8 Game Plan #3: Dot the I’s, Cross the T’s!

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If the situation evolved to the meteorite getting blown into several pieces, the largest piece would very likely be propelled away by Vermillion's spacecraft, but the remaining pieces would still strike Earth.


The nuclear warheads prepared by the Russians might destroy some or all of them. If they struck all of them, there would be a massive wave of meteorite showers.


If there was a relatively large piece of meteorite that was missed...


Mankind would redraw the world map and outlines of all the continents again.


That was why Chen Xin was not optimistic about the operation. There were too many uncertainties that could affect its success rate.

Nevertheless, mankind did not have the time and leeway to think about those. There were only two choices before mankind, to fight for the small probability of surviving or to give up and perish along with ninety percent of living creatures, facing the same fate as the dinosaurs.


Therefore, mankind could only try their best to adopt a plan that had the most feasibility and a certain success rate, in hopes of saving the Earth and humanity.


Let's pray that they could succeed. If there was a God, no matter which God it was, please bless those brave astronauts to complete their mission, to save the Earth and mankind!

Chen Xin prayed piously, chanting the names of all the Gods, even those of ancient rulers and foreign deities. At that time, it would be much better to have any unknown disaster that could drive mankind crazy rather than have a meteorite impact, where everyone could only helplessly stand and point their middle finger at it.


After all, prayers were only for psychological comfort. After praying for a while, Chen Xin organized some things that were to be moved to the bunker, packed them in boxes, and transported them.


Chen Xin had already moved all the supplies such as food and drinking water after the bunker was dug up. He even drove his car into the reserved garage.


The things he had just moved down were some furniture, personal belongings, and clothes.


As for electronic products, the TV was still at home while his computers and gaming consoles were. Chen Xin would have to wait and decide whether he would move the TV into the bunker depending on the outcome of the operation.

Although it could be foreseen that electricity and the internet would be cut off should the operation fail, Chen Xin would be alone in the bunker. According to his prediction, he would need to hide underground for at least one year. He would probably die of boredom if he had nothing to occupy his time with.

As for the EMP impact caused by the meteorite impact disrupting Earth's ionosphere, it would be easier for Chen Xin to defend against it. That was because his container homes were made of metal and could be regarded as Faraday cages. Plus, it was buried deep underground, which would limit the EMP impact's damage to his electronic products.

After arranging his things, Chen Xin also checked the three tons of gasoline he had stored in a large custom-made water tank. That was the result of the combined efforts of him and his father's old contacts. The gasoline would be his sole fuel reserve for the next one to two years.

Of course, the gasoline was not used for heating or cooking, nor was it used for the car parked in the garage. Although he would eventually use the gasoline to cook when necessary or to start up his car, it was not intended to be used for the moment.


In fact, the gasoline was intended as a backup in case of a power outage so that he could generate electricity.


When he built that underground bunker, Chen Xin took into account the power outage and bought two small household generators.


Those kinds of household generators were small, and an adult can even carry it one-handed. Its power generation range was around 3-10KW, which was sufficient for household use.


The two small household generators purchased by Chen Xin only had a power of 5.5KW, which was considered to be a medium model. After being filled, The fuel tank could hold about 20 liters of fuel and could work for 12-15 hours at rated power.


Considering the three tons of gasoline that Chen Xin had in reserve, it was enough to last him for a whole year.


Of course, when he used it, he would not use up a full tank in a day, that would be too extravagant.


Chen Xin had prepared a large battery for the bunker. The plan was to use the generator for six to eight hours a day. In addition to fulfilling normal power consumption, excess power would be stored to minimize fuel consumption.

After all, there were no high-powered electrical appliances in the bunker. It was at most an induction cooker, an electric blanket, and any electronics that Chen Xin may use. The small household generators that he prepared were more than enough for that. He would only have to work for one-third of a day to ensure a sufficient power supply for the rest of the day.


Although the long nights and cold winter would last for decades, there were only so many supplies that Chen Xin could collect.


As for whether those materials could last him for a year, and what should be done after they were depleted, Chen Xin remained optimistic.

Considering the current preparations made by the country, as long as the meteorite did not directly crash onto Vermillion, then the basic social structure of the country and most of the population would be preserved. Although everyone would be living in the bunkers by then, they would eventually survive.


In one year, when the environment had stabilized, the country would also commence reconstruction work and restore social order.


At that time, Chen Xin believed that he would be able to find a way to obtain food or fuel. Worse comes to worst, he could still rely on government bunkers. He was not worried about survival at that moment.

After he checked his inventory and confirmed that all the supplies were sufficient for a year with a few months' worth of surplus, Chen Xin left the bunker. He returned home and once again paid attention to the latest progress of the operation.


Even though he was not optimistic about the operation's success rate, if they managed to save Earth, Chen Xin would still be very happy because he would not need to spend the rest of his life in a bunker.

However, the spacecraft would obviously take some time. It would take about four to five days for them to reach the moon's orbit, given the speed that humans launched the spacecraft at. After all, they would need to accelerate with help from the Earth's gravity to save time and fuel.

At that moment, they had only just completed the first lap of acceleration. They would still need to orbit Earth twice to gain sufficient kinetic energy and speed to fly toward the moon. Only then they could carry out the operation after landing on the meteorite.

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