35 Chapter 34

Her eyelashes fluttered open, her lips felt dry. Her throat clenched for water in need. Her body was aching all over, a question she had no answer to becuase of her burning headache.

The pale sun met her eyes, causing her to wince. The sun seemed unusually bright. An intuition she ignored because of the stinging pain that was slowly growing stronger.

She couldn't feel one of her legs, it was numb to a painful degree. A numbness that was spreading up to her whole body at a fast pace.

Sensing that her life was on the line, her mouth opened up weakly to let out a loud groan, her throat parched, burned slightly at the action.

Hearing the loud groan, both Sunny and Ariel looked each other in the eyes before going into action. Ariel, still hugging Cassie carefully placed her down on the ground as gently as he could. Immediately running to Nephis's side.

He had an excellent idea. While also feeling extremely idiotic for not thinking of this earlier.

My [Immortal] attribute, its description says that even if a single cell of mine remains, I will regenerate. Though I haven't experienced my whole body getting destroyed, turning into bits and pieces. I still know instinctively that I will survive if such an event happened. Taking these thoughts into consideration. I'm one hundred percent certain the attributes effects my blood. But the true hurdle is whether my blood will lose its effectiveness or not once it's out of my body.

Ariel came to a halt near the limp Nephis, her body deathly pale, even paler than her natural skin tone. Her robe damp with cold sweat, the stump on her leg snuggly fit into a patch of clothes that was now dark red with blood. Her eyes were hazy, dazed and sluggish.

Time to experiment.

Ariel looked on with an un-phased face, coolheaded and straight even with the sight in front of him. He leaned down. His sword already summoned, he then swiftly sliced his palm. Letting the blood spill down into Nephis's slightly opened mouth.

"Swallow it."

Ariel's voice was met with a slow nod, her throat gulping down the blood hesitantly first. However, after swallowing a few drops. The gulping became more intense. Her eyes began glinting with fascination and enthusiasm.

Please work.

Ariel crossed his fingers. Hoping to be right. And if it is, then their chances of survival will shoot through the roof. Their progress towards the city will be record breaking. If his blood appeared to also replenish energy and dispell fatigue. A thought he begged to be true. It will truly be helpful.

And with my blood regenerating due to said attribute. We will have infinite amounts of severely good health potions. Well, blood potions to be specific.

While Ariel was lost deep in his head. Something happened.

Nephis was still drinking his blood when a white light flashed exactly above her stump. It glittered over it like water. Then, hundreds of white, ethereal tendrils wrapped around her wound. Caressing it gently. This intrigued both Ariel and Sunny. Who initially, stared at Ariel with judgmental eyes seeing what he was doing.

In a second, the cloth around the stump wriggled erratically before denting. Showing signs of new forming flesh and bones. It slowly began expanding and growing in size. The cloth already torn apart because of the pressure. And what came into view was a literal mass of skin and disgustingly, soft, wriggling bones. All of it was guided by the white tendrils to form into a foot. First, the bones hardened, then tiny, thin, blood nerves manifested themselves tightly on the red flesh that was still trying to attach itself to the bones. Her illustrious white skin started to form into shape magically. And in a few seconds the foot was as as good as new.

After that, the hundreds of white tendrils coalesced around each other. Eventually shaping into a football sized ball of light. The white orb's brightness even outshone the pale light of the sun. Extending for a few meters around Nephis's body. And in a flash, it descended into Nephis's body. As if melting into her skin.

Nephis's body shone with incandescent, white light before dying down a moment later.

Addictive, delicious, mind blowing. That was the taste of Ariel's blood. It was an experience on its own for Nephis. It healed her fatigue, her hunger, her thirst. Even more importantly. Her severed foot. She didn't know how, but it worked. Oh it worked wonderfully. She was technically high the entire healing session, which to her shock lasted only a dozen seconds. Her body felt energetic. Her mind felt sharp and clear. Her eyes hazy and lethargic before, now glowed with radiance. She couldn't suppress a small smile from creeping up her face.

Fascinating. She thought in wonder. Her grey orbs looking upwards into Ariel's blue eyes. His face was nonchalant, but she could detect the joy in his eyes. Prompting her to awkwardly turn her eyes away from his. Less she gets lost in them.

She blinked, her body standing up automatically. Stretching her limbs and getting a satisfying pop from them. The two boys never took their eyes away from her. Causing her body to stiffen up a little bit.

Done with loosening her body, she opened her mouth with one question. Her expression returning to its original flat state.

"What happened?"

Her question awakened the two observers from their reverie. In return, Ariel gave her a smile. Narrating what happened in great detail. Sunny stood to the side, chiming in from time to time.

After the explanation, Nephis's expression was firm. Her mind barely grasping their desperate situation. A situation where she was powerless. A situation she hadn't been in for a long time. A situation she wholeheartedly hated to the core. She hated herself for once again leaving her life in another person's hands. She thought she had already passed that step in her life. But one abyssal night ruined it. If it wasn't for Ariel she would have not survived in a million years. That's why she was thankful. Her mind occupied with one thought.

I'll improve. I'll improve to never be in such a position again. I've already had my fill of it. So there's no way I will fall back into it once again. Not anymore.


Her thoughts halted at his voice. Her eyes instantly landing on him. He had an apologetic smile on his lips.

"Sorry for cutting of your foot, I've met the bastard a few times before, so I knew my sword won't do anything…Anyway, please accept my apology."

She shook her head, her eyes turned soft seeing his face.

"It doesn't matter, you did what you thought was best. It's also my fault for being weak. No, our fault. I promise to at least withstand its ability next time. I think Sunny would agree too."

Sunny nodded in full support of her claim. But he still shrunk a bit from the attention on him. Fearful of his flaw activating.

Ariel's smile became genuine at their little display.

"Now that you're up and ready. Let's note down a few things."

Ariel began, grabbing both of their focus.

"My blood can apparently heal and even restore lost limbs, and I'm guessing it can also restore your body's energy and strength. Am I right?"

Nephis nodded firmly, her eyes glinting with something unknown at the mention of his blood.

"Great! My blood also regenerates pretty fast, so we can assume we have a healing aspect at our behest. A powerful one at that too. Our pace will skyrocket if you guys consume my blood periodically. With that, we will have no need for rest during the day. As for the night…Let's just hope the tentacle freak can't catch up with us."

Ariel got two quick nods as agreement. Sunny, however. Had a forced smile on his face.

"Ariel…I find the notion of drinking your blood to be quite…Unsavory. Even if it's for survival."

"Don't worry, it tastes…Really good."

An intense reply came from Nephis, not Ariel. Her eyes betrayed her by showing a small hint of infatuation. Which left Ariel amused.

Wow, healing plus an addictive taste. I got the whole fucking package didn't I? Nephis did look a little insane there though. Don't tell me she's developing an addiction to it…Nah, maybe she's a little of her heels. She just woke up from a terrible sleep. Though…Imagining Nephis as a drug addict does seem funny.

Sunny recoiled for a moment, witnessing the growing shine of Nephis's eyes. He coughed and spoke once again while side-eying Nephis.

"Fine, I suppose it doesn't really matter. I'm not in a place to refuse something as good as that. It just unnerved me at first. My bad."

"It's alright. I'd react the same way if I were in your place. I wouldn't want to suck some random dude's blood too."

Sunny shoulders drooped a bit. Thinking on Ariel's words.

When you put it that way, it seems very questionable. I appreciate your honesty but you're not helping here Ariel.

"Now we need to fucking move. The freak will definitely come back, so it's better to just be ahead of him."

Ariel declared to the two people before him. Sprinting into action by walking near Sunny, raising his palm and squeezing the shit out of the cut on his palm.

"Here, drink."

Sunny looked on with blank eyes the whole time. Hesitantly opening his mouth a second later to let the blood fall straight down his throat.

When the blood connected with his taste buds. His eyes widened. The taste was unlike anything. Nothing he has ate before can ever compare to it. The taste blowing up in his mouth, his throat lurching with satisfaction at the sensation of the blood dripping down against it. He immediately closed his eyes in panic. Afraid that they will see the absolute opposite of what he was just arguing about.

Ariel didn't stop to see Sunny's reaction. Leaving him basking in the after-taste. His goal was to wake up Cassie too. He felt that her situation was worse than he thought.

Arriving beside her, he went on his knees. Grabbed her jaw and opened her mouth. Her body still limp and cold. He squeezed his wound again. A good amount of his blood came out as a result. Going into Cassie's mouth.

The next few seconds went by in silence, her body still unmoving. Then, they flung wide open. Her body sat up. Rigid in its place. She stared at him, her eyes slowly regaining their usual intelligent look.


Her voice rang out. Heavy yet empty.


"I was scared. The visions were way worse this time. It wasn't something I could handle."

"I know, but you're strong. I know you can take care of yourself easily."

Hearing Ariel's words, and sensing the gentle intention im his voice. Cassie's eyes watered up. Her tears threatening to burst out. Her hand reached for his and gripped it tightly.

"Hnn. Thank you for having so much confidence in someone like me."

Nephis. standing alone to the side, watched their interaction with unblinking eyes. Her eyes were particularly enraptured by Ariel's gentle smile.


A/N: I hope you guys like the idea of his blood. It wasn't my idea. It was in one of the comments, I looked for him but I can't seem to find the guy. I wanted to at least give him credit for giving me such a good idea. And thank you guys for your support. Also send those power stones.

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