1 A day in a Doki

I continue to sleep in my bed it is 6:34 I'm already supposed to be up and at the club

"GAH! IM LATE!" I'm Sayori I go to the Literature club with my 3 friends Monika,Yuri, And Natsuki

I tumble out of my bed and get my Club uniform on and dash out the door while fixing my bow.

More then an hour later I arrive at the club and run into the door and I bump my head

"Owww..." Yuri open the door and catches me before I fall, A-are you ok Sayori? Yuri worryingly says "yea I'm.....fine!" I get out of Yuri's hands and walk inside the club room as usual Natsuki is reading Manga and Monika is setting up.

Yuri is timid and shy she doesn't talk to people much but if you get to know her she'll really burst your happiness!

Natsuki is the one with a sour attitude everybody knows she's Cute but she acts tough because she's afraid to get making fun of she's really small to and likes to read manga.

Monika is the club leader she's sportsy and a casual girl but she's real popular :/

And me Sayori I'm the Vice President! I'm really clumsy um....as you can tell hehe... I'm really bubbly

and happy I also LOVE making new friends!

Hey Sayori! Monika waves to me while Natsuki looks at me and continues reading her Manga.

Monika takes out a Donut "Running Record! This is the earliest you've gotten here :D" Monika hands me the Donut and Natsuki's stomach growls "Natsuki? Do you want my donut?" I hand out my donut "really?.....thanks Sayori" Natsuki thankfully takes the donut and takes a bite

"Sayori that was very sweet of you but the donut may have been a little to "toxic" for Natsuki!" Monika smiles, Natsuki begins the cough and choke "NATSUKI!" Monika smiles and hides it while I call the police

Natsuki falls on the floor weekly and Yuri picks her up "MONIKA DO SOMETHING!"

Monikas face lit up and she got some teachers

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