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So overall, this novel is among my favorites at the moment and I definitely suggest giving it a read. (Review at 270 Chapters) As for my ratings: Writing Quality: 4 Stars - If I was only taking into account the early chapters, my rating would be lower, but the improvement was obvious, especially things like fights and character interaction. Update Stability: 5 Stars - The author hasn't missed a day of updates Story Development: 3.75 Stars - I feel like this one is purely subjective but I think the story development is good. What you will see from this review is that the story, in general, gets better as you read, and the development is the same. Some may think it's too quick, while others think it's slow, I personally think it's logical. More things get revealed as he gets more powerful, rather than all the info being dumped instantly or him being in the dark. Character Design: 3.7 Stars - I'm sure you can predict what I'm good to say here lol. A lot of the characters are pretty basic at the beginning and there really isn't too much there, but if I were to only take into account the current most recent 160-180 chapters (this review is at chapter 270), I would say it's a 4.5-5 star. A lot of the characters have developed well and personalities make a lot more sense. That being said, the personalities and characters weren't bad at all, there simply wasn't much depth to them at first. World Background: 3 Stars - Currently, this is the weakest aspect of the novel but it kinda makes sense. Some people reading have the misconception that the current overarching plotline is all there is to the story, but the author has said a few times that this is just one section of it. That being said, while there is some mention of the important locations, things like the Abysses, different parts of Earth, or simple things like how people live/how life is there are glossed over. Again, it's getting much better and things are getting described in more detail. Overall - The story is good from the beginning even though it's a bit basic in some aspects. This improves as the story progresses, and it is one of my favorite novels to read currently. I suggest you give it a try.

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(This review is at 785 chapters) So, it's been over 500 chapters since my last review and I couldn't be happier with how this novel is progressing. Every aspect of this novel has gotten better by leaps and bounds compared to my last review (it might still be pinned, not sure). I'll break it down below. Writing Quality - 4.75 Stars: Everything is more fleshed out now. The fights are more intense and detailed, the interactions feel more real, and everything is more descriptive. Update Stability - 4.9: I think the author may miss a day every so often but it's usually on point. Story Development - 4.5: As more details get uncovered and secrets get wrapped up, even deeper mysteries are found and personally, I'm loving the direction it's heading right now. Character Design - 5: This went from one of the lowest rated to the highest. I won't spoil anything but as the story progresses, you are taught that the line between the "heroes" and the "villains" is very thin, almost non existant. Mistakes have consequences and no one is omnipotent. Everyone has a motive that keeps them moving and even the emotions of the regular soliders and citizens get their own time to shine. World Background - 4.5: Again, going from the lowest rated category to something amazing. The surroundings are detailed, the lives of the people in the federation and Abyss get more detail, and more about what lies beyond the current war is getting unveiled as the story progresses. Honestly, all I can say is it's amazing how far this novel has come and I HIGHLY suggest you all give it a read!


Just want to let you guys know that the author personally told me that if you guys really want it (and riot about it) he will add harem to the novel. Just leaving this here in case someone is interested *whistles while walking away*.


Ouch. It's been almost 4 months since I started Divine Path System. My view on the story and my own writing took quite a drastic turn if I say so myself. This review is partially for self-reflection and partially to give the potential readers an intro as honestly as I can. I'll address the things I think I have done well and not done well from my own opinion, readers' response and feedback on discord. 1. Writing Quality: 3 Stars. Average. A. Prose: Prose wise, I'm average (me being generous). There is no artistic or flowery prose. I tend to write normal sentences. Use normal words. And I use short passages. B. Scenes: I try to provide the sensory details and paint a good picture of the scene. However, it took me a while to realize I'm not giving the scenes enough emotional depth. There is also a difference between what I see in a scene and what you, the reader see. Because I know the scene and then write it, I can see the complete picture. It's my job to make sure you can imagine what I saw and felt—the visuals, the emotions and everything—I did not do justice to the scenes. At least not up to the mark. C. Flow Flow is when you read a chapter without any breaks. I had problems with flow. Adding a sentence or two at some places could've helped the flow and smoothened the reading experience. I've noticed this only after a while. But even till then, the flow is not terrible. It's okay. There won't be any inconvenience in reading the story. 2. Stability of Updates: 5 Stars. Excellent. This is the one thing I can pat my chest and say. I never missed an update. I remember getting a vaccine shot and being sick for a day, yet stubbornly writing that one chapter. Maybe it's the power of streaks? I don't wanna break my streak. 3. Story Development. 3 Stars. Average. A. Plot: Look, I like the story personally. No. I love it. It has some very good elements I want to write about. But the excellent parts of the story are clouded by the sub par ones. If I could do a redo, I'd change the beginning quite a bit. Not that I don't like what's written, but it could've been better. Some scenes, some decisions and some plot points—they bring down the story to 3 stars. Otherwise, I'd have given it 4 stars and I'm sure the overall story would be much better. B. Tension This is something I struggled with and got an idea only after writing almost a hundred chapters. In the early chapters, tension stays high for long periods of time. It can be frustrating sometimes. I've worked on it and I hope to hear your experience. 4. Character Design: 2 Star. Below Average. A. Varian: Writing Varian gets a 3.5 star from me. He is his own person. He does everything because he wants to. Accepting the System's existence, chasing after an illusory but increasingly important girl, facing the unfairness yet not giving up—it's all his decisions. It's who he is. But I wish I could've written him better. At least in the early chapters, I should've shown his proactiveness more. While Varian as a character is 4 star, it's my writing that drags him down to 3 stars and I settled with 3.5 B. Main Characters: 3 Stars Enigma, Sia, Sarah, Kyle, Maya, Evander, Haedon for now. I should've written more depth and added nuance to them. I need to work on the dialogues and how they express themselves—How we talk reveals a lot about who we are. All characters have their own agencies—they have specific reasons for taking the decisions they take. But...I could've made them more real? It's a bit hard to express, but I guess that's it for now. C. Side Characters. 2 Stars. I don't think I should go all in on backstory and deep characterization for every single character. But I could've given them more characterization. More depth. 5. World Background: 2 Stars. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, the world of DPS covers a lot. On the other hand, I could've explored the Solar System and the special locations. How the world exists, operates and how day-to-day life in the federation is. Same goes for the eight Abysses. Well, not like it's the end. I will be exploring the world in the near future. There's also description of the world. My skills were a bit lacking at that time, but indeed, I should've described the world vividly—the worlds, the buildings, the locations and everything. Conclusion: The beginning can be a bit hard. But if you like the concept and look forward to what's going to happen, it gets better. I am learning from my mistakes and I hope I improve. Please tell me what you've loved and hated about the story. Be brutally honest. I can take it. You'll be doing me a big favor by being upfront about it. Thank you for reading. PS: Read the story and decide for yourself. This review is my own opinion. You might, to my own delight, love the story and claim it as your favorite. (haha) No rating, no review can tell for certain if you'll enjoy the story you are about to read. The only way to know for certain is to read and find out.


Some really good stuff here Although im only like 10 chaps in, i have to say this is a gem I also love how author is confident in his story And rightfully so Its that good Keep up good work. Saved in library and will continue to read


I've read up to 405 and I am positively surprised. The story is well written, makes sense most of the time (within the built up world background). The characters feel alive and interesting. Up until now I have not found any "useless" characters. The readers also don't get all thought processes of the MC "upfront" so there are surprises from time to time (which I personally like). Fazit: Give it a try and keep with the story at least after the "lost dungeon arc" before judging.


Great story. Like others have said, massive improvements over the course of the story. The way characters act is very realistic. Other authors on this site will have characters act in ways that don't make any sense and it completely ruins the immersion. I haven't experienced that in this book. There are certainly times that I question a character's actions, but after reading further or thinking about it more, I find that those actions I questioned are actually plausible or there was a reason that wasn't yet revealed. The author mentions in the footnotes a few times that people have complained about filler, but I have never once felt there was filler. I hope the author doesn't listen to those people anymore. So far, the story is only getting better and I trust the author. My only criticism is the occasional english mistake. [MINOR SPOILERS] PS: The solar meet thing was some of the most fun reading I've had. Very creative and very cool. The outcome of the "extra prize" was very wholesome. Loved it. PPS: If the protagonist doesn't end up with both of them, I will be very sad. Happy endings are the best endings.


This is to inform potential readers what to expect: (And Q&A for readers) 1. OP MC that has to grow. He isn't the strongest from chapter 1. He continues to grow and with each awakening, he gets relatively more OP. 2. Plot and puzzles. There will be some obvious hints along the way and a few obscure ones. If you can piece them together, then you can anticipate parts of upcoming plot. Some event in the beginning could come back in the end. Actions have consequences. 3. Characters: Varian is a strong person. Despite that, he'll have his moments of weakness. Not just in a physical sense but as in emotional. Other characters have their own backstory and they have the reasons to act the way they do. Even the most hated character has a backstory that shaped them. 4. World: It's revealed slowly. There will be foreshadowings. Use this review for Q&A. I'll try to answer as many as I can.


OP tag is lie


Really liked it. Its usually hard to find novels like this and its even harder to put down after finding one. Anyways, eagerly awaiting for new chapters.


I Honeslty really like it but you need to fix the grammer, at some points I’m straight guessing what ur trying to write. Other than writing everything is dope hope the story continues for a while .


Have to support my guy Transcendent. Oh yeah, webnovel minimum text requirement. Anyways, here is a rocket ship: (_)_):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::D


Is it harem or romantic? PS: Do you have an image of the protagonist? ............................................................................


They say you’re your own worst critic, so don’t let the authors self review fool you into not reading this. The book is amazing! It’s had me punching the air in glee as Varían (the MC) overcomes challenges and his power growth and struggles feel believable. His interactions with others are funny and engaging, this book isn’t perfect but it’s absolutely deserving of a high review.


I love the way this novel goes.. it's pretty decent has a unique vibe.. y'all gata try reading this. I can guarantee y'all that you won't get disappointed


Supporting the author. I like the first chapter and the system seems interesting. The only complaint — Give more updates. Expecting the story to do well. Good luck.


Usually I try to give stories at least 100 chapters before giving up, however this story is an exception to the rule. Ppl said its much better later on, but I wish I could continue on. the beginning chapters are absolutely horrendous. The mc is not likeable, his actions make no sense. chapter 39 and being late is a perfect example. His friends are beyond annoying. with friends like that, who needs enemies. The world situation and humanity losing and dying, yet young masters can just go kill new recruits or whatever.... makes no sense. The system just sucks. It pretty much states, you continue swimming against the current or you die. I hate forced systems. The mc takes simp to the next lvl in beginning. that's the whole premise of the beginning and why he does things.




Really like the way you are developing story and characters. Started reading it as casual novel but found it really interesting. Please do update new chapters


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