321 The Cleaver (8)

Hobin entered the crime scene which was at the victim's makeup room. The police were collecting evidence from the room while Kyuhyun was crouched over the spot where the corpse lay. 

It was the same mondus operandi. The corpse's head was cleaved just like it was in the previous crime scene. Hobin put on his gloves and stooped low beside Kyuhyun.

"Any clues?" he asked.

"The head had been perfectly cleaved with an axe," Kyuhyun parroted. "The cuts are perpendicular-"

"I know," Hobin said. "What else is there?"


Kyunhyun went back to his work, making Hobin sigh. There were no messages for him either but Hobin wanted to be absolutely sure. He approached one of the cops.

"Who found the body?" he asked.

"One of the assistants," the officer replied. "We sent him to the police station for testimony. Also, the victim was popping high doses of some kind of medicine. Can you identify it for us, doctor?"


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