Reviews of Divine Hint: Reporting An Escaped Convict From The Start


Divine Hint: Reporting An Escaped Convict From The Start

Bean Of Giant Silkworm

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Dropped at chapter 7. I’m sick and tired of this generic degenerate rubbish that Webnovel keeps putting out. Orphan MC gets OP nonsensical hint system with no nuance to it. He got it after saving a child from a river, he drowned in the childs stead but system saved him. Gets villas, literally has NO personality but becomes cool now because he has a system. The system also gives him an inappopriate mission but our MC is a good person and doesn’t do anything inappropriate even though our MC is basically the authors self insert and the author wrote the system to be that way. I could go on about how everything from the plot, characters and worldbuilding are just painfully soulless, unoriginal and bad but this review is already longer than this novel deserves. 0/5.

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To shallow for my taste. No build up, no background, no struggle. Just the MC suddenly gaining an ability and solving every problem with it. NPC(Side-Characters, but not in this novel) are fake, either way to trusting or unreasonably antagonistic. Very Mary-Sue-ish.


seems like a good read, somehow seemed a bit shallow though. however, if you just want to spend a little time on a feel goodish novel it might be for you


Couldn't get very far on this one. Too fast passed, too bland, and too self indulging. The writing didn't build up anything worth paying attention to and even if I was gonna get intrigued by something the end point to whatever it is would have whizzed past me before I could finish getting interested.


Don't waste your time here .........................................................................................................................................


too fast bland and boring, I honestly found it impossible to read further than chapter 2. whoever translated this or wrote this needs to switch careers


This novel is completely made up of templates and clichés. Absolutely nothing original. The protagonist is identical to thousands of similar Chinese heroes. The characters are disposable too. And of course, random encounters that benefit the main character. There are no normal negative characters here. They are all brainless and follow a pattern. The personalities of the characters are completely undefined. The story is at the elementary level. Very dry and soulless. I do not advise anyone.


Currently at chapter 27. This is a classic cliche Chinese novel, but it's still better than most of the other ones, you feel me? It's a good read if you want to read something if there is nothing other, you feel me? The translation is quite decent, compared to other Chinese ones, you feel me? Updates: Idk, just started reading it recently. Characters and World: Nothing, technically nothing... (My native language is not English, and I'm not writing reviews often, so I know, I'm sloppy.)


Not bad... but definitely not good. Characters aren't well written, story is cliché and whole thing is bland. I can read it, I can even enjoy it for a bit, but after reading whole 40 chapters I kinda wish I stopped after first 20. If it doesn't get better later, after 40 chapters, then there is no need to waste your time reading this if you have anything good to read. But if you want to waste some time because you can't sleep? Then I can recommend it.


Translation is pretty good based on what I’ve read between here and the raw of the story. As for the rest, I always rate the trial read novels as 1 star for update stability since a majority of them get dropped at chapter 40. And the other 3 categories are rated 3 stars because this seems to be a rather generic story that has other very similar stories out there.


Story is fun to read but there are so many mistakes especially in latter parts like how some already know mc true power yet they are constantly surprised and it is shown that they don’t know or heard but didn’t see


it gets worse with each chapter after some time


Name MC: Lia hao If that's not enough of a clue, then I'll say the story is an absolute waste of time and space. I don't understand why authors or translators use Chinese/Korean/Asian names, words and phrases in a story written in English, for a non-Asian audience. No person native to the mainland from America, Europe or Oceania relates well to Asian society and does not relate to its customs either; That is why it is said that Asia is another world.


Bland. started off well. interesting concept. but story couldnt be carried well. author's main focus is on how many women can the MC collect. the mc literally doesnt see any female characters as friends but how good their bodies are and how to kiss them. has very good businesses under him granted by system. but doesnt care. registered as student. no classes. was an orphan. mentions missing the orphanage once but doesnt even care to go back to look at it or help them. all he does is go after one female after the another. and every female is attracted to him because he has money and is handsome.. dont mention anything about his character. plot repeats again and again.


It's not bad nor good. Well if you are looking for face slapping, then you might enjoy it. I hope it's not harem but I think it probably would be.


I had to give up after 200 chapters. I thought the Mc would stop being a simp and shield for girls but he hasn't developed at all. waste of money.


For some weird reason, the author abandons the whole “hint” schtick and turns it into a generic urban cultivation novel a couple hundred chapters in. I wanted to see more of the hints, since that was an interesting mechanic to me and what drew me to the novel in the first place. But instead, the MC essentially became an arrogant cultivator with plot armor of invincibility +5.


I couldn't even get through chapter 2 because of how awful this translation is. Webnovel is notorious for its horrible translations but usually they are handled ok the first 40 chapters. This one, clearly no editing has been done. It's horrible to read, don't bother or you're brain will turn to mush.


-no fight at all, only bang bang bang & it's over. -the writer add too much girls that we lost the beaty of it. -cultivation realms not that good either .


I have read many Chinese novels to understand what this type of novel is. First of all, authors of these bland, filler types of novels are just running after the word count and the number of chapters to get more 💵💵 Then, after the story is over they will write in the testimonial about how this was not a good story but they had to since it was contracted etc. Just be careful, any person with common sense would know the type of novel is from reading the common wish fulfillment type of title.