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Dominant Queen


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In the kingdom of futanari, Andrea reigns supreme as the Dominant Queen. With her fierce strength, breathtaking beauty, and unapologetic dominance, she holds all who cross her path within her grasp. But when she comes face to face with her greatest enemy, Andrea finds herself caught up in an unexpected romance that challenges everything she's ever known. As she navigates the treacherous waters of lust and power, Andrea uses anyone and everyone for her own pleasure - indulging in all manner of sexual experiences with beings both divine and mundane. The only constant throughout is her unwavering desire for control. But in the end, Andrea's true legacy is born through her daughter Anna - conceived with the nefarious Maleficent - as she becomes the future ruler of the kingdom, ready to take up her mother's mantle of strength and domination. "Dominant Queen" is a thrilling and titillating tale of power, passion, and the limits of desire. Will Andrea's quest for control lead to her ultimate downfall, or will she rise above all others to claim her rightful place in the world? Find out in this unforgettably steamy read.