Don't Be Proud, Mr. Pei, Ms. Liang Is Already Married

Author: JQK
Contemporary Romance
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What is Don't Be Proud, Mr. Pei, Ms. Liang Is Already Married

Read ‘Don't Be Proud, Mr. Pei, Ms. Liang Is Already Married’ Online for Free, written by the author JQK, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, SWEETLOVE Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "You don't have to come back anymore. Your contract has been terminated in advance." Liang Yan had been Pei Yu's secret ...


"You don't have to come back anymore. Your contract has been terminated in advance." Liang Yan had been Pei Yu's secret love interest for five years. Liang Yan was obedient and never gave him any trouble. One day, a contract suddenly appeared in front of her. Pei Yu wanted to cut all ties with her. This explained why he was still by her side when she woke up. Usually, he'd be gone by then. It turned out that it wasn't because he missed her. On the contrary, it was because he wanted to break up with her. Liang Yan had known that this day would come, but she hadn’t expected it to come so soon. Her doctor told her she still had three months to live. All she wanted was to spend more time with him. That's right. She liked this man who was her sugar daddy. However, when the man stood before her with that cold expression on his face, she couldn't utter a single word. All she could do was ask in a half-joking manner, "Since the contract is over, can I start looking for a boyfriend?" She was smiling, but her heart was already shattered. Liang Yan refused to accept any form of compensation from Pei Yu. She even returned everything he'd given her over the past five years. She didn't spend a single dime on the card he'd given her. In fact, she even returned the villa he'd given her as a gift. Pei Yu was dumbfounded by this. She'd always been gentle and demure. Now, she left him without a single complaint. One day, he overheard someone saying that she was getting married. He barged into her life once again like a mad man and became overly possessive of her. Liang Yan was confused all of a sudden. Did Pei Yu regret his decision?

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Another cliche torture novel... Another abusive love story... Another story of a hoplessly romantic FL with a brain used as an ornament... Another round of braindead characters.. Another terminally heal FL who won't die even after 2000 characters... Another abusive ML who will always be the pitiful cabbage in the end... maybe a few rapes... And how does this make me feel? .... Nothing Will this get picked? ... Yes Why?! ....because it always does "... "


I really wanna know how this piece could be tagged sweet love agnst is the correct classification


Just from the synopsis. . . . . . . . I already don't like it.




One word : Trash ML is disgusting and FL is utterly stupid. Self-respect simply doesn't exist in this novel.


Reveal spoiler


I don't know why people are rating this kind of novel 4 stars and 5 stars. Excuse me to say but don't know why some authors still waste time developing such a pathetic plot. Do people go through such emotionally unhealthy relationships these days? Maybe I don't know what is going on, someone should enlighten me.


This is just abuse. I read books to escape reality not relive the atrocities of the world. This book is abspolutely disgusting. The men are entitled rich boys(not men. Real men who have been raised with some sense don’t treat women this way), the FL is down right stupid, and the supporting characters are just useless. DO NOT PICK THIS EMBARRASSMENT TO LITERATURE. Just don’t


It’ so bad but I need to know why is this FL like so weak. Physical and mental abuse. The Males have the alpha thing going on and not in the good way. Hoping the direction could be more of ✅3 months to live ✅email job that I won’t be coming ✅Sell and get rid of things for more 💰 ✅tell only friend that heading to a vacation ✅One way ticket to dream vacation ✅enjoy life… 💕ur welcome fl. 💕


Please do not waste your time on this novel. The male and female leads make me nauseous. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 FL is pretty stupid.


love it so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! . 100% waiting for itttttttt


This is the trashiest novel I have read in a long time




I really want to read this book. please Re-select it.




Definitely Recommend giving this one a read. (please like)




I really can't even read this anymore! I don't like having to wipe my tears the whole time!☹️


I read these chapters, and they flew by. I enjoyed them, great plot.


too thrilling[img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


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