Divine Necromancer: I Can Design My Own Summons

In a world where the humans lived with four other intelligent races, Dragons, Phoenix, Demons and Elves conflict was everywhere. The rule of jungle applies to the world where the strong preyed on the weak. The Divinities were the highest respected members of the society. Divinities were beings who had the ability to utilize mana in the atmosphere to cast Magic that has enough power to change the landscape of the world. Lucius, the protagonist, faced the Divinity exams at the age of 16, a mandatory exam that he must take since he had turned 16. Despite expecting failure, an unexpected event unfolded, the world system chose him, changing his life forever.

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Chapter 18: First use of summon creation

"What do I want to do huh?" Lucius exclaimed.

Lucius fell into deep thought as he thought about what he should do in the future. A few seconds of thinking later, Lucius revealed a smile.

"I will have thought about my next goal. My goal is to become the strongest Divinity alive" Lucius revealed with a smile on his face.

"I knew that you would say something like this. Becoming the strongest Divinity alive is not easy, it's next to impossible. Can you achieve this goal of ours" Aarons asked Lucius with a smile.

"Of course," Lucius replied.

Lucius firmly believed that he could become the strongest Divinity due to the system. His confidence was coming from his trust in the system. Since being chosen by the system, his self-confidence had increased tremendously.

However, he can't reveal the system's existence.

"Becoming the strongest Divinity alive is only my second goal. My true goal is to find the origins of the system" Lucius thought to himself.Of course, he had no intention of sharing this goal with anyone.

"Regardless, everyone resumes eating. The food is getting cold" Carla said to everyone present.

A few seconds later, everyone stopped talking and resumed eating.

The rest of the time eating passed away normally.

Half an hour later, everyone was done eating including Aaron and Lucius.

Right after eating, Albin stood up and said.

"Everyone, I will be going to the shop now," Albin exclaimed.

"Sir Arran, do you want me to escort you out?" Albin asked.

Aaron shook his head.

"No, I will leave sometime later. You can go to your shop" Aaron replied.

"Then, I will take my leave," Albin said to everyone.

Albin walked towards the door and then went outside.

"For now, I will have to earn enough money so that Dad won't have to keep running that shop" Lucius thought to himself.His father runs a weapons shop where he sells items to Divinity from morning to night continuously. It's very difficult for a non-Divinity to work continuously from dawn to dusk without any break.

Carla got up after Alibin left and began to collect the dishes and gather them in the sink to wash them.

"Emma, help me take the dishes to the sink in the kitchen to wash them," Carla said to Emma.

Emma nodded her head and began to help Carla carry the dishes to the sink. Lucius saw this from the distance, he just smiled.

"Emma has become a good girl since she helps mom. I wish I could help her become a Divinity" Lucius mumbled under his breath as he looked at Emma.

A few seconds later, Lucius just shook his head.

"Regardless, I should now go to my room and see if I can design my summons," Lucius thought to himself.Just as he was about to go to his room, a voice resounded through his ears.

"Wait Lucius" Aaron's powerful voice resounded through his ears.

Lucius turned around and saw Aaron walking towards him.

"Now what does he want from me? Why can't I peacefully go and see the effects of Summon Creation" Lucius thought to himself.However, Lucius still responds to him.

"Yes, teacher Aaron," Lucius responded.

Aaron didn't respond, he kept walking towards him. Aaron got closer and closer to him with each passing seconds. When he was a few meters away from Lucius, he halted his steps.

"Lucius, I want to test your skills since you have gained aura now. Come outside and let's spar" Aaron said to him.

Got off guard by the unexpected request, Lucius fell into deep thought.

"I don't want to delay creating my unique summons. I will have to think of an excuse" Lucius thought to himself.Lucius began to think of an excuse. After thinking for a while, he found an excuse that was bound to work.

"Teacher Aaron, you see I am quite tired after coming home. I wish to take some rest so can you test my skills tomorrow" Lucius asked.

Aaron was caught off guard by his response since Lucius never refused when he was regarding training no matter how tired he was.

"I am thinking too much. He has just given the exam so it's natural to be tired" Aaron thought to himself."OK, we will have the battle tomorrow. Have a nice rest" Aaron said to Lucius.

After that Aaron walked towards the door of the house, then he opened the door and left his home.

"As expected it worked, now I can go to my room" Lucius thought to himself.Lucius looked at his left, there was a door towards his left. Lucius took a deep breath and walked towards the door.

There was a nameplate on the door. Lucius's name was written on the nameplate. This was Lucius' room

"Mom, I am going inside my room to rest," Lucius shouted.

"Ok darling" Carla replied immediately.

Lucius walked towards his room, he opened the door, and entered the room. He looked around his room after entering.

The room mirrored the exterior, with uniform walls and floors. A central bed occupied the space, accompanied by a medium-sized cupboard on its left and a bookshelf filled with numerous books. Miscellaneous items scattered across the room added little to its overall ambiance.

"The room is the same as I left it in the morning" Lucius muttered with a smile.

Lucius turned around, he quickly closed the door. He walked towards his bookshelf and took out a small book.

There was a drawer at the side of the bookshelf, he opened it and took out a pen.

He walked towards his bed which had a blue sheet. He sat down on the bed and took a deep breath.

"Time to use summon creation to design my summons" Lucius thought to himself.Lucius thought about using Summon creation then a notification flashed in his retina.

(Please confirm that you want to use the skill, 1. Summon Creation. Say yes to confirm and no to decline)

"Yes," Lucius said.

(Please take out the book of creation to proceed)

Lucius nodded his head in approval then he thought about taking out the Book of Creation. The book of creation began to materialize in his hand.

The moment the Book of Creation appeared in his hand. A notification flashed in his retina.

(You have successfully equipped the book of creation)

(You have met the conditions to use Summon Creation)

(One summons creation slot will be permanently lost if you use summon creation. Are you sure you want to use it now)

"Yes," Lucius confirmed.

(Please describe the type of Summon you want to create. Describe his looks, physical abilities, and unique abilities)

(Please write the description below, the system will try to improve your description later.


"The description of the Summon, lemme think about the type of Summon that I want to create" Lucius thought to himself.He fell into deep thought as he began to think of the description of the summon that he wanted to create.

A few seconds of thinking later, he had decided on the description of the summons.

"I have decided," Lucius thought to himself.Lucius took a deep breath, then he began to write the description of the summon.

A few minutes had passed by in the blink of an eye.

"Done" Lucius exclaimed as he looked at the description of the summon that he had just written.

(The Description:

The summon will have the looks of a human warrior, the summon will be wearing the strongest armor in existence. He will have a long sword that will be very sharp. He must also have a skill that will allow him to cover his sword in flames. He must also have all the fundamental skills of a Divine warrior along with a sword art that is stronger than Flame swordsmanship.

He must have a strong body has very high stamina and strength)

(Do you want to confirm the Description of the summon

Note: Once you confirm the Description then you won't be able to cancel the creation of the unique summon)

"Yes," Lucius said without much hesitation, the moment the notification flashed in his retina.

At that moment Dozens of notifications flashed in his retina that shocked him greatly.

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