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Alright guys, as the author, I'll be shameless enough to rate my novel 5 stars, hehe. This novel has just started, I'll be mostly focusing on Story Development and Character Design, I want to make the characters as vibrant as possible, each with their own thoughts. The starting of this novel has no adversaries for the MC, he just cultivates to be a genius, after all he'll be a kid in the start. Anyway can't put much spoilers here, hope you'll have fun reading it. Guaranteed 7 chapters a week. Cheers. hehe. If i miss, please remind me about it in the latest chapter comments. Happy reading.

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Don't let the bad reviews stop you from reading this awesome novel. First the r-18 comes in later. This is not a story that only focuses on getting lots of girls but giving those girls a good story with the mc. The adventure of the author from layers to layers is amazing. He even goes back to earth which is not something you see much from other novels with same genre. The characters are well written. Its not a novel where he gets a new girl in his harem every 100 chaps. He loves his fam and his scenes with them are pretty wholesome. His fam also plays a role and they are not just in the background. Claire and Logan power couple is one of the best out there. The girls in the harem are not trophies and are trying their best to get stronger. The cultivation systems are unique and might get a bit confusing as you go on but author has a guide for that. The mystery in the novel is even quite intriguing. The world is pretty well built. Author takes time to introduce the territories and its people. There is also a bit of comedy here and there. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he doesnt leave his wives when he goes on an adventure. He bring them and fights with him together. Something you hardly see in other novels. Im not saying that the novel has no problems but they are pretty small and are only at the start of the novel. The author improves along the way and massive improvements can already be seen early on the novel .As you go on you can see that Davis' adventure with his wives are amazing. P.S. : Shirley is a goddess Overall Writing Quality : 4.5/5 Stability of Updates : 5 (Although we would love 3 chaps a day) Story Development : 5 Character Design : 5 World Background 5


This novel is like a gold in the mud.. I want to take it, but afraid it will make my gloves dirty.. After so deep in love with some novel but after that got problem.. Maybe with qidiann or the reader its self.. Original novel is the least trusted this day.. Just hopefully you are not.. If you write novel for money.. Say it now.. Power stone? Patreon? Thats easy matter as long as the writer keep his/her words. If you write for fun or maybe you just have an extra time and cannot make it fast realese with 1 chapter per day. Say it too.. So we, the annoying reader will not complain.. Thanks if you read this author.. And sorry for my bad english ^^


I like reading the comments and reviews more. Specially on how our author here defends himself. I do say for sure he has blind confidence about his work. But please remember Mr. Author, not everyone can be pleased easily. As for the ones who gave their own opinions and reviews, please do remember that the author is writing this story/web novel using his own limited ideas/mind/brain, heck he might even be dreaming scenes for his story in his sleep before writing them. Amateur authors/writers are different from real authors/writers, most writers/authors are even graduate in these kind of fields, meaning they are already a master of their own craft, they even probably spend a lot time just to study (includes: higher English lv, grammar expert, story chart/flow etc... ) before writing their own work. Real expert writers will finish a volume of their work first, then spend a lot of time reviewing it and editing before posting them or publishing. Very different from most amateurs. **: I am looking forward for more roasting. Xd


This novel started out great, but the author purposefully sabotaged it with overused and frustratingly annoying cliches. I won’t say how exactly because I don’t like to spoil, but at around chapter 100, the author introduced a plot that essentially made all of the character development that came before it useless. That’s over 100 chapters of tedious character development that went down the drain. What a waste of time, unless you’re a masochist who likes being trolled


what can i say? i have no complaints currently, and don't see any coming. it took longer then I'd like for the harem to start up, but ever since it i can see the hold on it. I'll be sticking to this one till the end. To the author, stay safe, it would be a travesty to have this book suddenly stop.


Tl:dr B- edging into a B. Better then most but still rough around the edges. This is a solid twist on the standard reincarnation cultivation novel. The author's writing is getting better and just about everything from a narrative perspective works just fine. With that said there are some areas which need improvement. The characters and world building are not detailed enough to feel, well... real. The plot moves rather quickly and not enough time is spent to genuinely get to know the characters which are so pivotal to the story. I appreciate that the author isn't padding the word count but more fine details would make the characters stand out from the background. All in all it's a good first novel from this author so expect some rough edges. I recommend that you give this novel a shot and see what happens; it's better then 85% of the stuff out there.


400+ chapters and still no development in the personality of the mc which befits a death god remotely. This novel which one would expect to be about the mc's journey towards becoming the death god is riddled by useless and boring 😴 interactions and story telling of other side characters. This frankly gets tiring the more it occurs as who in their right mind would follow this story to read about the love story of some random characters like mulia and hadian, and many other sides. Also the fact the mc travels and adventures in a large group and doesn't mind having these side people tag along creating a group of 7+ people is annoying to say the least. the thrill of the mcs adventure and discovering new locations and items etc. is lost when you have more than 7 people tagging along in this journey. Also having his parents tag along on this journey is the worst idea 💡 this author could have written. perhaps thus was his attempt to try something that hasn't been done in this genre but why try fix something that wasn't broke? who cares about his parents and their drama to the point of making it its own mini novel like seriously. This author lost sight of his priorities. bottom line is, there are many more novels similar and a lot better in execution that this novel as many of the defects of this novel is not present in the other novels so save yourself the headache and time and skip this book. Thank you and have a nice day!


Just a fair warning; If you are here for romance, don’t bother. If you are here for the “death” and “emperor” name, dont bother. If you are here for attachable characters, don’t bother. If you are here for great character development, don’t bother. The novel is passable if you ignore everything said above, and instead; If you are here for a dense protagonist, do bother. If you are here for an idiot of a protagonist, do bother. (the difference between the two is the latter is about how he handles situations. Whether he considers the advantages and disadvantages of actions or not) If you are here for everything that comes with every Japanese harem protagonists (aka hero, ignorant about everything that concerns his harem, emotionally unstable, friendship, etc.), do bother. If you are here for an interesting plot, do bother. Unluckily for me, I had simply looked at the name and ended up being click-baited. I never thought I would be frustrated enough to drop it. What a journey (lasted til chapter 142) this was.. I hope I could forget ever reading this soon.


Reveal spoiler


Mark my word if you don't read this novel, you will regret it! Well... or not since you won't know how good this novel is. ..........................................................


My personal in depth review, (SPOILERS AHEAD so read at your own Caution, TLDR below) TLDR: Please heed my advice and don't waste your time reading this novel, I know I regret these last few days. Where should I start. I read up to about 900 chapters and then spoiled myself a bit further on to confirm one of the reasons I dropped this novel. Before I begin, I would like to mention that I think the overall grammar and spelling throughout the novel had been really good and I didn't notice much mistakes or sentences that flowed weird and the world building was also pretty good and in depth of the various kingdoms and what not. However that's pretty much all this novel has to offer in my opinion. I wanted so desperately to like it, that I kept reading all the way up to 900 instead of dropping it earlier on like I wanted to. I'll list some of the moan things that personally really destroyed this novel for me. There's so much unnecessary garbage filler of side characters and mini arcs we just don't need. There just do happens to be another side character also from "earth" who already had his harem established before MC (lol), and then some random jojo memes thrown in which just threw off the pace. Wish Drake was never introduced anyways. Speaking of harem and r18 scenes in general, our mc doesn't start building until much deeper in the sorry which is fine I didn't mind the wait, that is until every other stupid side characters were given harems AND r18 scenes before the MV even got his first girl and even after the fact it is just absurd giving so much attention to these side characters when we are here for the MC. Examples: Drake Blackburn and his harem, Danius and his harem, Lucas and his harem, and so many other characters we (or at least I) don't care about at ALL. What was the final straw for me and really cause me to drop was around chapter 900 Logan fights Nora and of course they start to develop romantic feelings which I spoiled myself on (she is added to his harem). Imagine the whole reason they traveled to the Alstreim estate is to enact Claire's revenge on them and one of the main people behind her father's crippling and etc. Nora, who is then added to Claire's husband (Logan's) harem after they met for the first time and had a battle where he then "saves" her for some reason even though his supposedly love of his life hates her. Absolutely ridiculous, functionally makes no sense, and the final straw. In my sincere opinion, I would recommend you all to stay away from this novel and most importantly do not waste your time. I spent a few days getting to chapter 900 and I deeply regret it, however thanks for the ride stardust_breaker, even as unenjoyable as it was I have no doubt you will gain more experience and write a better novel in the future.


Phenomenal! I drank the story with how well it flowed! Great plot, great characters, amazing scenes, and great concept! I enjoyed it heavily. I am just sad that I didn’t discover this later so I could’ve binged it.


Well well well, I discovered this Novel a day ago and how could I express my satisfaction better than just saying that I binged 800 chapters without taking a break? It’s been some time since I felt like reading that much at once. I’ve had an amazing time and can just say that I am looking forward to the rest of the story. Author, thanks for writing this. This story doesn’t get the recognition it deserves by far.


This is one of my favorite novels of ALL times. It hás a Very good história and i like It so só só só só só só sonso much, i like fish tipo.


I don't really write reviews since I'm not a writer myself and can't really comment beyond basic factual information in the novel but gave five stars because I don't agree with some people just dropping one star ratings for a novel that isn't that bad. I'll agree this isn't the best novel out there but if you came here your probably just looking for a good to decent novel and that what it is, exactly what you would expect and I don't find a problem with it.


I like the story a lot. The characters are well designed for the most part and the plot has steady progress. I would recommend this novel.


The best novel I have read trust me guys at least read the first chapters 1 till 50 and you will like it . You will keep reading until the **** knows until you reached the last chapter and you crie and pls support the author by power stones or money if you like it and it's up to you guys (For the author I wish I could support you by giving money but I dont have lol) ( for the guys or people reading this comment by the way I dont know the author (I am not his friend) and dont think I support him because his my friend. Because of his work obviously his novel or what you call and hard working and time to write this novel etc. Sorry for English at least you could understand. Finally thank you .


I have been around the block for a while but i honestly dnt think this deserve it's current rating. .. .. The writing looks like the author is new to it, its not bad its just okay. .. but an okay for rank 7 isnt good enough might work for a new author ranking. currently on chap 47 and i dnt think i can go beyond that. ..not my cup of tea. Like i said those new to web novel might enjoy this but for us avid readers this is trash no offense. I might be interested in reading your third book though


This story needs a physical publication! I would wholeheartedly preorder a hard cover first edition with a smile on my face. Then it needs a manga and anime!