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This is one of the gems that due to Webnovel structure fell of the top 50. The story revolves about apocalypse on earth with touch of Sci-Fi and other „relams” - (my naming not author’s). The greatness of this novel is the worldbuilding and character interactions - not typical xianxia/wuxia where only the MC gets OP. No this is a struggle of whole Earth and how our MC can assist it to save humanity and his loved ones, survive and maybe thrive through Tribulations. A must read for apocaly**e/ mystery/ sci-fi fans. Each volume gets its own tempo based on „state of apocalypse” and I throughly enjoyed every verse. 10/10 If I can I will someday buy this in paper format. Oh, btw the „universe/ concept) is author original - from what I read, so I recomendd to stick to it till the real fights start.


After 2 years and 300+ chapters, I will give my second review of my own work. Hope it will help you to decide to read the novel 1. It was first written for kingdom building competition, so there are a few base buildings in the story. you will see MC travel around the world-famous cities and prepare them for the apocalypse. 2. It's a slow start, I like to build my characters and there actually some chapters that would focus on other characters, but please be patience these characters will give meaning to the story later on. 3. You will not see any OP power of the MC until later volume. (its an interesting one) 4. This is a 2 years old novel, so you can see that the writing will improve in the later chapters. 5. There will be romance - but sorry No Harem The novel is part of a bigger universe with my other novel. so world-building is where I spent a lot of my research and thought in. hope you enjoy it. thanks


Because i am the author so i will give my own writing 5. The story are inspired by some of the best books i like, sometimes i really wish things would turn differently on those books, hence i try to write one myself. As this is my first novel please feel free to comment or support my writing.


This is an excellent mashup of reincarnation/apocalypse genre. The main character is very relatable and you understand his motivations and goals clearly. The story is based in Indonesia, Bali and it’s very refreshing to see something other than American based for a change. So far there is no hyper nationalistic attitudes of thinking their ppl are somehow superior to every other nation with the urge to enslave everyone from other countries or something crazy like that. No misogyny or gratuitous violence / gore / r@pe etc. The main character is not over powered and just has an edge on others because of his experience. He is a family man and I doubt this will go down the route of him building a herem empire where he’s drowning in boooobs (thank heavens for that). I’ve seen people criticizing the novel for being slow, but I don’t agree. The author takes a valid amount of chapters to flesh out the characters and get the ball rolling. It’s called World building. Over all the grammar is the only weak point in this novel. Taking into account that English is not the authors first language, it’s still pretty good and doesn’t take away anything from enjoying this novel. There’s a decent number of chapters already out and seems like author is quite regular at giving us new chapters. The story, character and world background is fleshed out enough and more would be revealed as the story unfolds. The novel deserves more love and recognition than it currently has gotten. I would highly Highly recommended this novel to others.


Already read it twice while waiting for new updates, still crying on the same chapter too, this book is not your ordinary doomsday book, i'm totally in love with the story. Can't wait for more chapter of this nerve wracking journey


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Just dig into it, i was rather a bit on m guards in the beginning, thinking it would be like every other novel in the same genre. BUUUUUTT!! With much surprise! It has really it's own world, it's own flavor, what a good novel that is, so the premise is all about a random guy who comes back in time, but then how it unfold after that is done masterfully. Keep going!


Another hidden gem here in Webnovel. The world build is well written, expanding the world as we read each chapter. Characters are fleshed out and the story is building up in the right direction. Highly recommended. Keep it up, Avan. Thanks


I personally love world building. I feel this story is well based on reality but does an incredible job of making the world its own and adapting history to creat an interesting world. 5/5 must read


Very recommended....!!!!!!! This is a very good novel. The detail, many new place and the location, not like any doom day story. I like it so much, even from the preparation before the judgement day, very nice. Hope this novel more more and more readed by more people.


very awesome work bro. I never feel myself immersed to read as this sort of novels before, may be because of it is too much realistic and technology level equals to our world level plus EMP pulse with loss of current high TeX technology support. wish you good luck and don't drop may slow release rate but not to drop such good novel


This is a new take on an old genre. Personally I am really enjoying the background and character design. The author is able to provide readers with enough action without compromising the character development. Hope this continues and doesn't change later. Excellent. Keep it up author


5* review from me for such a great story, classic reincarnation and apocalypse, but the author use lots of research and logic into the story. enjoying the chapter more and more, keep it up.


The novels is good, hope you keep the updates i vote all my stones for you.. Aaaaaa\aaavmvmxxhkxgkxkgzkgzkgzkgxkgxgkxkhxkgxkgxgkxbkxbmxbm kb kbx hkxhkxkgxgkxkgxkxkv mv mv mv mv vm vm vmxgkxgkxkhckgcccclhckbcbkckh


It's getting better and better, Author also get an editor to help, keep going author, another 50-100 chapter and I believe your novel will go big


I'm liking this new twist on the genre. The story is developing well, allowing the reader to be sucked along for the ride. While there are some grammar mistakes, this doesn't detract from the story. Definitely recommend this.


Your story is really good its only lacking readers, you should we-write this also in other novel sites so more people can discover this treasure.


one of best work i have read 👍👍. good job.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,


I like it cant wait for another ch. Which country are you come from bro. I am from indonesia middle java. Thanks for good work bro. Cant wait another ch