Divine Necromancer: I Can Design My Own Summons

In a world where the humans lived with four other intelligent races, Dragons, Phoenix, Demons and Elves conflict was everywhere. The rule of jungle applies to the world where the strong preyed on the weak. The Divinities were the highest respected members of the society. Divinities were beings who had the ability to utilize mana in the atmosphere to cast Magic that has enough power to change the landscape of the world. Lucius, the protagonist, faced the Divinity exams at the age of 16, a mandatory exam that he must take since he had turned 16. Despite expecting failure, an unexpected event unfolded, the world system chose him, changing his life forever.

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Chapter 19: Flame warrior

A frown appeared on Lucius face as he looked at the dozens of notifications flashing in his retina.

"I was certainly not expecting this" Lucius thought to himself.(You have confirmed the description of the summon)

(Improving the Description of the summon.)

(Improvement has been completed)

(Warning: You can't decide the skills or weapon arts of the summon. The skills and weapon arts will be generated randomly)

(Creating the unique summon. Please wait patiently)

"This is a bummer" Lucius muttered as he looked at the warning notification.

Lucius seemed a little bit sad but a few seconds later, he shook his head.

"Well if I get whatever I want then this skill would be too op. It makes sense for there to be limitations" Lucius muttered under his breath as he played with a pen in his hand.

Lucius waited for the creation of the summon to be completed patiently. A few minutes passed by but still no notification appeared in his retina.

"How long will I have to wait?" Lucius complained.

His complaints were heard shortly after a notification flashed in his retina.

(Congratulations the unique summon has been created)

(Please name the summon.)

(Name: )

"What can I name the summon?" Lucius thought to himself.He began to ponder what to name the summon for the next few seconds. Lucius smiled a few seconds later as he thought of a good name.

"Flame warrior" Lucius said.

(Are you sure you want to name it Flame warrior? It can't be changed later on)

"Of course, I believe that this is a very good name for the summon." Lucius sisd with a grin, his voice carrying pride.

(You have named the summon, Flame Warrior)

(The details of you summon Flame warrior is being written in a red page in the book of creation)

The moment the last notification flashed in his retina, the book of creation on his right hand began to grow brightly. It emitted an orange light that engulfed his surroundings.

The book of creation was getting somewhat warmer.

"I think I will let go of the book now," Lucius thought to himself.Lucius let go of the book of creation, it didn't fall to the ground , instead it kept floating in the same spot where his hand was.

Lucius subconsciously retreated a few steps backwards.

The book of creation then opened up, one page after another was being moved from right to left until it reached the red page.

Lucius' eyes were fixated on red pages, the moment they appeared.

A few seconds later Lucius saw golden letters being written on the book of creation automatically. This process continued for the next few seconds.

A few seconds later, a golden bright light shone from the book of creation, the light was so bright that it blocked Lucius Vision.

"What a bright light" Lucius exclaimed as he tried his best to keep staring at the book of creation.

The book of creation couldn't be seen due to the bright light that was being emitted from it. However, very soon the bright light emitting from the book of creation began to fade away.

Slowly but surely Lucius regained his vision again. A few seconds later, the book of creation was once again in his vision.

At that moment, a notification flashed in his retina.

(The unique summon Flame Warrior has been successfully created. Please view the book of creation to learn spell)

(The slots of the skill Lifeform Creation have decreased by 1 permanently, Current Sloths available: 19)

When Lucius saw the notification flashing in his retina, he smiled slightly.

"Let's have a look at the detail of the summon Flame warrior" Lucius mumbled under his breath.

Even before Lucius walked towards the book of creation, it came flying towards him. He caught the book of creation which was still emitting golden light. The book of creation was wide opened.

"Let's see" Lucius mumbled as he began to read the contents of the read page.

As he read the contents of the golden page, he widened his eyes in disbelief.

"This is unbelievable!" Lucius muttered as he read the contents of Flame Warrior.

A few minutes of repeatedly reading the description, he shook his head.

"I will have to learn the spell" Lucius thought to himself.At the bottom of the page, detailed instructions on how to cast the spell awaited Lucius's attention.

Lucius diligently delved into the instructions, committing each detail to memory as he sought to understand and master the spell. Lucius kept memorizing the spell for the next hours.

An hour later, a notification flashed in his retina.

(Congratulations you have learned the sub skills of summoning Magic, Flame warrior)

"Finally" Lucius muttered as he looked at the details of flame warrior.

(Summoning Magic Grade: E



Sub skills.

1) Skeletons Summon.



2) Flame Warrior Grade: C


It's a summon that's designed by the Divine Necromancer. According to the description provided by the Divine Necromancer, this summon is designed in such a way that it will be able to launch strong sword blows with an incredible speed. Thought it defense is very low

The summon is swordsman with Flame attribute mana since the Divine Necromancer wanted it to be able to use Flame type skills.


Health: 55, Strength:30, Stamina:20 Speed:55, Defense:7, Mana:43, intelligence:6

Level 3

(Note: Stats and level are influenced by the unique stat, Necromancer Blessings.)

Class: 1) Divine Warrior.



3) Intermediate sword mastery

2) Great Ember swordsmanship.


This sword art is created based on the GreatSword Art and the part of the Scorching Swords art first movement that the Divine Necromancer understood. This sword art only has one movement technique.

1)Flame strikes

This moment focuses on launching devastating slashes to the target at an incredible speed. The sword must also be coated with aura and moved at an incredible speed. The swiftness of the sword's movement increases the likelihood of flames being generated, given the minimal friction is produced due to air resistance.

Mana Cost: None

(Note: Skill produced are influenced by the skills that the user can currently use)

Mana Cost: 80 mana per summon.

Limit: None

Cooldown: 1 minute cooldown after 20 Flame warriors are summoned)

Lucius was very satisfied with the unique summon, especially the Great Ember Sword art.

"Even though it only has three skills, it's still very good. Since as far as I know most high level summons have only one skill or two skillful" Lucius thought to himself.Lucius closed the book of creation and kept the book of creation in his inventory.

"Today has been a tiring day, it's getting night, I think I will go to sleep now" Lucius exclaimed as he looked out of the window.

Lucius kept the book of creation in his inventory, then he walked towards the window.

He pulled the curtains over so that no one could see him. He walked towards his bed after making sure everything was fine.

When he was close enough, he let himself fall down on his bed.


Lucius remembered something as he was lying down on his bed.

"Oh yeah, I will also have a fight with teacher Aaron tomorrow since he wanted to test my abilities.

I should get a good rest since I believe tomorrow is also going to be a difficult day." Lucius mumbled.

Lucius shook his head and put his head on the pillow and covered himself with the blanket that was near his feet.

"Today was the day my destiny was changed" Lucius exclaimed as he closed his eyes.

He soon dozed off after a few minutes. A new day with an amazing adventure was waiting him.

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