3 Chapter 2 - A New Future [2]

"This is so frustrating!" I screamed inside my head.

It has been exactly an hour since I woke up, ate breakfast, and took a bath. Now I'm inside my room, contemplating for a long time, and now I am getting frustrated.

Why? Because no matter what I do, the domain efficiency is still not working, and it has been like this for more than an hour now.

When I first started, it was still okay because I knew that increasing it might not be that easy, but even then, after doing everything I could for more than an hour, not even a single percent increased!

"Wait,,." I muttered as I remembered something.

I have memories of my past life, so why don't I try using energy? But before that, let me explain where energy comes from.

In my past life, energy was only discovered after the Syzygia, when all the planets aligned, including Pluto, and it happened very suddenly.

People from Earth suddenly felt something inside their bodies, and when they tried to feel it more, something happened, they were able to control it, and as curious as humans are, they experimented with it and found new ways to use it.

They even gave them rankings according to how strong and proficient they were at controlling energy.

And this is a brief summary of how they ranked it.


>Rank 1 - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

>Rank 2 - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

>Rank 3 - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

>Rank 4 - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

>Rank 5 - 100%

>Rank 6 - 100%

>Rank 7 - 100%


It goes from rank 1 to rank 7, and the percentage depends on how proficient you are and the rank depends on how strong you are. Rank 1 is the lowest, and Rank 7 is the highest.

From rank 5 to rank 7, percentage didn't matter because you couldn't measure how proficient you were using percentage anymore. You will never know if you are stronger than someone of the same rank or not before fighting them, and as for the reason why they can't measure it using percentage, I don't know either.

Maybe those bastard otherworlders know, but I have no way of knowing that right now, but I'll make sure to go visit their worlds once the planets are aligned.

Back on the topic, so basically, energy is a superpower, and that is the reason why those beings were stronger than us when the Syzygia happened because they were already aware of energy before the Syzygia.

When the planets aligned in a row, you could even see them during the day, and it was truly an amazing sight. But that's not the only thing because in every continent (except Australia) and ocean there is a dimensional crack where you can travel to other planets by entering them.

There is one in Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, South America, and North America, and the other last three can be found in the Pacific Ocean.

By going inside them, it was discovered that these dimensional cracks have specific planets connected to them, and here's how it goes.


Africa - Mercury

Antartica - Venus

Asia - Mars

Europe - Jupiter

South America - Saturn

North America - Uranus

Pacific Ocean - Neptune, Pluto and an Unknown World


Now that I've explained where energy comes from, I'm going to try using it. I don't know if it will work since the Syzygia hasn't happened yet, but I can still try.

I sat down in a comfortable position and then concentrated my mind to feel the energy inside me, and just like that, half an hour passed and I could finally feel it, though I couldn't control it yet.

I remained calm and tried to control that energy that was inside of me. At first, I was only able to move it an inch, but I continued controlling it until I succeeded in moving it inside my body.

I moved the energy flowing inside me starting from my heart, where it resides, to my stomach, then to my hands, then to my feet, and finally, I moved it back to my heart.

It feels warm in my heart, it's a nostalgic feeling since this is the first time I tried using energy since I regressed. I opened my eyes, yeah, I'm still blind, but in front of me I saw the domain system.


[Name: <Lax Yandear>

Age: <12>

Date: <January 12, 2035>

Feeling: <Ecstatic>]


[Domain System]

[Domain Efficiency: 8.3%]




[Domain Points: 43.5]


Finally... After hours of hard work, my domain efficiency finally increased, and it seems that my domain points did too. I was so happy that I-


- Started laughing out loud. Oh yeah, it looks like every 0.1 increase in my efficiency is equal to 0.5 domain points.

I was finally able to increase my domain efficiency and also found out how to increase my points. It's like hitting two birds with one stone.

Now that I've completed my initial goal, let's move on to my next goal, which is Rank 1 - Peak level.


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