15 Half-human, Half-zombie Little Girl

Today's energy income is 25,000.

Additionally gained a vial of mutant serum.

It's just a bit of a pity that the food ingredients are too scarce.

Otherwise, considering the consumption capacity of the Bai family today, the income could have been at least over 50,000.

Moreover, there's one more regret...

The last mission was to recruit a server and not based on sales. If it were to be settled based on sales, today's income would have definitely exceeded the mission target.

As for the energy value, Xiao Feng temporarily plans to save it. As an advanced evolver in the life class, even if he advances and obtains advanced skills, it's still just life skills. Unless there's a specific need, he intends to use it to upgrade the restaurant as priority.

However, when Xiao Feng saw the energy required to upgrade the restaurant, he couldn't help but roll his eyes.

Host: Xiao Feng

Level: Second-tier evolver [Upgrade Requirement: 10,000 energy]

Evolver Skills: Culinary Mastery, Kitchen Utensil Proficiency

Other Skills: Butcher's Precision, Perfect Aim

Restaurant Level: Second Level [Upgrade Requirement: 200,000 energy]

Restaurant Skills: [Instant Return] [Energy Recovery]

Restaurant Menu:

[Razorback Goat Bun: Restores a small amount of energy, priced at 20 energy]

[Red Braised Bloodfang Wild Boar Knuckle: Restores a small amount of health, significantly increases attack power for 30 minutes, priced at 3,000 energy]

[Red Braised Pigeon: Increases medium speed, possesses the ability to fly. When eaten by people, it greatly increases flying speed for 30 minutes, priced at 5,000 energy]

"200,000! A whopping 200,000 energy!"

How many knuckles would he have to sell to earn that back!

But, based on today's sales volume, it's not even a month's time, especially as his restaurant's reputation continues to grow, he's sure the daily income will increase.

Then, Xiao Feng took out the mutant serum he obtained from the Biological Research Institute.

"If I continue to use this mutant serum, will I awaken combat-type survivor skills?"

Xiao Feng swirled the blue liquid, deep in thought. However, the 20% death rate gave him pause. He wasn't in a desperate situation, so he didn't need to risk his life.

But if he didn't use it, what should he do with it?

Sell it?

How much would be an appropriate price? 200,000 energy or 2 million?

If the price was too high, could the other survivors in the refuge afford it?

Just then, Xiao Feng noticed something interesting. Zombies that use mutant serum will 100% mutate after consuming it.

"If there's a zombie that can obey my commands, that would be great!"

Xiao Feng couldn't help but think of the little girl zombie he found in the back alley.

With that in mind, he immediately went out the back door.

Following the same path as before, Xiao Feng arrived at the alley where he encountered the little girl zombie last time.

However, upon looking around, the little girl had disappeared.

"Strange? Where did she go?"

Xiao Feng was puzzled. "Did she get lured by other noises somewhere else?"

Thinking this, Xiao Feng was about to leave, but suddenly he heard a voice behind him.

"Uncle, are you looking for me?"

The voice was low, childlike, and quite eerie.

Xiao Feng was startled.

Slowly turning around to look, he saw a little girl, dressed in a dirty dress, standing behind him. Her hair was a mess.

She was holding a doll.

However, remembering that the doll had turned into a three-meter-tall flesh-eating zombie last time, Xiao Feng swallowed nervously.

Seeing the girl tilting her head and grinning evilly at him, Xiao Feng was about to use "Instant Return" to return to the restaurant.

But, surprisingly, the little girl didn't make any move. She just continued to stare at him.

"Cough, um, little girl, are you hungry?"

Xiao Feng crouched down slowly, pulled out a piece of candy from his pocket, and offered it.

However, when the little girl remained motionless, Xiao Feng suddenly realized.

She had already become a zombie; candy wouldn't attract her.

So, Xiao Feng reached into his spatial backpack and pulled out a piece of leftover fresh goat meat from today's cooking.

Mutated fresh goat meat had a strong attraction for zombies.

As expected, upon seeing the goat meat, the little girl walked over somewhat involuntarily.


Xiao Feng directly threw the goat meat not far away.

This isn't teasing a dog; in case the little girl suddenly becomes aggressive after coming over, there won't be a chance to return to the restaurant in an instant.

Upon seeing the goat meat on the ground, the little girl split her mouth open and emitted a roaring and threatening sound toward Xiao Feng.

"Not eating?"

So, right at this moment, Xiao Feng had a sudden inspiration and suddenly thought of the crystal core.

This crystal core has more attraction for mutated zombies than raw meat.

Because after mutation, zombies have a great demand for the energy of crystal cores.

Mutated zombies need to devour the energy of others to continue their mutations.

With a turn of his right hand, Xiao Feng had a bluish crystal core in his hand.

Upon seeing the crystal core, the little girl suddenly widened her eyes.

In the bluish eyes, there was a flicker of greed that immediately passed.

He continued to throw the bluish crystal core on the ground. This time, the little girl didn't get angry but walked over, picked up the crystal core, and started eating it like candy.

In no time, she had eaten one crystal core.

"There's none left!"

Xiao Feng shrugged. "If you want more, I'll bring it for you tomorrow."

Upon hearing this, the little girl nodded slightly.

Seeing this, Xiao Feng was pleased. He felt that the little girl might not have been fully infected when she turned into a zombie.

He had to be careful not to treat her too well or overfeed her, as the saying goes: be good to people but don't overdo it. The same principle applied even to zombies.

If he wanted to gain the trust of this little girl, he had to proceed step by step. After seeing the girl's performance today, Xiao Feng had the idea of gaining her trust.

And if possible, the mutant serum would also have a purpose.

When Xiao Feng turned around and returned to the backyard.

He saw the little girl slowly picking up the goat meat that had fallen on the ground and walking away.

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