83 Divine-Level Alchemy Technique, Foundation Establishment Pill Recipe

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Li Hao looked at the injured snow leopard in front of him, its eyes filled with pleading.

Li Hao's heart skipped a beat.

This snow leopard was also a living being. Since he had encountered it, even without the system's notification, Li Hao would still choose to save it.

In front of him, this snow leopard was seriously injured and could die at any time.

He could not delay any longer.

Li Hao squatted down beside the snow leopard.

Li Hao touched the snow leopard's body and it trembled slightly.

Soon, Li Hao felt the injuries of the snow leopard clearly.

This snow leopard was not injured ordinarily. Almost all the bones in its body had been broken, and there were many claw marks on its body, as if it had been scratched by other animals.

From the looks of it, it should have been caused by fighting with other animals.

The next moment, a jade needle had already appeared in Li Hao's palm.


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