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Divine Talent Born Mortal


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While I star rated this a 4 I think the quality of the story is at best 3.5. The story starts off with a mortal with immense cultivation potential living on a world where cultivation is almost impossible. A master from the Divine Plane comes down to his world and watches over him for 400 years and gives him a cultivation technique that can be used to refine his body by killing others. After 400 years the main character is almost dead a second master comes and the two master pity him being born on a low plane. The masters use their cultivation resources and together send him to a world where he can cultivate and use a forbidden technique to reverse his age to 12. The masters also impart numerous divine techniques and items that will allow him to easily cultivate to the Divine Plane and meet them again. Now on to my thoughts of the story. Overall, the story is interesting as you follow his path to get stronger while avoiding cliches. But, the story has many drawbacks that may disinterest you from reading further into the story. 1. Lack of dialogue: dialogue is scarce in the novel and on many occasions this has left the main character and the people he interacts with have no special characteristics or development. 2. Romance: This is a harem novel and up to chapter 151 so far he has 4 partners and a 5th one is hinted as one of his masters has a granddaughter we will meet in the future. Nothing wrong right? The problem lies in the authors complete avoidance of romantic development that makes you care about his wives . They are just thrown together without any explanation an old you are left to fill in the blanks. Also, as said previously, the lack of dialogue leaves all intamancy for you to make up on your own. (Notice: sex scenes are kept at 1-2 sentences so keep your pants on) 3: After the first few chapter with an introduction that left me thinking that the story would be a 1 in 100 novel I was met with disappointment. While unique in it's own right, the writing style is boring and without life. It follows the same pattern for every chapter. (This happened--->how it happened--->why it happened---->random long info dumo---->mc reaction) 4: fight scenes aren't well described and are anti-climactic 5:There is no perspective of the main character so we have no way to connect with him and have a deeper enjoyment. And the format is monotone and systematic. (It gets boring after a bit) Now that I have put that out, if you are still with me, I will say the highlights of the story. The thing that kept me with this and is keeping me here is the world building. I'd you make it through the explanations and other things, you'll find yourself with a well described system of cultivation and profound understanding of the worlds he visits and how The different planes, creatures, and factions interact. It is easy to understand his power level compared to others and what drives the factions and people he meets to do what they do. Whether this story will interest you is up to you to decide. I think that as long as you preserver through the first 30 or so chapters you will enjoy the story more and come to like it. Thank you for reading this review!!!!!πŸ€ͺπŸ˜πŸ‘

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Such a Good story. But very painful to read. It's worse than machine translation. This story has so much potential. MC is OP and quite intelligent. But I feel like my English has downgraded and I might fail my English test in my exam after reading this novel. no kidding. Its the truth.


Anyone who wants to help can comment in the latest chapter, or here, we need editors to improve chapter grammar, who has time to talk to me, I'm sure it will be much better to read with editing, remembering that the best stories here at Webnovel there are always editors to help. https://discord.gg/UVnyMfa


writing and grammar, have to edit better writing and grammar, have to edit better writing and grammar, have to edit better writing and grammar, have to edit better writing and grammar, have to edit better


Reveal spoiler


While I appreciate the author's efforts, I've come to realise that this story is not for me. Its not bad, but it does not hold my interest for the most part. The grammar and structure of the story is not so great and I realise if I pursue this novel further, its going to be more expensive, which I'm not willing to pay if a story does not hold my interest. In addition, I get the impression that in future chapters there is likely to be a harem which I do not like. The story on a whole is okay, it was interesting for me reading the first 9 chapters and the ML did not once open his mouth. I also got to admire the 2 masters who decided to give him a new life. Wish the author good luck in their storytelling endeavors. But unfortunately this story will not stay in my library. Take care.


To put it simply, it is a great book, however the translation quality is so bad that I physically cringe through half the chapters.------------------------------------------


Only if the translator have some what knowledge in english he would have not made so many grammatical mistakes and neither English sentence are translated. Please reverse time and change the translator so that not to kill good novel.


I am not a picky reader, I suck at English, so I am not really gonna comment on the grammar mistakes. Overall, this book has great potential the plot is great and it avoids most cliches from what I've read the character development is also good, but there is little to no dialog the you can see the character development but we never really see the developments being put into action. I truly like this book, but it's hard to read when it sounds like a documentary. I am going to drop this for now, but I'll pick this back up and hopefully see some changes in future chapters.


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decent!! this novel need a editor, if you read it as is then its like reading from google translate. Which so annoying and make your eyes suffer...


the MC has an archer's name but does not use an arch, this can not, he uses spear and sword already a bow does not disturb, it cool to have dragon blood, I want to see him transfer to a dragon in the future.


my main discomfort in reading this novel was the improper use of the correct pronouns most of the time(you can tell by context who is be talked about, but it's annoying to read). I also found the mixing up of names annoying.also the constant blunder of referring to the divine PLANE as the divine plan.


grammar is worse than mtl its the thing that made me stop reading this. \ decent potential but you need an editor and proof-reader / / / / /


There are so many grammatical mistakes that i could not read this anymore. I'm sure it would be a great story once it has been properly edited






i really liked it and while it could have been better in some ways no novel is perfect and i really enjoyed reading it thank you for your hard work and i hope you make other novels that are as good as this or hopefully even better


Every MC is OP ,but that doesn't mean everyone wants to read an OP MC story. But OP doesn't mean MC should be OP from the start, if you're not writing a parody Fanfiction. I Know I'm being unreasonable here but I still want the content to improve far more. It has potential don't waste it.πŸ‘