time with her could be described in just one word.


The woman seemed to have taken it upon herself to frustrate everyone and anyone around her.

"Uncle Hong". She said in an almost inaudible tone and her voice held panic but it really didn't reflect in her eyes.

Uncle Hong? She was seeing a certain Uncle Hong?!

Before he could rain questions down on her, the door opened and doctors more than he could count, accompanied by some nurses, rushed in.

"What seems to be the problem?" One doctor asked as he headed over to Yuyan who was now having a panic attack.

"You tell me." Zhang Yong informed shooting daggers out his eyes to the woman on the bed.

"Who are you people?". Her voice held panic as she glanced between the doctor and nurses. She sounded pity-full. Almost like a little lost child. "What do you want?"

"Mrs. Zhang, everything will be alright. Just calm down…" one of the doctors began, trying his best to get her back under control.

"Calm down?" The woman yelled. Her voice coming off strong and fierce.

Zhang Yong furrowed his brows at her sudden change of emotions. One minute she was talking to him calmly, the next she was sounding pityful and now she was a tigress?

Did the suicide pills really mess with her head that much?

The doctor seemed to be takenaback by her sudden outburst too as he took several steps back. The nurses stopped midway their action and all eyes turned to Zhang Yong.

"What?" he snapped. "Get her under control and I need answers." He said through gritted teeth.

Seems like there was no need for that because she slowly and lazily climbed up the bed, her back resting on the soft mattress as her head throbbed ever so painfully. She felt like breaking down in tears as everything before her was spinning.

She could hear the voices of people as images filled her head.

Yuyan felt hands hold her strongly on the bed and didn't even bother to fight. She was weak and as she felt a needle prick her skin, she could only whimper in pain. Her eyelids suddenly became heavy with sleep.

As she slept off, the image of the man who yelled at her stuck in her brain like glue. How handsome!