4 Chapter 3 - Image training [1]

In a space where everything was white, there was currently a young man and a shadow figure fighting. The young man was currently defending against the attacks of the shadow figure. A few moments later, the shadow figure found an opening and punched, however, the young man reacted quickly and crossed his arms to block the attack, and he was blown away by the shadow figure.

"Ughh!" The young man grunted, but he quickly stood up to block another attack from the shadow figure.

The shadow figure's movements were fast, and it quickly moved and appeared right in front of the young man with his right fist closed and punched him in the face, but the young man quickly dodged the fist as he moved his body to the right and took a step back, creating a distance between them.

The young man was looking at the figure a few meters away from him. He was breathing heavily, but the shadow figure didn't give the young man a chance to catch his breath and moved towards him at lightning speed; he appeared in front of him and not even a second passed.

The shadow figure once again formed a fist with his right hand, aiming it towards the young man's face, but the young man did nothing when he saw the fist flying towards him.

The fist moved towards the young man's face and was inches away from hitting his nose.

"Stop." he said, and the shadow figure disappeared like ash blown away by the wind.

*Huff*... *Huff...* "This... is harder than I thought." Lax the young man muttered, he was now heavily breathing as he was tired from the fight before.

"I was right, fighting my past life is very hard." Lax thought then he left his imaginary world.

A year has already passed since Lax regressed, and for him, it was one of the most memorable years of his life. During the past year, Lax went on an outing with his parents during the summer, and they went to a beach near their city,

Then he spent some time with his sister, who was taking care of him along with his mother. During her summer break, she was the one who took care of him the most, and when he thanked her for taking care of him, she hurriedly asked form him to go on a date with her as compensation.

Lax had no reason to decline that offer, so he agreed to her request. Hearing his words, his sister smiled happily.

But during the past year, Lax didn't just spend time going on outings and dates with his parents and sister because during the time he was free, he would spend it improving his domain efficiency, and after a year, he finally achieved his goal of reaching Rank 1- Peak Level.

He can now fully move his energy to anywhere inside his body, even those places where he couldn't move it before, like his organs.

As he reached the peak of Rank 1, he tried ranking up to the low level of Rank 2, but he wasn't able to, and as to why that is, it is because the world right now still lacks energy, no, lack is an understatement as Earth has almost no energy flowing in the air. (A/N: I changed 25% to low level, 50% to mid level, 75% to high level, and 100% to peak level.)

Fortunately, he was still able to get stronger by using the system he bought some skills in the [Buy] section using his 499 domain points.

[<Image Training>]

[Description: Using Image training you will be able to create a white space in your mind where you can fight anyone you can imagine.]

[Notice: Training in your mind will result to only 5% of your training will be transmitted on to your body. Your understanding of your opponent's strengths will determine their speed, power, and abilities.]

[Price: 45 DP]



[Description: Using Conceal you will be able to hide your presence, Energy, and other things as well.]

[Note: Conceal may not work on people several times 'stronger' than you.]

[Awakening - Locked]

[Price: 100 DP]



[Description: Using Disguised you will be able to transform into anyone you want completely copying that person's presence, face, and Energy.]

[Note: Disguised on things, animals or other people is possible.]

[Awakening - Locked]

[Price: 300 DP]



[Description: Appraise objects, people, and etc.]

[Note: Appraisal will consume Energy depending on the thing that is being appraised.]

[Price: 10 DP] (A/N: I decided to shorten Domain Points to DP)


I bought these four from [Buy] as they will be useful in the future.

Appraise will be able to help me in other worlds as it can help me with information. As for Disguised and Conceal, I bought them for me to stay low key for a while, though I'm not planning to hide my power as I can use it to influence people and get rid of troublesome underestimating stuff.

Lastly, image training is the most useful one for me right now as I can train in my mind without using my body, but to increase the effects of my training, I also do it in real life when no one is around.

I still have the knowledge of my past life and skills in close combat, energy usage, and my skills in the sword, spear, and bow, however, as expected, my body can't keep up with my mind.

I first thought that energy usage wouldn't be affected because it requires my mind and how proficient I am, and I'm already very skilled, but unfortunately I wasn't able to as my body too needs to adapt to it.

After exiting the imaginary world, I wasn't really fatigued or tired, as how the skill goes, only 5% of training will be transmitted to my body, which includes fatigue and tiredness as well.

"Domain System" I thought and a purple-blue screen appeared in front of me.


[Name: <Lax Yandear>

Age: <13>

Date: <January 15, 2036>

Feeling: <Excited>]


[Domain System]

[Domain Efficiency: 100%]




[DP: 44]


>Domain Sense - 100 meters



>Image Training


Rank 1 - Peak Level


"Damn, I spent almost all of my points already, and there are only 44 DP remaining." I thought, but suddenly I felt the whole world trembling, and my breathing quickened.

"What's happening! I thought there were two years left before the Syzygia." I cried out, and after a few moments, my mom hurriedly went to my room to bring down the stairs, and with my domain sense, I can see that she is using all of her strength to resist the pressure.

Luckily, the pressure quickly went away and the world stopped trembling, and my mother brought me down the stairs to my father, who was with my sister watching the news.

I sat down beside my sister, and she hugged me as soon as I sat down. I could clearly feel her body shaking while she was hugging me, so I patted her head and back to calm her down.

As I was patting her head, a grinning smile and a small blush appeared in her face, and I just acted like I didn't see anything as I continued patting her head and listened to the reporter on the TV.

"After the trembling stopped, videos all over the internet of temples appearing across the world went viral. The government of the country is now currently investigating the temples, but they were unable to get close to them.

"This didn't happen in the future, I knew, and clearly, temples didn't appear two years before the Syzygia." I muttered in my head.

"It seems that the future really changed, so is this the effect of my regression?" With my knowledge about the future, I thought I was going to get some advantage even if the future changed later on, but it seems that life doesn't really go as planned.

"Ughhhh... I don't know why, but I have a feeling that this is going to be... fun." I smiled and continued watching the news with my parents and my sister next to me.

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