322 The Cleaver (9)

"His diary is full of junk!" Jina groans. "What the hell is this?"

"He's been writing weird poetry," Jiwoon mutters. They're in the precinct, reading through three years worth diary journals written by Mu Chansub. His agency had sent them the content from his apartment but there are around fifty diaries, each filled with very depressing poems. Jina, Jiwoon and Hobin are reading them to find any clues to his murder.

"The darkness is engulfing me," Hobin recites. "And I'm falling into the deep trench, unfeeling and lonely."

He looks up and adds, "This guy used poetry to cope with some kinda loss."

"But what's the loss?" Jina frowns. "He was successful, he had fans and he was about to be signed by a Hollywood agency. Even his co-workers said that they don't know why he was so sad in his private life."

"He wasn't always like this," Jiwoon says. She points at a journal entry.


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