Disciple of Beerus

A Saiyan who was born with a power level of 100,000 was immediately banished from the planet as he was not from the royal bloodline and could be a threat to them in the future. This particular Saiyan was born with the greatest potential known to anyone in the entirety of this reality. His pod came into collision with a wormhole which warped the child onto a mysterious planet. "This is perfect. This Saiyan is like none other. He has the qualities to become a weapon of mass destruction and with the right training I'll definitely be able to sleep as much as I want"

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The KING, Grand Zeno had noticed that the balance in the universes had been disturbed and that now universe 7 has somehow completely gotten bigger in size. The supreme Kai were not powerful enough to do such a thing, actually no other deity besides Zeno or the Grand Priest should be able to do such actions.

"Daishinkan. Do you feel that disturbance in the force...?" Zeno would question the Grand Priest to confirm this feeling.

"Yes my lord...it would seem a powerful being is corrupting the balance of the multiverse...how should we deal with him?" The priest would question suggestively and waiting for Zeno command.

"I will let you deal with him accordingly. I want him gone immediately" Zeno ordered and with that the Grand Priest teleported instantly.

(The other world)

Whis sighed. He looked off far into the distance and thought to himself how things escalated so quickly from this situation. He felt his fathers presence arriving towards this location.

Instantly as soon as Whis felt the Grand Priest presence, he arrived in front of Whis looking at him calmly. "Whis this child you have raised must be exiled due to breaking the balance of the multiverse as you know" The Grand Priest stated to Whis.

"I know father...this child has been quite troublesome these days" Whis said complaining about Amons behavior.

"Exile...me?" Amon questioned with a pause in between words. These words sparked a memory inside of Amon head and without realizing, he face grew a bright and diabolical looking smile on his face. His aura would start surging powerfully as his newly awakened form start becoming more and more powerful.

"I'll be damned if I let anyone exile me from anything without giving them a fight...you must be out your mind..." Amon said still increasing his power. With no hesitation he threw a powerful attack which went right through the Grand Priest whose figure smashed into pieces.

This caused Amon to be confused but the Grand Priest was actually behind Amon and was holding his hand out.

"I will lock you away in another dimension forever. You will never get to enjoy life as long you are there." The priest said in a monotone voice.

"His magic is really this strong!?" Amon said surprised as he had yet to meet someone stronger than him with his new power. He thought he would atleast put a fight but apparently the Grand Priest has unimaginable magic skill and decent control over reality.

As a final defensive attempt, Amon attempted erase the magic the priest was using along with the priest himself. This did nothing and as Amon was getting sealed he would start quickly using hand seals and once he finished the sequence, his eyes would start glowing and then his body and he mysteriously disappeared.

Amon had used a secret technique that he taught himself which allowed him to shift dimensions. Although he changed dimensions, the Grand Priest magic was too strong and all of his Ki and Mana were locked away along with his powers.

When Amon woke up and looked around, he had no idea where he was but thanks to his Kai bloodline, he sensed many life forms all over this planet and tons of life energy as well. Amon could feel that his powers had been restricted from him and was very wrathful.

It's a shame that you are not allowed to become too powerful. If your all powerful then you should have no worry of being surpassed.

Amon looked at his fist and clenched it. Thanks to his secret technique he can still view the world but he still has no clue where he has right now and he couldn't use his power.

Amon contemplated his next choice of action but then proceeded to start walking towards the closest life forms that he could sense near him.

"I will destroy the Grand Priest and all of his children for what they have done to me today. I will never let go of this anger in my entire life and I promise that as long as I'm alive...I will come back stronger than even the KING..."

(Omni Palace)

"My lord, the threat recognized as Amon has been removed from this multiverse. He will never be able to walk here again." The Grand Priest reported with contempt in his voice.

Zeno was pleased by his quick work and continued doing what he normally does. On the other hand Whis had many thoughts about this matter and wondered if his father noticed as well. Amon had not been seal away by father's accord but instead performed a strange art which transported him somewhere else.

And Whis knowing the potential of Amon. In just a few years, Amon may come back strong enough to destroy and recreate the multiverse with a wave of his hand...




Amon Power Level (sealed): 0¹⁰⁰⁰⁰

Grand Priest made a stupid mistake. Sealing Amon power is the greatest level of training Amon could ever receive...

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