8 Hunting

After leaving the door, Xiao Feng cautiously entered the nearest manhole.

Inside, he turned on his flashlight and felt his way forward.

As he moved along, Xiao Feng noticed many markings on the walls of the sewer.

"It seems these markings should be made by the people from Shelter No. 9!" Xiao Feng thought to himself.

Then, following the arrows' directions, Xiao Feng continued to move forward.

After about half an hour, Xiao Feng crawled out of a sewer entrance.

Looking around, he realized he had reached his destination.

He checked the map and headed toward the area where the Razorback Mountain Goats were known to appear.

In the wilderness, there were fewer zombies, but the real danger came from the mutated creatures, especially the mutant beasts.

All the animals had mutated in the apocalypse, and formerly docile animals were now aggressive, while carnivorous animals attacked anything living.

Soon, Xiao Feng arrived at the location where Razorback Mountain Goats were known to frequent.

Razorback Mountain Goats were a mutated form of mountain goats with razor-sharp tusks.

They were gregarious animals, and when disturbed, they would not run away as normal but charge at the source of the disturbance.

Hiding in a patch of tall grass, Xiao Feng took out his Barrett rifle from his back.

He had spent a lot of time practicing this rifle and was proficient with it. He released the safety and aimed at a group of Razorback Mountain Goats using the scope.

Barrett rifles had an effective range of 3,000 meters, and they could easily kill Razorback Mountain Goats with a single shot.

Focused on the scope, Xiao Feng targeted the group of goats, thinking he might be able to take down several with one shot.

With the skill "Perfect Aim" in effect, Xiao Feng aimed at the head of the goats.

Without hesitation, he squeezed the trigger with a single smooth motion.


A shot rang out.

The goats panicked, looking around to find the source of the attack.

However, as Xiao Feng was far away, they did not detect anything unusual.

Once the surviving goats had walked away, Xiao Feng saw four dead Razorback Mountain Goats where the group had been.

Surprisingly, two of them were still moving, not dead.

Possibly because he hadn't hit their vital areas.

Xiao Feng put away his weapon and excitedly walked over to them.

After examining the carcasses, Xiao Feng took out his cleaver from his back.

With the cleaver in his hand, he felt invincible.

He approached the two still-living goats and swiftly put an end to their lives.

These four goats would provide him with enough meat for several days, given the other ingredients he had for his buns.

But just as Xiao Feng was about to put the goats in his space backpack, he noticed something under one of the dead goats.

Turning the goat over, Xiao Feng was astonished to find several Barrett rifle bullets beneath the carcass.

"What the heck! Killing goats, and finding bullets?" He immediately picked them up.

The bullet properties appeared in his mind:

M33 Standard Bullet: x3

Damage: +50%

These were standard bullets, identical to the ones Xiao Feng had just used.

M8 Armor-Piercing Bullet: x1

Damage: +100%

Penetration: +100%

M17 Tracer Bullet: x1

Damage: +50%

Tracer: Visible at night.

M1022 Long-Range Sniper Bullet: x5

Damage: +30%

Shooting Range: +2000 meters

With these bullets, Xiao Feng felt much relieved. He now understood how to obtain ammunition.

He put the four goats and the bullets into his space backpack and headed towards the location where the Bloodfang Boars were known to appear.

Bloodfang Boars had much stronger defense than Razorback Mountain Goats, and Xiao Feng wondered if he could inflict penetrating damage again.

Additionally, Bloodfang Boars appeared alone, and he wouldn't be able to damage multiple targets with a single bullet.

Xiao Feng had been cautious before, but with this special ammunition, his confidence soared.

To deal with a second-stage Bloodfang Boar, Xiao Feng was confident that he could kill it using the M8 Armor-Piercing bullets.

Soon, Xiao Feng arrived at the area where the Bloodfang Boars were known to frequent. He slowed down and started to search carefully.

The forest was silent, and Xiao Feng's faint footsteps were the only sound.

But at this moment, Xiao Feng suddenly stopped in his tracks because he heard a familiar grunting sound from behind.

He slowly turned around and his pupils contracted. Just ten meters away, a wild boar with red eyes was glaring at him, grunting loudly.

Both sides stared at each other. Xiao Feng's hand slowly moved towards the Barrett rifle behind his back.

As the wild boar observed Xiao Feng's movements, it suddenly charged towards him.

Bloodfang Boars were incredibly fast, and their razor-sharp tusks were as deadly as they appeared.

Seeing the wild boar charging, Xiao Feng knew that he wouldn't have time to attack with the Barrett rifle.

Without any hesitation, he grabbed the cleaver from his back.

With the cleaver in his hand, Xiao Feng felt invincible.

He swung the cleaver, and there was a miserable scream.

In that life-and-death moment, Xiao Feng's mind quickly operated with the technique of "Butcher's Precision."

He knew that if he used kitchen tools for the attack, his attack power would skyrocket.

With one horizontal swipe, Xiao Feng severed the boar's throat.

This was Xiao Feng's judgment of where to attack under the "Butcher's Precision" skill. If he had struck the boar's head vertically, he wouldn't have been able to kill it with a single strike.

That's because the skull was as hard as a steel plate.

Simultaneously, Xiao Feng felt a sharp pain in his chest, and his entire body was sent flying as he was struck with great force.

Xiao Feng collided with a tree, then fell to the ground. The impact of the collision sent him flying.

Thanks to the "Butcher's Precision," Xiao Feng's damage was enough to finish off the boar. As for himself, his chest was only grazed by the boar's tusks, and he was not seriously injured.

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