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Straining my neck, I looked upwards towards the never ending figure that seemed to go on infinitely, Its body was beautiful and terrifying at the same time, making one confused as how to feel.

And I was no exception, with a dazed face and a fuzzy brain I tried to collect my thoughts in vain.

Feeling nothing working, panic began to set in as the darkness around me seemed alive or maybe it was my brain playing a trick, maybe this was one of those realistic nightmares.

'Yes its just a dream, calm down.' I took a deep breath to stop the fear that was spreading through me but at last a voice rang out in my head, an ancient voice that was so, so, so pleasant to listen to....

"OpeN yOur eYeS ChiLd"

All my resistance broke when I heard the voice calling, causing me to once again look up only to be met with a set of eyes that were the size of a star, they were staring at me without blinking ever so slightly.

There was no intent within them, It was just two empty husks gazing into the deepest parts of my soul, And in turn making me feel the urge to shrivel up to myself and just give up the last bit of resistance that I had left.

Forcing myself to calm down, I took a deep breath and said "w-what are you?".

The pair of giant eyes blinked upon hearing my question, as a sonorous voice resounded in the vast void that sounded both mechanical and intelligent "YoU HaVe ThReE wIsHeS, StAte WhAt YoU wAnT cHiLd."

Feeling a bit awkward at being ignored, I coughed to ease the tense imaginary situation I created, and as the two giant eyes continued their staring, I asked a question and this time it fortunately answered "I'm guessing, you're intending to transport me to another world, If that's true can I know which world?".

At my question the strange voice once again, resounded out "YeS I'm SeNdInG YoU To A pLaCe YoUr WoRlD cAlLs a FiCtIoNaL WoRlD. sPeCiFiCaLlY cAlLeD sHaDoW sLaVe."

Excitement and a small amount of trepidation washed over me, Wondering why it chose me out all the people in the world. So with that in mind I mustered up what was left of my courage to ask "why do you want to send me to another world?".

After my question, the space which we were hovering in, was drowned in a stressful silence that went on for a while.....

Seeing that it chose to ignore my question again, I shook of the anxiety out of my head before thinking of what to wish for.


Thinking for a certain amount of time while also having a giant pair of colossal eyes staring at me was rather unnerving for me, but I pulled through, and reciting my wishes in my head, I coughed to get the attention of the being in front of me.

"First I want mahoraga's ability which is perfect adaptation to anything and everything."

"Second, I don't want to have a flaw."

"And last but not least, make me immune to the influence of fate, I just can't feel comfortable knowing my life and future is dependent on a concept that sets me in stone for things I might not be ready for."

As I thought about my reasons for choosing those three wishes, was because "perfect adaptation" is the perfect ability to have in a world that's as dangerous as shadow slave. It grants me the chance to become immune to anything and with an ability like that, I don't have to concern myself about injuries and poisons as well as other people's aspects, because in the end I will be immune to literally anything, as long as someone or something powerful doesn't kill me straight away.

As for why I chose the second wish is because I can't imagine the flaw of an aspect that grants you nigh-immortality overnight, Just like it said in the novel that the more powerful your aspect, the more scary and dangerous your flaw will be.

For the third wish, Fate plays a big part in the story and I don't want none of that shit, sunny can have it all.

While I was ruminating about my wishes, I was brought out of the daze that I had gotten myself into without noticing, By the being in front of me,,,, or rather the enormous hand that was now obscuring my vision as all I could do was blink before complete darkness over took me.


In the northern quadrant siege capital or NQSC, Life was going well for the ordinary citizens that were living behind the walls of safety that circled around the cities, but it wasn't so for the people residing in the outskirts.

There, In one particular alley were it stunk of grime and countless other things that's hard to imagine, the smell was so bad that the air took on a sickly gray hue, Which nobody paid attention to.

In one of the darker corners, A pale frail boy was shivering atop of his bed or to be specific, A bunch of torn rags sewn together to make a bed that would at least let him sleep a bit more comfortably than the others that were like him.

The said boy's shivering took a turn for worse as he gripped his head and his face scrunched up in a painful grimace.

With a now sweat covered body, The boy sprang up with a gasp before it turned into a coughing fit. As the coughing continued, black like substance leaked out of his orifices. The black substance emanated a smell far worse than the place they were in.

After a few minute the boy's headache and coughing stopped as he limply sat against the wall. Trying to catch his breath with his now sore throat, as the act of breathing itself was like his throat was being scratched in an annoying way that will not stop.

Ignoring the urge to scratch his neck until there was no flesh left. The boy… no, Ariel thought about the memories of this body who like the rest of the people in the outskirts lived a miserable life, with his mother dying while giving birth to him and his father not even in his memories. Ariel was named by none other than the woman that brought him out of his mothers womb.

She was a wonderful woman by the name of Diana, She took care of him for a few years before eventually dying because of fatigue and starvation.

In his memories, Ariel cried for days at the death of someone that was like a mother to him. To the point that he passed out due to feeling hungry and anxious about what to do.

So like every other kid in the outskirts he resorted to thievery and anything to survive in the hellhole that he was born into.

Following that Ariel lived his life fighting tooth and nail just to survive and the thing he was the best at was adapting.

By the time he was sixteen, he was suddenly plagued by the nightmare spell which didn't come as a surprise to the new soul that was now residing in his body. As it seemed like the spell infected him just a few days ago, and he could already feel his body's urge to just lay down and sleep.

Resisting it, Ariel with black rugged hair and surprisingly soft blue eyes and delicate features stood up to a height of almost 184 cm which for an outskirts kid like him was rather surprising.

Now with clarity unlike before glazing in his eyes like never before just like two blazing flames, Ariel spoke for the first time in a while with his hoarse seemingly deep voice "My name is Ariel now, not like I care about my previous name. I like this name much more though it sounds a bit edgy. But I should probably go to the police station to get ready for my first nightmare.

Feeling a bit nervous at the thought of his first nightmare, Ariel took a deep breath as he started walking towards the police station to face his first ever nightmare, and if he could survive, he will come back as a sleeper.

So with a fierce amount of determination on his face, Ariel promised himself 'I will survive no matter what and comeback alive stronger than ever, I won't waste my life away like I did the first time...…'.

A/n:(yo guys I'm writing this ff because it would not go out of my head and because I want people to know how good shadow slave is, if you haven't read it the I suggest that you should, anyway let me know if there is anything I can improve upon and I hope you enjoy it).



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