2 Building a Large Shelter; Tattoos of the Most Powerful Figure

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After Wang Rong left, Gu Changqing made a call.

"Chairman Gu, what can I do for you?" the voice of a middle-aged man said ingratiatingly from the other end of the line.

"Help me check if there are any large abandoned prisons for sale in Longjiang City," Gu Changqing said tonelessly.

Hengyu Group, which his parents left him, was involved in many industries, and real estate was one of them.

The person on the other end of the line was Wu Rui, the person in charge of the real estate division.

"Chairman Gu, as far as I know, there are two. One is in the western suburbs. It has a total area of more than 500,000 square meters and is much larger than the Capital City Square. It's been abandoned since the last century. As for the other one…"

Gu Changqing interrupted Wu Rui and said, "The first one is fine."

Since it was located in the remote western suburbs, it was perfect.

"Uhh… Chairman Gu, do you intend to purchase…" Wu Rui asked, perplexed.

Gu Changqing did not reply. Instead, he said, "Contact the owner and purchase it as soon as possible. I want the construction to begin as soon as possible too. The concrete walls have to be at least 500 meters tall, and they have to be reinforced. The same goes for the ground. Install steel plates! I want to build a huge shelter. Also, procure enough supplies enough to feed thousands of people for years. The more you can procure, the better."

Wu Rui was even more confused upon hearing these words. He said, "Chairman Gu, I did some rough calculations. If we proceed with your plan, the funds needed are terrifying. Just the purchase of the abandoned prison will cost 700 million yuan."

"I'll give you about 20 billion yuan to complete this project. You must complete this within 50 days. If you run out of funds, call me at any time," Gu Changqing exhorted, "Remember. I want a fortress, a doomsday fortress! Money is not a problem!"

To Gu Changqing, money was just a string of numbers.

Apart from Hengyu Group's market value of more than 100 billion, just the savings his parents left him alone were no less than 70 billion.

After the Cataclysm, the United Nations would introduce a unified currency to stabilize the situation. At that time, only gold and the likes would be valuable.

Gu Changqing had already planned to sell Hengyu Group and used the money to buy gold at a low price.

"Alright, with your words, I'm confident I'll be able to complete the task! I'll personally handle this matter. I promise to show you an indestructible fortress within 50 days!"

Although Wu Rui did not know why Gu Changqing would spend such a huge sum of money on this, he knew Gu Changqing's character very well so he did not ask many questions and agreed immediately. With the richest man in Longjiang City behind him, there was nothing he could not do.

"I'll tell the finance department to release the funds to you. Start immediately."

"Yes, Chairman Gu. I won't let you down!"

"The sooner it is completed, the better," Gu Changqing said before he ended the call.

Now that the matter of the shelter had been dealt with, all he needed to do now was wait for the arrival of the world's best divine rune Inscriptionist.

After Gu Changqing finished his lunch, he sat on the couch in the luxurious living room. He searched for the best tattoos to get, and in the end, he chose ten: Rahu, Qilin, the White Tiger, the Black Dragon, the Grim Reaper, Asura, the King of Hell, a human skull, Sun Wukong, and Nezha!

If he tattooed all these on his body, he could not imagine what kind of power he would obtain when they awakened after the Cataclysm. He remembered in his previous life that those with the divine runes of the Green Dragon, Qilin, and the likes were all extremely powerful and stood at the peak of the world.

However, among the mutated animals and plants, there were also some that were comparable to the strongest humans.

In Mount Kunlun, there was a snake, a banded krait specifically. It evolved into a demi dragon in just a year, a dragon in two years, and finally a golden dragon in three years.

Then, an ape king appeared on Mount Emei. It was so powerful that all monkeys in the world submitted to it.

After the mutation, humans no longer stood at the top of the pyramid. Many terrifying beasts that could easily destroy a city ran amok.

In the early stages, humans relied on powerful weapons to deal with the mutants. In the later stages, they relied on the Divine Runemasters. Divine Runemasters could also evolve by absorbing the crystal cores in the mutated animals and plants, which would increase the strength of their divine runes.

In the evening.

A black luxury car pulled to a stop in front of a villa.

When the car door opened, a long leg wrapped in black silk stepped out first before a tall and slender woman dressed in a business suit followed. The woman had long burgundy hair, an exquisite face, and a curvaceous body; she was sexy and beautiful. 

Following that, a middle-aged foreigner also got out of the car.

Two assistants opened the trunk of the car and brought out a bunch of tools.

Su Youwei, the woman, made an inviting gesture and said, "Mr. Anil, please."

Anil looked around before he made his way toward the villa.

A group of people entered the villa, but Gu Changqing was nowhere to be seen.

Su Youwei gestured for Anil to take a seat as she said, "Mr. Anil, please take a seat first. I'll call the chairman."

The call finally connected after ten seconds, and Gu Changqing's magnetic voice rang in the air.

"I'll be right down."

Gu Changqing had just taken a shower after working out. Before Su Youwei called, he was already alerted by the artificial intelligence installed in the villa of their arrival.

"Alright," Su Youwei replied before ending the call. After that, she personally brewed tea for Anil and said with a smile, "Chairman Gu will be done soon. Please wait for a moment."

"The price you offered is worth my wait," Anil said in slightly broken Mandarin as he waved his hands.

A few moments later, the sounds of footsteps rang in the air.

Gu Changqing, who was dressed in black pajamas, walked downstairs.

"Chairman Gu!"

Su Youwei stepped forward to greet Gu Changqing before she said, "This is Mr. Anil, a world-renowned tattooist."

Anil rose to his feet and extended his hand as he said with a smile, "Hello!"

"Hello," Gu Changqing replied and shook Anil's hand before he sat across from Anil.

"Chairman Gu, Mr. Anil, please have some tea," Su Youwei said, pouring a cup of tea for the men.

Anil took a sip from the teacup before he said without beating around the bush, "Mr. Gu, what kind of tattoos do you want?"

Gu Changqing smiled slightly as he said, "Rahu, Qilin, the White Tiger, the Black Dragon, the Grim Reaper, Asura, the King of Hell, a human skull, Sun Wukong, and Nezha!"

"This… Mr. Gu, are you religious?"

Anil, who was rather knowledgeable, was shocked when he heard Gu Changqing's words. Those were all powerful beings in their respective pantheons.

Gu Changqing took a sip of tea and said with a faint smile, "All you need to do is focus on giving me the best tattoos. There's no need for you to concern yourself with other matters."

"Since Mr. Gu has said so, I won't say anything more. When do you plan to start?"


Gu Changqing was understandably impatient to get started.     

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