196 Give Birth to a Nest of Little Snakes? III

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"Wait, Master, I'm innocent. When you were not around this month, we only slept next to each other, nothing else had happened." 

Yup, they only laid on the grass and took an afternoon nap…

Besides, the snake was only half asleep because of fear. The snake was not sleeping at all, but all it wished was to send away the God of Pestilence.

As the snake finished speaking, the surroundings got more chilly, as if the whole Southern Bamboo Forest was suddenly ravaged by a severe winter.

Qing Zhu almost cried and said, "Master, please, believe me. I'm not the adulterer. We're innocent!"

Nan Xian waved his sleeve and swept his palm in the air. The little azure snake that was still complaining and crying was thrown into the sky until it disappeared. 

"Hmm? Where's my Little Snake? It hasn't given birth to the little snakes for me yet. Where has it gone?"


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