Chapter 097: Stepping Sky (Extra for Alliance Hierarch Philanthropist888)_1

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The Hall Master, rocking in his rocking chair, thought to himself that it wasn't just a sixty percent chance anymore.

If there was even the slightest possibility of a sixty percent chance for the Dragon Turtle, Qingyuan Gate would go so far as to bankrupt itself just to raise that chance to a hundred percent. Moreover, a Dragon Turtle that can pray to the heavens and earth at the mere age of three or four, does it even matter whether it can awaken its Divine God Beast Bloodline?

It had already surpassed that value.

In the All Heavens and Myriad Realms, while Divine God Beasts aren't as common as hair on an ox, it's still possible to find several dozen or over a hundred in each grand world; it's just that not every Divine God Beast has the chance to attain a status like the Azure Dragon of Xuan Tian Gate. They're simply not as famous.

The Azure Dragon of Xuan Tian Gate and the Vermilion Bird of Vermillion Bird Gate are also among the pinnacle of existence within Divine God Beasts.