Doted by the Alpha (S1&S2)

In an alternate world where evolution has given the male species the ability to get pregnant, a young man named Daniel Sullen had his life turn 180 degrees when he discovered he wasn't what he was supposed to be. He discovered the secret of his birth and upon knowing comes along an evil twin sister that wants to ruin his life every chance she gets to and parents that don't even consider him as their own. The only person on his side was his grandfather who favors him more than anyone until that fateful night. Maybe it's good karma but who would think he'd end up being pregnant with a billionaire's child??! ... This is a work of fiction. It has no connection to real individuals groups or events. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or transmission (Including websites) of this work, in part or in whole is prohibited and punishable by the law. All Rights Reserve. lesson101 2018 ... Disclaimer: The picture used in the book cover is not mine. No copyright infringement intended. If you are the owner of this art and wish for me to take it down then my DM's are always open and I will remove it immediately. Or you can email me on lesson101.lightnovels@gmail.com

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I'm Okay

* * *

As soon as Daniel heard the doctor's words, it echoed in his mind like a broken cassette player before his sight suddenly turned dark, and fainted on Laotian's arms. He could not believe everything that he heard but he knew at the back of his mind that Ronald Ronner had really passed on. That he could never see him again like he thought he would when he learned of his existence. Even though he hasn't spent a lot of time with Ronald, the pain he was feeling was like when he had lost Luangmei, that he couldn't get a hold of himself and fainted.

Meanwhile, worried that Daniel had fainted, Laotian wanted to make sure nothing was wrong so he admitted him to the hospital. Thankfully nothing was found wrong. Daniel woke up a few minutes later and went back home after settling the documents. Daniel cried a few more times but after a day passed, he finally slowly accepted that Ronald Ronner had died.

They held a simple funeral catering to only a few people since Ronald Ronner had no close relatives or other families to go and visit his body. He had spent all his life working and growing the company his father left to him that he had never married. He also didn't have a close relationship with his remaining sibling, Susan Sullen, and niece, Daniella Sullen. He had a half-brother from his mother's second partner but Ronald never once met this person, the only relative that is close to him is Daniel and his children.

Of course, there were a couple of people who went and paid a visit, friends, and coworkers but that was just about it. A lawyer also came to visit and inform Daniel of Ronald's last will but at this point, Daniel didn't care. He didn't care about the money or some big corporate company, he didn't even know how to run a business so it was useless to him.

Meanwhile, knowing what was already written on the last will, Laotian asked the lawyer to postpone the reading at least until Daniel moved on from his mourning. The lawyer quickly understands and tells Laotian to contact him instead when they're ready.

* * *

The funeral only lasted 5 days before Ronald Ronner's remains were buried in the most exclusive cemetery in the city. Daniel cried one last time and once again promised himself that he will be stronger.

"Are you ready?" Laotian asked, putting his hands on Daniel's shoulders. They are standing in front of Ronald's grave. Everyone had left already but Daniel was still there to say his final goodbyes and of course, giving him privacy Laotian gave Daniel some space. He waited for him from afar and finally when 20 minutes had passed, Laotian had to come and remind Daniel that they cannot stay at the cemetery for too long.

"Hmmm, thanks for waiting for me, Laotian," Daniel said and turned around to give his husband a faint smile.

"It's nothing as long as it's for you," Laotian replied and kissed Daniel's temples. Not long after, they finally left the cemetery. When they arrived home Daniel rested for a bit and only wake up around 4 pm in the afternoon. He was in Laotian's embrace and as soon as he sat up, the Alpha woke up.

"What's the matter?" Laotian asked.

"Shouldn't we get ready?" Daniel asked remembering that tonight was Aidan's baby shower and they were invited.

"Are you sure you want to go? We can just send them our gift, Franco and his wife will understand," Laotian suggested. Despite acting strong as always, he knew Daniel was still mourning so no one would blame him if they decided to not attend the event. "You're not okay, Honey. You don't need to force yourself," Laotian added, his warm palm caressed Daniel's protruding belly.

"Laotian, I'm seriously okay. Yes, I'm still mourning but that's the more reason I needed to go. I don't want this to remain in me because I know Uncle wouldn't like that," Daniel assured and this time it was his time to caress the Alpha's cheek. "Besides, I've already called Aidan that we were going," Daniel added before pinching his husband's nose and letting go as it slightly turned red.

"Are you sure?" Laotian was still contemplating so he asked again, looking at the Omega straight in the eye.

"Yes I am and we're bringing Luangmin, Ian, and Lan with us since it's a baby shower, we need to bring the kids," Daniel said without further room for discussion before he got off of the bed and urged the Alpha to stand as well.

Letting Daniel do what he wants at the end, Laotian sat up from his lying position. He was sitting at the edge of the bed before he pulled Daniel close to him, trapping the Omega inside his arms as he looked up towards his wife. They stared at each other for seconds before Laotian said "I love you," making Daniel chuckle.

"I love you too, Laotian, so much," Daniel replied, putting his palms on Laotian's cheeks before leaning down to kiss it. And although his heart fluttered, Laotian wasn't satisfied with the kiss so he quickly pulled Daniel again for a real kiss that lasted long seconds before the Omega decided to pull away, reminding Laotian again that they needed to prepare soon.

The Alpha was quite disappointed but he didn't complain so they soon walked towards the bathroom and started preparing. After spending more than 15 minutes and another more for Luangmin and Lan along with Ian to prepare, they're finally ready to go using the family Mercedes van.

The drive took almost an hour before they arrived at Franco and Aidan's mansion that Daniel didn't expect was the outskirts of the city. There were trees along the way and even more when they drove through the main gate. This was nothing new to Daniel since his Mo Chendong's ranch had the same setting but what Daniel didn't expect was that the couple's house was located on top of a mountain surrounded by forest and possibly ferocious animals.

If it was him, he could never live in such a place, since he'd be too afraid thinking that while enjoying the garden he might be attacked by wild boars or even bears.

"Sirs, we have arrived," After more than 10 minutes from entering the main gate, the driver finally pulled up to the parking lot and announced to everyone that they had finally arrived. He stepped out of the vehicle first and quickly opened the door so Laotian and the rest could come out.

"I can't believe they live in such a place," Daniel commented and looked at the two-story building that was well lit up and guarded. Daniel looked around again and he couldn't help but notice that every corner of the house had a person guarding it, not to mention they even had guns displayed on them like it was nothing.

Meanwhile, noticing where Daniel's eyes were, Laotian wrapped his arms around his waist and whispered to him, "Don't be afraid," He remembered that he had forgotten to mention that Franco was a mafia leader and well known in the underworld business.

"Okay, I know Aidan and Franco are good people," Daniel replied with a faint smile before he looked at Ian curiously. He had a slight idea why Franco and Aidan had this many armed people guarding their house and he was worried that Ian would feel uncomfortable about it since he's a policeman.

"If you're worried about my reaction then please don't, I already know who we are meeting tonight," Ian said chuckling, noticing Daniel's gaze.

"T-that's good. They're good people Ian so I'm sure you'll like them," Daniel said smiling brightly this time to which Ian nodded in understanding although he doubted that a Mafia Boss was a pure-hearted person.

"Let's us go inside. I'm sure they're waiting for our arrival," Laotian interrupted before he bent down to pick up Luangmin to his arms. They started walking towards the building but they were just about to take a step on the stairs when the massive front door opened and Franco coming out of it with a welcoming smile. He waited for Laotian's group to reach the foyer before he spread his arms to give his friend and Luangmin a brief hug.

"I'm glad you're all able to come tonight," Franco said tapping Laotian's shoulder before his attention went to Daniel and gave him a handshake. "My condolences. I hope tonight's party would somehow let you forget a bit of your pain," Franco said and squeezed Daniel's hand. Hearing the Alpha's words, Daniel felt touched that he couldn't help but smile and nod.

"Thank you," Daniel said.

"And, this is Hanlu's wife and son I presumed," Franco said, shifting his attention to Ian and Lan at the side. Although he said that, he actually already knew who Ian Andrews was long before he discovered that he had been in a relationship with Hanlu since Ian Andrews was one of the people his organization is watching out for since he's in a high position in the police force.

"Yes, I am. My name is Ian Andrews Mo, and this is our son, Lancel Mo. Thank you so much for inviting us tonight as well," Ian introduced himself and Lan as he extended his hand for a handshake to which Franco accepted with a professional smile.

"Of course, the Mos are like my family and Hanlu was like my little brother. It was only right for us to invite you too since our children will one day become friends as well," Franco said as if indicating that Lancel Mo will someday follow in his father's footsteps, which Ian didn't like but he was professional so he only nodded with a smile.

"Anyway, let us all go inside, Aidan's inside taking care of our little Princess," Franco said. Although their baby was an Omega and didn't have a clear first gender yet, he and Aidan were already determined to raise their child as a princess.

Following Franco inside, Daniel could still see dozens of people standing on guard every corner but he chose to ignore that and focused on the interior of the house instead. The mansion looked fairly modern on the outside but now that he had gotten inside, Daniel could tell that the house was antique. The furniture looked antique and the design made him feel like he came back in the past.

They continued to follow Franco until finally, they reached a massive door leading to the venue. One of the people guarding the door opened it for them and as soon as they stepped inside, Daniel realized that the said party was actually very exclusive with probably less than 50 people in the room as he estimated.

Suddenly eyes on them, Daniel held Laotian's arms a little tighter. There were only a few people in the massive room but he felt like their eyes could burn him.

"Relax, they won't hurt you," Laotian whispered, making Daniel loosen his grip before he nodded. He didn't mean to act scared, he wanted to be braver but habits are really difficult to change.

"Daniel, I'm glad you came," Suddenly a tall person approached them with a bright smile. Daniel took a second to recognize him but as soon as he did, he forgot the eyes looking in their direction and spread his arms to hug Aidan. Unlike before when he still had little muscles on him, now, Aidan looked completely different.

"My condolences, Beautiful," Aidan said while hugging to which Daniel replied with a thank you. "I'm sorry we couldn't come. I really wish we could but with the baby and all, I'm really sorry," Aidan added as they separated.

"It's okay, I totally understand..." Daniel said with a smile. He wouldn't be able to entertain them anyway since he was mourning but he's trying to be okay now so he wanted to move on.

"Anyway, this is Ian and Lan, Hanlu's wife and son," Daniel said, changing the topic and turning around to introduce Ian and Lan.

"Oh, another Beauty. I honestly never thought Hanlu would settle down, how'd you do it?" Looking at Ian and handshaking him, Aidan asked as a joke making Ian chuckle.

"To tell you honestly, I also didn't think Luu would settle down with me. I guess I was lucky," Ian said and instantly Aidan could relate to Ian since both of them waited for years for the person they love so much to return their feelings.

"I want to know the details, but before that, I'll show you my baby first," Aidan said proudly.

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