Diwata: A Series of Folklore Book

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Diwata: A Series of Folklore


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A story based on the folklore passed down through generation by word of mouth. In one of the Philippine folklores, there are deities and spirits called Diwata or Encanto. They are said to be guardian spirits of nature who can invoke both blessings and curses. In the provincial areas of Cebu, the older generation would say that before modern times these mystical creatures had beautiful dresses, elegant tableware, and fantastical jewelry. And the wonderful thing was that locals could borrow these for weddings and special occasions. Just as long as you return them. How do the locals ask to borrow is a secret. And after asking the locals would then find the items either below trees or on tree stumps. The first story tells about the tragedy of a Royal Diwata, Princess Isabel. For more info: https://www.aswangproject.com/diwata/ https://genies.fandom.com/wiki/Diwata ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second Story In bedtime stories from villages that live near the sea, there are stories about a certain sea creature that is part of the Philippine mythical creatures, the Dugong. In some mermaid stories, there would be dugongs mentioned. They are gentle and harmless creatures that are portrayed to protect against evil. Despite that, they are hunted for their meat, bones, and oil. For more info: https://www.aswangproject.com/the-merfolk-of-philippine-folklore/ https://www.philippine-tales.com/creatures/sirena-entrancing-water-creature#gsc.tab=0 The story is a composition of various stories gathered from the older generation.


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