Divine Necromancer: I Can Design My Own Summons

In a world where the humans lived with four other intelligent races, Dragons, Phoenix, Demons and Elves conflict was everywhere. The rule of jungle applies to the world where the strong preyed on the weak. The Divinities were the highest respected members of the society. Divinities were beings who had the ability to utilize mana in the atmosphere to cast Magic that has enough power to change the landscape of the world. Lucius, the protagonist, faced the Divinity exams at the age of 16, a mandatory exam that he must take since he had turned 16. Despite expecting failure, an unexpected event unfolded, the world system chose him, changing his life forever.

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Chapter 13: The oath and the truth (1)

Lucius kept walking towards the place where he had sat down previously, as he was walking Lucius saw that Zoe was smiling at him from a distance.

This smile was very kind and gentle, nothing like the mockery smile that he was used to for years.

"It feels good to know that someone is happy for me," Lucius muttered as he scanned the crowd of people around him.

The focus of the crowd was on him, they had various emotions on their face like enjoyment, jealousy, and even shock as they looked at him, not even the slightest bit of mockery could be seen on their face.

Even Asher who was watching from the side looked surprised.

At this moment, Lucius knew that the days of him being ignored were over. He revealed a big smile on his face.

"Finally the days of being ignored are over" Lucius exclaimed.

He reached the corner where he had previously sat down. He sat down on the corner.

"Should I use Lifeform Creation to design my own unique summon right now or should I not use it now" Lucius pondered.

After a few seconds of thinking later, he shook his head.

"It's best not to use Lifeform Creation right now, I will use Lifeform Creation after I get home until then I will analyze the rest of my abilities too" Lucius thought to himself. Lucius thought about the status window, then the status window flashed in his retina.

He began to read the description of his skills to gain a better understanding of them.

Luca and Zoe's turn also came, they passed the exam easily without any problem or hindrance. As everyone's name was called out, most of the candidates passed the second round. Time eventually began to fly by

A few hours later.

Lucius' eyes were focused on the lines of words that were flashing in his retina even though almost 5 hours had flown by. He didn't even know 5 hours had passed by in his eyes, it was only a few minutes.

It's clear that Lucius had fallen into a trance

(Lifesteal Grade: S



No matter how many times Lucius read the description of Lifesteal, he couldn't help but be amazed by this skill.

He soon let out a sigh.

"All of my skills are incredibly good, even the low-grade skills have great growth potential. Divine Swords Play and Lifeform Creation have the most potential.

However, I feel like that lifesteal is the best skill that I have since it allows me to heal myself in the middle of battle" Lucius thought to himself. Lucius had read all the descriptions of all his skills, he had gained a basic understanding of all of them.

As he was reading the description of his skills, a powerful voice resounded through the entire place that woke him up from his trance

"The second round has ended, and more than 57 percent of the candidates have passed the exams. For those who have failed the second round.

Don't worry, you won't have to give the first round again, you can have your grade evaluated at any time you wish." Longan declared.

When those who had failed the second round heard that, their faces regained their color. Happiness was visible on their faces.

"Also the second round was the last round of the evaluation exams. From now you are considered full-fledged Divinity, who will help to protect humanity.

Now you will just have to acknowledge our ancestors and pledge allegiance to protect humanity over yourself. After that, you will be given the Divinity badge which will prove your identity as a Divinity.

However, before you enter the room of the oath, please wear the badge that the guards are going to give you" Longan declared, his voice carrying authority and seriousness.

Lucius stood up when he heard that and looked around him. He saw the guards holding a box of badges. They were disturbing the badges of all the candidates.

Eventually, the guards arrived where Lucius was standing. He took a badge from the box. He put the badge on his chest.

"Finally, I have become a full-fledged Divinity," Lucius thought to himself. Lucius turned his attention to Longan on the announcement platform who was patiently waiting for the completion of the distribution of the badges.

A few seconds later, the distribution of badges was complete. The moment the distribution was completed, a powerful voice resounded through the entire place.

"Follow us to the room of oath and those who have failed the second round, please stay here.

The room of oath is in that direction" Longan declared as he pointed his finger towards a certain direction.

Longan pointed his finger towards a golden door. The door was very majestic, it was around 50 meters in height. The door was embedded with blue gems.

"I was wondering what's behind that door ever since I came here, so that's where the room of oath is," Lucius muttered as he looked at the door.

At the same time, a notification flashed in his retina.

He took a glance.

(The contents of the third round of the evaluation exams have been updated.)

(1. Evaluation Exam (Third round)

You have passed the exam, and now to become a full-fledged Divinity, you must pledge allegiance to protect humanity forever. Follow the inspector to the room of oath and pledge allegiance to protect humanity there.

Clear Condition: Pledge Allegiance to protect humanity forever.

Clear Rewards: Become a full-fledged Divinity official and unlock the privilege of a Divinity.

Quest Failure penalty: Lose your qualifications to become a Divinity forever. You will be considered a traitor to humanity if you don't pledge allegiance to protect humanity)

Lucius nodded his head when he read the notification flashing in his retina, he focused all of his attention on the inspectors on the announcement platform.

A few minutes later, the inspector started to walk down the announcement platform, with each step he took, an incredible aura was released from his body.

A few seconds later, the three inspectors along with the envoy walked down the announcement platform. They faced the crowd of Divinity the moment they walked down the announcement platform.

"Everyone who has passed follows us. Those who have failed the second round, don't even think about sneaking into the room of oath.

Even if you try you will surely be caught and face cruel punishment" Longan announced, his voice carrying authority and slight killing intent.

Everyone including Lucius just nodded his head slightly. The inspectors and the envoy began not to walk toward the Golden Gate.

The crowd of candidates followed behind them quietly.

"I will soon become a full-fledged Divinity" Lucius mumbled as he followed the inspector.

As he was walking, Lucius felt someone's hand on his shoulders. He almost jumped when he felt a hand that was as soft as silk, he quickly turned around and spotted Zoe. He almost jumped when he saw her.

"What are you doing here??" Lucius asked in confusion.

"I came here because I want to walk alongside you," Zoe replied.

"Why though?" Lucius asked.

"No particular reason. Btw I am not alone " Zoe replied.

Lucius carefully looked around him and spotted Luca and Xin standing beside Zoe. There was a clear look of jealousy on Luca's face. Luca walked towards Zoe and held his collar tightly.

"Don't you dare to disrespect Zoe? Also, don't stick to Zoe's side like an adhesive" Luca said, jealousy visible on his face.

"Luca! Leave Lucius alone at this instant" Zoe said.

At That moment, Zoe told Luca to leave Lucius alone. He let go of Lucius' color, snorted as he looked at him, and walked away.

"Tsk tsk, I don't even want to stay near her playboy. You should take care of your girlfriend so that she doesn't disturb anyone" Lucius thought to himself, he didn't dare to say this to his face since he knew the consequences would be dire.

" Lucius, are you okay?" Zoe asked.

Lucius just nodded his head slightly.

"Let's quickly follow the inspectors. You guys can walk with me if you want to" Lucius remarked, as he saw that they were left behind.

The others also nodded their heads and began to walk alongside Lucius. Eventually, they got up with the rest of the candidates. They kept walking until the inspector at the front halted their steps. The crowd of candidates also halted their steps respectively

"Hmm, I think they are going to open the door now," Lucius muttered under his breath, as he looked at the gate.

The golden gates were tightly shut, it looked like it wasn't going to open easily.

"I thought the door was going to open automatically," Lucius mumbled as he looked at the inspector.

Longan, who was at the front, put a key in a small hole in the middle of the door. He slowly turned the key.

A second later after he turned the key.The golden doors which were originally shut started to open up widely. Lucius' eyes were mesmerized by the door.

"Magnificent" Lucius exclaimed.

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