1 Great changes at sea

At noon in August, the sun hung in the blue sky, like a fiery fireball, constantly spraying flames. The scorching air filled every corner of the world, making people unbearable. Only the occasional sea breeze can make people feel cool.

Zhao Rui was standing on the top deck of the "Hailing" luxury cruise ship, leaning against the side of the ship and looking at the bikini girls playing in the swimming pool. He was in a very good mood.

Fortunately, I didn't sell the tickets, otherwise I wouldn't have seen this scenery. He smiled, a little happy.

Zhao Rui is a sophomore at a university in the ancient city of Dong'an in the West. He is ordinary in appearance and temperament. Except that his eyes are sharper than ordinary people, he can hardly find anything on his face that can be remembered.

His parents died early and had no relatives. From childhood to childhood, he had to earn his own tuition and living expenses. If he did not happen to win the first prize in a prize program of TV station and get the chance to take a luxury cruise ship for a five-day trip, he would definitely not be able to afford this expense.

Zhao Rui originally thought that this prize would be more practical if it could be converted into money. However, he failed to transfer his ticket until the moment he boarded the ship, so he had to go on the cruise ship with a feeling of chagrin and enjoy the luxury five-day tour by himself.

However, after two days of enjoyment on the "herring", the chagrin was thrown away by him.

"I went back in three days. How time flies!" Zhao Rui sighed. His ticket included the cost of food and accommodation. It was good to eat and drink on the boat. There was no need to worry about anything. How could he get such a good treatment when he went back?

At that time when I felt sorry, a middle-aged couple nearby chatted aimlessly and walked past him.

"It is said that there are many ancient sunken ships under this sea area!" Said the husband.

"Oh, isn't there a lot of treasures under here? If only we could get them out, we would really be rich!" That fat woman, her eyes shining, swept around the sea, as if there were countless treasures lying on the bottom of the sea, waiting for her to go down and salvage them.

Zhao Rui stood there and couldn't help laughing after hearing this: it's hearsay, but it's really true. I want to become an immortal after reading the novel! Can't you tell what is true from what is false?

The husband continued: "it is said that two years ago, a famous treasure hunting team came here to salvage it, and then it suddenly disappeared near here. I don't know what happened."

"Ah? What's the matter?" The wife screamed, "does that mean this sea area is very dangerous?"

"Hailing is a five-star luxury cruise ship. The routes are carefully selected. How can we choose dangerous sea areas to sail?" The husband quickly comforted, "as for the missing expedition, it may be because of a storm or some other reason. This kind of thing won't happen on our ship. Don't think too much..."

As they talked, their voices gradually subsided and they walked away.

Zhao Rui glanced at their backs and shook his head. The woman was so sensitive that people could associate so much with anything they said.

Hailing continued to sail on the sea. I don't know when it started. The sky became dark. Thick black clouds, like galloping wild horses, came from far to near, blocking the sun. The sea wind was also gradually fierce, with a low howling sound, whistling past.

"The storm is coming. Please return to your room! Please return to your room!"

The ship's Radio suddenly rang.

"Didn't you say it's sunny these days?"

"Why is there a storm all of a sudden?"

"The weather on the sea is changing too fast!"

Tourists complained and left the deck one after another. The bikini girls who had been playing in the pool also came out of the pool, wiping their bodies with towels and walking to their own rooms.

"What a disappointing day."

Zhao Rui grunted and followed the crowd, preparing to return to his room.

At that moment, a huge lightning tore the dark clouds and hit the sea on the left side of the "Hailing" cruise ship, instantly stirring up huge waves. Then, one after another, the thunder exploded in my ear, deafening!

The "Hailing" cruise ship bumped violently, and its huge hull almost overturned!

The tourists who had no time to enter the room screamed with horror and fell on the deck.

Zhao Rui had just left the ship's side for two steps at that time. He was unprepared. When a huge wave hit, he could hardly stand. He immediately jumped over the ship's side, screamed and fell into the sea. The rough sea almost swallowed him up in an instant.

"Shit! Why am I so unlucky!"

He could not help shouting a curse, and the sea water took the opportunity to pour into his mouth. He grunted a few times and began to sink. His consciousness gradually became blurred.

Just before he completely lost consciousness, a whirlpool suddenly appeared at his feet and sucked him into the sea.


After a long time, Zhao Rui slowly woke up from his coma. Half unconscious, he felt that something was blocked in his trachea, and it was extremely difficult to breathe. His stomach was heavy, as if he had been filled with sea water, and his mouth was salty and astringent.

He coughed a few times and coughed out some of the sea water. Only then did he feel that his breathing was much smoother and his mind gradually became clear.

He felt as if he was lying on a stone slab, cold and cold.

Zhao Ruiqing shook his head slightly, puzzled. He didn't know where he was. He remembered that before he was unconscious, he seemed to be sucked by the whirlpool to the bottom of the sea. However, this little doubt was soon replaced by the great joy of survival.

"I'm still alive! I'm lucky to have survived such a bad situation!"

He gave a hard low smile, turned over, supported his body with almost rigid limbs, slowly climbed up from the ground, prepared to carefully observe the surrounding environment, and then decided what to do next.

However, he was stunned by the sight.

The dark sea water was suspended thousands of kilometers above him, as if an invisible wall had blocked it out. In the sea water, sea creatures that had heard or never heard of swam back and forth in groups.

The wrecks of countless ships are scattered in the sand on the sea floor. The broken keel is stretched at random, and several pieces of rags are hung on it, gently floating with the current.

"Where am I...?"

Zhao Rui took a few deep breaths, calmed his fierce beating heart, and slowly turned around. A huge hall with simple shape and magnificent momentum, as if it had stood here since ancient times, suddenly came into his eyes.

This hall is made of amazing stones, hundreds of meters high. Only when you look up can you see the top of the hall.

The golden light covered the building like a temple. The light is like water, flowing gently, making people dizzy. Milky white clouds and mist surround the hall, setting it off like a palace in the sky.

A stone step hundreds of meters long, shining with silver, extends from the gate of the hall to his feet. On both sides of the stone step, the stone statues of strange animals about ten meters are arranged in order. It is so imposing that people dare not look at it for a long time.

Standing on the broad stone steps, Zhao Rui suddenly felt that he was infinitely small, like a grain of dust.

I don't know how long it took him to recover from his extreme shock. But his heart was still beating fiercely, and all that appeared in front of him made him feel mysterious and confused.

He doesn't know where he is and who built the building in front of him. The only thing he can be sure of is that he is located at the very deep seabed, so deep that even the most advanced submersible in the world can't reach it!

"It's a miracle that I can enter this undersea palace alive!"

Zhao Rui murmured a word. He felt that he could not find any other words except lucky.

However, he immediately discovered a new problem: how should he leave?

Zhao Rui is not stupid enough to want to swim out of the deep sea through that invisible barrier. Not to mention those fierce sea monsters outside, the huge pressure generated by the deep sea is enough to crush him within one second when he steps out of the barrier!

The only hope now is that there is a way out of that mysterious temple.

However, even if there is no passageway in the temple, he still wants to go in and have a look.

This building stands in the deep sea and keeps hundreds of millions of tons of sea water out of the door. What is placed in it? Will there be a world-famous treasure?

His heart suddenly kindled.

Without much thought, Zhao Rui followed the stone steps to the gate of the mysterious hall.

The stone steps are high and steep. Although Zhao Rui's body is strong, he has not recovered his strength since he just woke up from a coma, and it is extremely difficult to walk this section of the road.

When he finally came to the gate of the hall, Zhao Rui suddenly found that the gate was tall and heavy. If it wasn't for the force of a thousand, it would be almost impossible to open it!

With a sense of luck, he tried to push the gate with his hand. Unexpectedly, the huge gate opened slowly to both sides in the thunderous sound.

Zhao Rui was so excited that he was about to go in when a sudden surge of cold air rushed out of the door, almost freezing him!

"Damn it, does it lead to the North Pole? How can it be so cold!"

He kept jumping back and forth while swearing. After a while, he relaxed. When the cold was over and his body was hot, he went in.

The space in this mysterious hall is huge. It is empty and can not be seen at a glance. The music like the sound of nature is constantly swirling in the hall. It is beautiful, low and full of sadness, which makes people feel heavy.

The golden light fell from the sky and dyed all around in the same color. A white marble paved road leads directly to the deep part of the main hall, where semi-circular objects are arranged neatly!

Zhao Rui opened his eyes and wanted to see the situation carefully. Unfortunately, it was too far away for him to see more clearly.

Walking along the white marble road to the deep part of the main hall, the cold around gradually increased, and the clothes soaked by the sea were frozen hard, like wearing an ice coat.

It took nearly an hour to run away. Zhao Rui finally came to the depths of the hall and found the source of the cold.

What appeared in front of him was a huge mass of tombs, which could not be seen at a glance!

These tombs are made of huge semicircular ice blocks of different sizes. Some of them are tens of meters high, and the radius of the smallest one is several meters high.

What's more peculiar is that these giant fairy tombs are crystal clear, and Colorful streamers flow on the ice surface, which is extremely dazzling. Moreover, these fairy tombs are extremely hard, and no matter what method is used, they can not leave even a trace on the ice surface.

In these ice tombs, some frozen creatures are immortal, with their clothes floating like immortals; Others are ferocious and demonic, like demons; There are also some frozen creatures in the tombs, with beautiful faces, sacred faces, and white wings on their backs, like western angels!

In front of each giant fairy tomb, there is a square pointed tombstone carved with ice. The tombstone is engraved with extremely ancient prehistoric characters.

"What is the meaning of the words carved on it?"

Zhao Rui frowned and stopped in front of a tombstone.

The owner of this tombstone is an old man who is frozen in the tomb. He wears a Taoist robe, his hair is silver, his eyebrows are kind and his eyes are kind. He holds a fan in his left hand and a diamond in his right hand. There is a gentle and benevolent atmosphere in the fairyland, which makes people feel safe and friendly at first sight.

Zhao Rui was preparing to ponder over the meaning of the inscriptions. Suddenly, the words on the tombstone shone with a silver glow, directly into his eyebrows.

Zhao Rui only felt a roar in his mind, which almost made him faint. However, at that moment, he seemed to be enlightened and fully understood the meaning of these ancient words!

The words on the tombstone are a summary of the life of the tomb owner, recording the past deeds of the owner of this immortal tomb.

Although Zhao Rui has been shocked and almost numb since he came to the deep-sea cemetery, the name still makes him feel like a thunderstorm.

He is the supreme god of Taoism. He commands all the heaven, leads all the saints, guides the way of heaven, spreads the virtue of heaven, and is in control of all the three realms, ten directions, four lives and six ways!

Zhao Rui quickly turned to look at another tombstone.

The owner of this ice tomb is actually the king of destruction in the Western legend who blew the doomsday horn, let the meteor fall to the ground, and opened the door of hell - Abaddon!

"How can immortal demons die and still be frozen in this tomb?"

Zhao Rui began to cry in a low voice. Although he had experienced many storms and was always calm, he was also in a state of confusion.

He never believed in ghosts and gods, and was unwilling to believe the authenticity of the words recorded on the tombstone. However, the cemetery in the deep sea, the magnificent hall that can shut out hundreds of millions of tons of sea water, made him unable to make any explanation with scientific common sense!

Zhao Rui wandered in confusion among the huge tombs. Square pointed tombstones flashed by in front of him, and names that he had heard only in fairy tales kept popping into his eyes.

"The tomb of the Oriental demon God Xing Tian!"

"The tomb of the Archangel Michael in the Western Heaven!"

"The tomb of Zhang Daoling, the first Heavenly Master of the East!"

"The tomb of King Billy, one of the 72 demon kings of Solomon in the West!"




Zhao Rui is more and more shocked. If the introduction on the tombstone is true, what kind of great changes have taken place, so that the immortals and demons that only exist in the ancient legends of the East and the West are sleeping in the endless immortal tomb?

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