Don't confiscate my identity as a human race Book

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Don't confiscate my identity as a human race

Poor Xixi

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"She was a demon to begin with, how could she possibly be corrupted by encountering me, a human? Critics always talk about ludicrous things." In 1798, during an interview with the press, Cardinal Bishop Lanci was asked about his past with the exiled last princess of the Demon Race, as well as recent signs of the resurrection of the demons. He stated: "I have made too many efforts to defend world peace, I am quite sure, there is absolutely no possibility for the Demon Race to revive under her leadership." ...... In the winter of 1802, the revival of the Demon Race succeeded. [Based on the above information, please indicate who is the main culprit leading to the revival of the Demon Race, and explain why it is Lanci. (10 points)] —— excerpt from "Classic Examination Questions in Empire History."