4 Chapter 4

Ariel looked around for an opportunity to get his revenge, His mind seething in madness and glee at the thought of shredding the beast from the inside.

Now Seeing everything within the abyss that he was in. Thanks to his aspect adapting to the darkness, And with his eyes not missing anything, A dark tunnel appeared in his vision.

The tunnel had thick blood coloured veins running along it. Pulsing strangely from time to time. Which lead into a never ending void, That blocked eyesight of whatever is on the other side.

Sensing he was on the right track, Ariel's leg muscles tensed up like taut strings before bursting into a small shockwave. As a result, Ariel's figure jumped across the pond like a spring, landing neatly at the entrance of the tunnel. Wasting no time, He continuied with his running sprint. Going right through the darkness like a madman.

Naked and covered in slime-like substance, Ariel tore through the veil of darkness with one powerful burst of agility. Ending up on the other side of the dark tunnel, where. A big stone heart was held up by a link of nerves, that convulsed in a rythmatic way alongside the heart.

The crazed grin found its way onto Ariel'a face again, As he had a hard time suppressing down the urge to laugh like a mad man, But by focusing on his target. Which, not surprisingly was the stone heart. His face became the epitome of indifference.

"Let's see if you like this, you fucker" Ariel murmured to himself in a low voice, That was more like a low growl filled with venom.

Ariel walked closely to the wild beating heart. His eyes emitting a cold light, As he raised both of his now closed fists Over his head. In a surprising display of power, his fists along with his arms blurred before hitting the heart a second later...


With his hands passing through the tough shell of the heart like a hot knife slicing through butter. Ariel had a blissful smile on his face as he kept punching away.

Without caring about anything in the world. Ariel kept punching, kicking, even head butting the now weakly spasming heart, That almost all of the nerves connecting to it were shriveled up or severed from it completely. While it itself had only half of it left hanging of a few threads of flesh. With the other half falling apart due to Ariel's relentless attacks.

Unfortunately. the beast couldn't even react, Thanks to Ariel's first hit, Which made it immediately have a seizure before going comatose and ultimately losing its life by one of Ariel's vicious punchs.

It was only a matter of time as the creature turned into black particles, Leaving a smiling and satisfied naked Ariel to lay on the ground.

Savoring the sadistic bliss that flooded him while he was going home on the beast. Ariel stared at the new runes above him...


[You have slain an awakened terror!]

[You have received a new memory!]

[Steeless shard]

[Memory type]: weapon.

[Rank]: Awakened.

[Tier]: VI

Memory description: [A dull ordinary sword that. At the will of its user could turn into the sharpest one among its rank]

[Memory enchantments]: [unbreakable]

[unbreakable]: [As long as the person wielding it is alive. The shard is unbreakable]


Whistling in surprise at seeing the enchantment description, Ariel mused...

'It seems that I'm pretty lucky when it comes to memories, but the enchantment is a passive one, which is rare and a blessing for the situation that I'm in'

Seeing a bit hope for the first time in god knows when. Ariel let out a dry laugh as he stood up from his resting place and gazed at the setting sun with melancholy.

Shaking his head to get rid of unnecessary stress, Ariel summoned his first memory into the world, coming out in the shape of a long two handed, lustrous steel sword that seemed dull at first glance. But with a thought from Ariel, The tip of the sword instantly turned sharp and deadly. Giving of a whole other aura from just a moment ago.

Swinging the sword with an amateurish style, Ariel's eyes were shining with curiosity and excitement at the prospect of finally having a sword, as in his previous life, he never came across a single medieval weapon, much less a long beautiful sword such as the one in his hands.

'This looks really cool, I bet it is every eighth-grader syndrome's dream to hold a sword like this one'

And just like before, He couldn't continue his rant about his newly acquired weapon, Thanks to the army of black dots that were pursuing him in a feverish manner, with thick bloodlust reeking out of them.

As the ground trembled and the stars in sky shining brightly, bestowing light upon the world. Ariel, with an expression of pure madness had one thought in his mind…..

'You bastards…..'

'Haven't you had enough!?'

'Why can't you leave me be!?'

Letting out a sigh of stress, Ariel's body compacted like a spring before...

'Fine….. if that's what you guys want, then be fucking prepared for a whole ass beating! I won't leave any of you alive!'

'I'll kill you all!'

With a hoarse shout, Ariel literally flew towards the beasts direction with an almost animalistic fervour.

After running at his top speed for a while, Ariel came upon the first group of worms. His eyes leaking a terrifying amount of bloodlust that deterred the group of beasts for a second.

Which was more than enough time for Ariel to pounce onto one of the worms. with his sword in hand, He slid on the ground, quickly reaching under the now aware worm. His naked back having pieces of flesh torn of it by the rough ground.

Ignoring the prickly sting on his back and tuning out anything other than his focus aside. Ariel swung the sword roughly, leaving a deep gash on the under belly of the worm, As it squirmed around in pain and anguish. It tried to bury him completely with its weight.

Seeing its action, Ariel avoided the mass of flesh that landed beside him with cold eyes, Before jumping onto its body, going directly above its brain.

Getting his breath back, Ariel raised his sword above his head two handedly before slashing it down powerfully as it sliced through its flesh, piercing its brain in the process.

The beast tensed up before going limp a second later with a heavy thump.

[You have slain an awakened terror!]

The naked Ariel came down onto the ground as he eyed every single worm in the group, A maniacal glint flashing across his eyes, As he cracked his neck to break the silence filling the area…..

And then all hell broke loose.

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