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"Quincy" "Yes darling" "I'm not yours yet" "You were mine the moment I laid eyes on you" "Quincy" "Yes darling" "You're too old" "I heard older guys are spicier. The spicier, the better. I wouldn't say old, I'd say mature" "Quincy, go home" Quincy Davis shamelessly claimed Seraphina Jacob as his. He liked her at first sight, but he fell for her at the first "hello". "Sera" "Yes Quincy?" "My eyes are up here" "Oh My. I prefer the two dangling eyes between your thighs. The nose in between is saying hello to me. Hi little Quincy. Let's get to know each other well in the future" "Sera, eyes up here not down there" Seraphina Jacob shamelessly claimed Quincy Davis as hers. She liked him at first "naked" sight, but fell for him at the first "kiss". This is a fluttering story about Quincy and Seraphina, and how their love blossomed in the Summer. Updates at least 2 chapters a day. Currently updates 5-6 chapters per day. Cover photo is from Niña on Pinterest titled "The time that you know the love will never end."(https://www.pinterest.com/pin/784189353842863640/)

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"To us! Yes darlings, to the three of us", we said as the three of us giggled and sipped on our martinis. It felt tangy, but every single cell in my body loved it.

Let me introduce you to my beauty gang. There is Flora; short-haired, gorgeous, green eyed with a big temper. There is Claudia; curly-haired, long legs, gorgeous, and very innocent. Then there is me, the female lead, Seraphina. Not to be narcissistic, but I am beautiful, fiesty, sexy, big brown eyes with luster, and curvy. We are 3 best friends who grew up together. Our parents are all best friends too. Our families have been linked for many generations now.

Flora is a smartass lawyer, Claudia is a beauty salon CEO, and I am jobless, but I prefer the term FREELANCER.

Our characters, hmmmm. Flora might be hot-tempered, but she is like a watermelon, hard on the outside, sweet and soft on the inside. Do not be confused by Claudia's innocence. When she is at work, she looks the sexiest with her stern face and busy hands. One wrong word under her scissors and you're pretty much bald. Trust me, I speak from experience.

Our ages, hmmmm. Flora's 24. Claudia's 23, and I am a 21-year old Biochemistry major.

Our full names, hmmmm: Flora Autumn Jenkins, Claudia Winter James, and Seraphina Summer Jacob. Our middle names depict the season we were born, and surprise! All our last names start with J. We are really destined.

Now, what are we celebrating? My legality, if that's a word. I'm officially 21. I can finally drink with my girl pals, not that I'd do it all the time, but don't leave liquor around me. Hahahaha.