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Tanakashi Rito has always been viewed as a weak boy despite being well developed. The reason for this is because of the oppression of various females surrounding his life. "...You're so ugly! Stop staring at me with those disgusting eyes!" His female childhood friend said while sending a slap on his cheeks. "Kohi-san~ Always smelly as usual huh?" A female friend commented as he rides the train in peace. "Don't forget to not talk or look at me in school." His big-chested sister coldly reminded him as he prepares for school. And finally, his supposed 'girlfriend' whom he was forced onto. "I hope you just die in atleast a shitty way so i can make fun of your disgusting corpse on my friends." Under the constant verbal/physical abuse he receives, Rito contemplated for a moment before finally coming up with a statement that will possibly change his life. "I'll fight back." ——————————- [Disclaimer] : - This is a novel where the world revolves around MC due to the girls around him. This is also fast-paced story. - If you do not like that MC is a natural asshole and doesn't give two shits to those that doesn't like him and won't try to get some of the girls in the plot, this is not your cup of tea. - There are no rape nor NTR in this story. - A generic horsecock MC with little to no experience about building good relationships. A two-faced protagonist only to those who aren't close to him. - Cover photo isn't mine, found it on google. - There may be a couple of mispellings and some grammar errors, this is because i only use my phone to create chapters. I would love it if you can leave a comment pointing it out! ——————————- - You can also find this series on RoyalRoads and Scribblehub! ——————————- [declinedfizzies]


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