4 The power of Boar

"Want to save him, come and help!"

Xiao Feng said, then walked towards the kitchen, and at the same time, instructed the fat guy and the skinny guy.

"Bring the Bloodfang Wild Boar inside!"

The girl stared at the figure of Xiao Feng's back, not knowing why, but at this moment, she somehow believed that Xiao Feng could really save this man.


Then, the girl immediately gave instructions.

The fat guy and the skinny guy responded and quickly brought the wild boar inside.

After placing the wild boar on the cutting board, Xiao Feng started to use the "Butcher's Precision" skill on the Bloodfang Wild Boar.

Watching Xiao Feng skillfully use the kitchen knife, the fat guy and the skinny guy were amazed.

Butcher's Precision skill was used perfectly to cut up the Bloodfang Wild Boar.

It was like a dance on the cutting board.

It was the first time they realized that cooking could also be an art.

After cutting up the four knuckles, Xiao Feng began to braise them with his system.

In no time, a perfectly braised Bloodfang Wild Boar knuckle came out.

Watching the steaming and fragrant knuckles, the fat guy and the skinny guy couldn't help but swallow their saliva.

In the apocalypse, being able to eat a mouthful of a delicious knuckle was simply a dream come true.

"Open his mouth, let him swallow the knuckle. Whether he lives or dies is up to his own fate!"

The girl immediately took a bowl and started to feed the man.

As the minced knuckle entered his belly, the girl was astonished to find that the man's abdominal wound was no longer bleeding.

"This... this knuckle has such strong healing properties!"

The girl couldn't believe what she was seeing.

After a while, the girl removed the frozen dressing from the wound and bandaged it with gauze.

Gradually, the man regained the ability to chew on his own and began to swallow the knuckle.

After about half an hour, as the knuckle he had eaten was slowly digested, the man miraculously opened his eyes.

"Big sister, I... I'm not dead?"

The man, weak in breath and somewhat excited, asked.

"Yes! You're not dead!"

The girl nodded firmly.

Then, the girl turned around and knelt before Xiao Feng.

"For saving my brother's life, I have no way to repay you. Please accept my bow!"

Saying that, the girl knocked her head three times before Xiao Feng.

Seeing this, the fat guy and the skinny guy immediately knelt as well.

"Okay, okay! A knuckle is worth three thousand energy, just pay me!"

Xiao Feng waved his hand, signaling the three people to get up.

The girl quickly took out a small cloth bag from her pocket and poured out a crystal from it, then unhesitatingly handed it to Xiao Feng.

"I said, three thousand is three thousand. I don't want extra!"

Xiao Feng took out three pieces of blue first-grade crystals and handed over the rest.

The girl stared at the crystals in her hand, unable to fathom why Xiao Feng was being so generous.

The crystals added up to at least forty to fifty thousand energy value, but Xiao Feng only asked for three thousand.

"Don't look at me like that. I own a restaurant. The price of a meal is how much it is. If you give me more, how can I do business in the future?"

"Thank you!"

The girl looked at the crystal core in her hand and then bowed deeply to Xiao Feng once again.

In fact, why wouldn't Xiao Feng want that crystal core?

Because, if the other party provided more energy than the specified price for the dishes, the transaction would not be recognized by the system.

Xiao Feng's goal was to complete the mission of selling 10,000 energy worth of items, not to collect these crystal cores.

As expected, after receiving three white first-tier crystal cores, the mission progress changed to 3000/10000.

"Alright, take this opportunity and leave quickly now!"

Xiao Feng waved his hand to signal them to depart.

"You four were supposed to die. How dare you come to rob me when you were half-dead? But seeing your strong friendship, I'll spare the four of you!"

Hearing this, the people's eyes lit up, and they excitedly burst into laughter.

"While it's still dark outside and the zombies haven't fully become active, hurry up and leave. I don't allow overnight stays here!"

Xiao Feng issued an eviction order to the four.

After that, the chubby guy and the skinny guy immediately lifted the skinny leader, and the group walked out of the door.

"Um... can we buy the remaining boar knuckles?"

The chubby guy, standing at the door, hesitated for a moment and then, after taking a deep breath, looked at Xiao Feng with a pleading expression.


Xiao Feng was delighted. With this, he could complete his mission.

Subsequently, the chubby guy took out nine white crystal cores from his pocket and handed them to Xiao Feng. He then took the remaining three pork knuckles and left.

"Thank you, my name is Bai Zhi, and I'll come to find you in the future!"

The girl turned to look at Xiao Feng and said her name.

"I'm Black Wolf. In the future, whenever you need help, the four of us will definitely come to assist you, no matter what."

The man lying on the stretcher weakly spoke.

"Alright, alright, hurry and leave. What can you do? Go back and promote my restaurant!"

After saying this, Xiao Feng turned and closed the door.

The reason Xiao Feng didn't kill these four people is for this purpose.

You open a restaurant; you have to let people come, right?

If he killed these four people, his restaurant would truly become a blacklisted place. Who would dare to come and eat here in the future?

So, Xiao Feng chose to spare them.

This way, they would surely go back and promote his restaurant.

In the future, when people come to eat, they will certainly come in droves.

As long as there is interest, Xiao Feng's mission can be completed more easily.

At the same time, a notification tone rang in Xiao Feng's mind.

[Mission Complete: Sales volume of Red-Braised Bloodfang Wild Boar reached 10,000]

[Mission Reward: Unlock Dish: Red-Braised Pigeon, Skill: Perfect Aim, Equipment: Upgradeable Barrett M82A1]

[Mission Released: Hire a server]

Hearing this, Xiao Feng couldn't help but laugh.

This mission couldn't be easier.

During the apocalypse, if you can provide people with safety, food, and accommodation, you can bet many people will be eager to stay.

Next time, when he meets customers, he can ask if they'd like to stay and work as servers.

But in reality, Xiao Feng still longed for a female server.

The better looking and sexier, the better.

As much as he wanted it, it wasn't something that could be rushed.

Afterward, Xiao Feng focused on the rewards he had just obtained.

The mission was completed, and a new dish was unlocked.

The restaurant's menu was now becoming more diverse.

[Red-Braised Pigeon: Boosts medium speed. When consumed by a person with flying abilities, it significantly enhances flight speed for 30 minutes. Priced at 5,000 energy]

"This is great!"

Xiao Feng nodded in satisfaction.

However, there was still some uncertainty: where should he acquire pigeons for this dish?

Next, Xiao Feng shifted his attention to the skills and equipment.

[Perfect Aim: Throwing weapons, firearms, and other long-range attack weapons, cannot miss the target.]

Barrett M82A1: Normal

Level: Level One [Upgradeable]

Magazine: 10

Skill: +100% penetration

Effect: Different bullets produce different destruction effects.

"The system is so considerate. Afraid that I can't catch pigeons, it rewarded this powerful equipment!"

Xiao Feng immediately took out the Barrett, stroking the cold and heavy gun barrel, reluctant to put it down.

"However, using a Barrett to shoot pigeons, isn't that making a overkill?"

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