25 25 - Max Level Aim-Bot

After arriving home from the Shooting Club, Leo had spent his 18,000 Experience points.

The Aim-Bot that was at level 05, needed 1,600 experience points to reach level 06. Leo spent 1,600 experience points to level up to level 06, then spent 3,200 points to level up to level 07, then spent 6,400 points to level up to level 08.

After raising the Aim-Bot to level 08, Leo was left with 7,610 experience points left, which he spent 5,000 to level up the Inventory-Hack to level 02, leaving only 2,610 where he used 2,000 to raise Speed-Hack to level 02.

After spending 18,000 Experience points, Leo's Status was like this.

[Leonardo Lentz

Age: 17 Years

Rating: Bronze 2 Stars [0/2,000]

Talent: Hack

Experience Points: 610


Aim-Bot Lv 08 [0/12,800]

Wall-Hack Lv 04 [0/4,000]

Speed-Hack Lv 02 [0/4,000]

Inventory-Hack Lv 02 [0/10,000]

Available Quirks: The next Quirk will be unlocked when the user reaches Pure Silver Rank.]

With skills at that level, the next day Leo managed to hunt more monsters than the day before, and after using up the Exp points, the next day he managed to hunt even more Bronze 3 Stars monsters.

Leo was hunting so easily that he was already getting confident in hunting Bronze 4 Stars monsters, but to play it safe, he decided to hunt until Saturday, and leave Sunday to hunt Vulpi.

On Sunday morning, using all the Exp points he received, Leo's Status changed a lot and stayed like this.

[Leonardo Lentz

Age: 17 Years

Rating: Bronze 2 Stars [0/2,000]

Talent: Hack

Experience Points: 16,800


Aim-Bot Lv 10 [Max]: In a 100 meter radius around the user, anything the user throws or shoots will hit the target with 100% hit rate. With each level the distance and accuracy will increase.

Wall-Hack Lv 07 [0/32,000]: Within a radius of 70 meters around the user, any being will be visible through a red outline as long as the target is at most 3 Stars more than the user. With each level the range distance increases.

Speed-Hack Lv 05 [0/32,000]: While the user has the skill activated, the user's agility will be 50% higher. With each level the percentage will be increased.

Inventory-Hack Lv 03 [0/20,000]: Creates a personal space for the User of 3 cubic meter. As long as the user touches the item, it can be stored in the Inventory. With each upgrade the space will be increased.

Available Quirks: The next Quirk will be unlocked when the user reaches Pure Silver Rank.]

Bank Account: $399,200

Leo's abilities have undergone major changes. The main change was the Aim-Bot that when reaching Level 10 it was no longer possible to level up. Even if it was disappointing, Leo already imagined something like this would happen.

Another thing Leo had to decide during these days was if he would level up Wall-Hack to level 08 or would he level up the other skills as 32,000 points was a lot, so to maximize the advantages he could earn by spending the points, Leo decided to leave Wall-Hack at level 07 and level up other skills even further.

Wall-Hack at level 07 allowed Leo to see enemies from 70 meters away, which was already an unimaginable distance. This was the main skill that made Leo increase the amount of monsters he hunted each day, since he could see the monsters from a greater distance, most monsters that entered 70 meters away from him would die.

Another skill that greatly improved Leo's efficiency was Speed-Hack. Since Leo had the Inventory-Hack at level 03, he had a lot more space to carry food, so even though the Speed-Hack consumed a lot of physical energy, by always carrying so much food Leo could use this ability with much less worry.

And a 50% increase in his agility was a very substantial increase. In terms of numbers, it was as if without the active skill Leo could shoot 10 arrows every 3 seconds, and now he could shoot 15 arrows every 3 seconds, or 10 arrows every 2 seconds!

That 1 second difference in a battle against a powerful enemy was the difference that would define who would die and who would survive.

During those four days Leo also received over $700,000 from the sale of the monsters he hunted, but as he bought the Bronze 4 Stars armor for $500,000, the remaining money was only $399,200.

The entire list the old salesman had given Leo had been complete, the only monster missing was Vulpi.

And today Leo was determined to return home with Vulpi's corpse.

Tomorrow would be the university entrance exam at his school.

Leo didn't know how many exp points he would need to reach Pure Silver 1 Star Rank, but he knew that if he wanted to, he could reach Bronze Rank 5 Stars to pass the entrance exam.

But as much as Leo didn't care too much about the attention he was attracting, he also didn't want to stand out too much.

During those days he found that the average Rank for students passing the Military University was between Bronze 3 Stars and Bronze 5 Stars, where 90% of the students who entered were Bronze 3 Stars, 9% of the students were Bronze 4 Stars and only 1% was Bronze 5 Stars.

Bronze 3 Stars students who were considered geniuses at the 4 major Universities, at the Military University were considered ordinary students.

Bronze 4 Stars students were considered supreme geniuses in the 4 great Universities, in the Military University they were considered geniuses worthy of cultivation.

While Bronze 5 Star Students did not even exist at the 4 major Universities, at the Military University they were accepted as disciples of the deans.

Being a dean's disciple was a great privilege, as deans of the Military University were Awaken Royal Gold. With a Royal Gold Master, the student would have infinite resources and an inexhaustible source of knowledge as a Master.

But for Leo these perks weren't tempting enough, in fact this would be more of a problem than a help as he only needed to kill monsters to level up, having security guards hunting with him would only consume the Exp he was going to receive .

Plus there would be even more eyes watching his rapid progress and questions popping up that he still hadn't made excuses for.

So Leo decided to upgrade to an Awaken Bronze 4 Stars after killing Vulpi, to make sure he would prove himself as a Military University student.

So he would have more freedom than Bronze 3 Stars students and Bronze 5 Stars students.

With a satisfied smile on his face at the thought, Leo continued running through the forest.

Vulpi's habitat was much further away than the habitat of Bronze 3 Stars monsters, after all, he was a Bronze 4 Stars monster.

As the city was very small, Bronze 4 Stars monsters were very scarce.

Leo had to run for 2 hours to the area where Vulpi lived. Fortunately Vulpi were monsters that acted like tigers, always living alone and disdainful of monsters that lived in packs.

This made it much easier for Leo, as he would only have to deal with one Vulpi instead of several.

Upon reaching this part of the forest, Leo slowed down and dried his sweat with a towel, while spraying his body. This spray reduced the odor emitted by the body, like a body deodorant, but without perfume to make it smell.

This was something Leo discovered during these four days of training, monsters that relied on smell could still smell him even with this spray, but it made it harder for the monster to perfectly identify his position, plus the monster needed to be closer to to feel.

Despite knowing the approximate area where Vulpi lived, Leo still had to search for a few minutes before he saw a red outline in his vision.

That red outline was that of a four-legged monster, with thick front legs. The monster's outline wasn't 100% the same as the images Leo saw on the internet, but it was at least 90% the same, which for Leo was more than enough.

Because of Wall-Hack Level 07, Leo was able to see Vulpi at 70 meters, which was a big advantage, especially seeing that Vulpi was still acting normally, apparently not sensing Leo's scent.

But sensing the direction of the wind, Leo knew it was only a matter of time before his scent reached Vulpi. The spray will make it take longer for Vulpi to notice, but only for a few seconds, at most a minute.

So Leo didn't think much and took the Bow with an arrow from his inventory.

Even though he was able to shoot 4 arrows at once, Leo had already performed some tests and found that when he shot 4 arrows, the strength that the arrow reached would be something around 100, but when he shot just one arrow the strength went up to 200. to 300!

Dealing with the first Bronze 4 Stars monster of his life, Leo didn't want to be careless, it was better to shoot the most powerful arrow he could at the beginning while Vulpi didn't know about him, than to shoot 4 arrows and do no damage and deliver where he was.

After finding a good location, Leo finally released the arrow.


Keeping an eye on the arrow that was flying, Leo unconsciously took another arrow from his inventory and already reloaded the bow again preparing to shoot again.

As Vulpi had no eyesight, his other senses were much more sensitive.

Hearing that arrow pierce the air towards him was like an ordinary person hearing a bomb go off. So Vulpi didn't stay still and tried to dodge the arrow by jumping to the side.

But Leo was using the Aim-Bot, as long as the opponent didn't get out of the 100 meters range of the skill, the arrow would hit 100% of the time.


Suddenly the sound of the arrow penetrating the flesh came.

But Leo was frustrated with the result, he had aimed at Vulpi's head and used as much force as he could to shoot this arrow, but despite the arrow getting stuck in Vulpi's head, only the flesh was penetrated before the arrow was stopped. by the bones of the monsters.

'Shit, the strength of Bronze 2 Stars using a Bronze 3 Stars Max Grade bow is still not enough to pierce his bone from this distance.' Leo thought in frustration as he shot another arrow.


Another arrow went flying, but this time the Vulpi was already running towards Leo, the Vulpi's speed was so high that it scared Leo!

'Shit, shit, this Vulpi is much faster than me with Speed-Hack activated!' Leo screamed inwardly as he started to run backwards while shooting Vulpi.

When Leo rose from Bronze 1 Star to Bronze 2 Stars, he felt that his body had become 15-20% stronger than it was before.

The Speed-Hack increased Leo's speed by 50%, so Leo's current speed was between Bronze 3 Stars and Bronze 4 Stars, being faster than Bronze 3 Stars but slower than Bronze 4 Stars.

But Vulpi was much faster than regular Bronze 4 Stars! Even with the Speed-Hack activated Vulpi was still closing in on Leo quickly.


Leo's arrow this time pierced Vulpi much deeper, as this time instead of aiming at the head, Leo aimed at Vulpi's collarbone, or rather, the space between the collarbone bones.

With no bones to stop the arrow, this managed to penetrate much deeper causing the Vulpi to scream in pain as he felt the flesh being torn apart by the arrow and the blood starting to flow.

But the monster didn't slow down, on the contrary, after that arrow the monster accelerated even more, very angry at this human who was causing him so much pain.

Seeing that Vulpi was even angrier, Leo had no choice but to open his inventory and grab something he had prepared for this battle. But he never imagined he would need to use it so soon.


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