418 Chapter 414: Spying

Alice's eyes rested on the place where it shouldn't have been, but she didn't seem to care. She could see that Ryder couldn't see because of shampoo, and his eyes were closed. 

She wanted to leave but she couldn't at the same time. After finishing the shampoo, Ryder reached out his hand to find the knob to turn on the shower.

Seeing that, Alice slowly walked back since she knew that he would be able to see after he did that. 

She left the bathroom and went back to her room, where she used the toilet.

Ryder turned on the shower, which fell over his head. He rinsed his head as the shampoo slid down.

After a few more minutes, he turned off the shower.

He picked up the shower and started wiping the body as he walked out of there, only to get stunned after seeing the door open.

He remembered closing the door. How was it open? Did someone enter? He thought as he frowned. 


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