37 Chapter 37: Successors of Salem

Another fire blast struck the spider. The spider stopped in its tracks as it let out a pained cry.

Since the skill was on cooldown and Ryder didn't want to waste time, he ran towards the spider with his sword.

"Enraged Slash!" He let out as he swung his sword at the spider whose body had stopped burning.

The sword struck the spider, but the spider still wasn't dead. 

He used the flame blast again, but this time from much closer.

The flame blast struck the spider, which was already in pain.

The spider was swinging its legs madly in hopes of striking Ryder, but Ryder protected himself with his sword.

Ryder fought the Spider Queen, but he kept his eyes on its HP as well.

As soon as he saw that the spider had the lowest HP, he slashed his sword with full strength; the sword penetrated the body of the spider, but he didn't stop to see the result as he ran towards the coffin.

He slid off the top of the coffin.

He was stunned to find an old dried up skeleton inside the coffin. A pitch-black Scythe was in the hands of the skeleton.

[+200  experience points]

[+1 Level]

He saw a small notification pop up nearby.

"Sorry bro, I don't have much time." He said as he extended his hand and tried pulling the Scythe. He knew that he didn't have much time.

Since he went through the novice village before, he knew that he would be teleported in front of the novice village Elder,5 minutes after he reached level 5.

He only has 5 minutes to take the Scythe.

He kept trying, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn't take the scythe.

"Come on! Move!" He screamed in anger.

The scythe didn't move, but something else moved.

A weak yellow light started shining in the eye sockets of the skeleton.

Ryder noticed it and couldn't help but take a step back as he released the scythe.

He didn't run, though. He pointed his sword towards the Skeleton as he stood in an alert position.

"Will you help me fulfill my last wish?" A voice came out of the skeleton.

Ryder was wondering what was happening when a small screen opened in front of him.

[Special Quest: A quest has been discovered. The mysterious skeleton wants you to fulfill his last wish.

Reward for accepting the quest: Moon Scythe.

Will you accept the question?]

There was a yes or no option below the question on the screen.

"A special quest? Come-on! At least tell me your last wish." Ryder said as he looked at the skeleton, but the skeleton didn't reply.

5 minutes had almost passed away, and his body had started shining.

With no other choice, he clicked on 'Yes' and accepted the quest.

He stepped forward and pulled the Scythe again, but there was no obstruction this time.

He easily got the Moon Scythe this time.

The 5 minutes were over, and he disappeared from his position.

Ryder's surroundings changed as he appeared in the Novice Village.

He was standing in front of the Village Elder.

"Congratulations, young man. You are strong enough to leave this village." 

The village Elder spoke, but Ryder's focus was on something else entirely.

He was looking at the notification he received after accepting the quest.

He was informed that he had received a new title. This information made a frown appear on his face as he knew that titles were quite rare.

He opened his stats to see his title.

[Name: Hades

Title: Successor of Salem

Species: Human


Experience: 780/1400

HP: 800+200

Mana: 1200

Strength: 15





Intelligence: 20

Available stat points: 2


Enraged Slash: Level 2  (15% mastery)

All-Seer: Level 2 (1% mastery)

Flame blast: Level 2 (5% mastery) ]

"What the fuck?" He almost cursed out loud as he saw his stats.

He couldn't understand what was happening.

"Successor of Salem? Was that skeleton Salem? Why have I not heard of him before?" He muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

He tapped on the title to know more about it.

A different screen opened in front of him.

[Successor of Salem: The Successor of the fallen Lord of Chaos. A title given by Salem himself.


    1) Mana: (+1200)

    2)  HP: (+200)

    3) All skills: (+1 Level)

Restriction: Unknown]

"Such an OP title. I've had a title before, but that was nothing compared to it. This one is simply amazing." A smile formed on his face.

" Ah, Young man? Are you listening?" The Village Elder tapped on Ryder's shoulder as he didn't get any reaction from him.

"Oh, right.Thanks, Elder. I'm ready to go." Ryder responded. 

Although he didn't hear a single word of the village Elder, he knew the gist of it since he went through something similar before.

" Good. Step on the..." Before the elder could even complete his words, Ryder was already standing on top of a circular formation.

The formation started shining brightly, and Ryder disappeared.

He appeared in front of the entrance of his main destination. He was standing in front of the capital city of the Kingdom of Estella.

Before he could even take a step forward, he saw a notification.

[The first person to leave Novice Village: +200 fame points.]

Soon after, he heard a system-wide announcement. He knew it was about to come from the moment he got that Scythe.

[First unique Equipment has been discovered in the world of Divinity. The Equipment Ranking is unlocked.]

Ryder had checked his notification panel and saw a Ranking Section there.

[Rank  Equipment    Grade Owner

1). Moon Scythe   Unique Hades]

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