36 Terrifying Heavenly Tribulation, Jiang Yun’s Scheme!

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Very soon, Niu Batian opened his eyes, full of vigor.

It was as if the heavy injuries he had suffered had never happened. It was like an illusion.

Not only had his injuries recovered, even the aura that Niu Batian was exuding at this moment had become more vigorous.

Suddenly, along with the medicinal efficacy of the spirit pill being gradually fused into his entire body, Niu Batian's entire body shook.

His aura surged wildly, and he actually broke through!

Niu Batian's strength had been stuck at the ninth stage of the Spirit King Realm for 500 years and there were still no signs of a breakthrough.

In Niu Batian's view, if he wanted to break through from the ninth stage of the Spirit King Realm to the Spirit Origin Realm, he would need at least another 500 years.

But he never thought that he would achieve a breakthrough in cultivation after experiencing a lesson from the Senior, and then taking this miraculous Dan.

To him, Jiang Yun was his great benefactor.

As for Bai Su and Wang Hou, they could clearly sense the change in Niu Batian's aura.

Their eyes were filled with envy and jealousy.

They were all at the ninth stag of the Spirit King Realm. To advance to the Spirit Origin Realm was as difficult as ascending to the heaven, unless they obtained a huge opportunity.

And Niu Batian before them had obtained such an opportunity.

"I'm much obliged to Senior for bestowing the immortal Dan on me!"

Niu Batian was so excited that he directly cupped his fists and knelt down on knees.

Then, the other two looked at each other and similarly followed Niu Batian's actions, kneeling down on knees.

Jiang Yun looked at them calmly, but his heart actually stirred up.

These were king level magical beasts, and one of them had now advanced to the eighth grade.

After subduing them, the sense of accomplishment was overwhelming.

Moreover, with such powerful subordinates, even if they were outside of his halo, things would be much easier to handle.

And the three people kneeling down were all king level magical beasts that had lived for thousands of years.

Each of them was of supernormal parentage and background.

Niu Batian was the descendant of the legendary magical beast tribe, Bull Demon King. His talent was tyrannical, and his status was noble. That was why he could have such strength in just a thousand years.

Bai Su was the rarest white snake among the Nine-colored Sky-devouring Snake Clan. She was the young leader of this tribe.

Wang Hou took the surname of "Wang" because he was the main bloodline of the Golden Magical Ape Clan. In the future, he would also carry the banner and inherit the legacy of the tribe.

It was precisely because the three of them were born well and experienced that they could understand better how incredible Jiang Yun's ability was.

While they felt Jiang Yun's powerful strength, followed by seeing with their own eyes how Jiang Yun made an immortal fruit to grow, and in the end, he refined an immortal Dan out of thin air which allowed Niu Batian to directly break through the bottleneck of his strength, they felt that even the legendary Saint Realm expert didn't have such a miraculous power.

They had an intuition that perhaps this was the most important opportunity to change their lives!

Therefore, they had to firmly grasp this opportunity!

"Alright, since you are all willing to submit, you are now the factotum disciples of Mount God of Heaven Sect. There's no need to call me Senior. From now on, call me Sect Master."

The three great magical beasts replied respectfully.

"Sect Master!"

However, they were all magical beasts after all, and their statuses were noble. They had never thought that one day, they would submit to others.

They had never even thought that they would join a human sect.

In fact, they were still not quite used to it.

Jiang Yun also understood that although they had officially become his disciples, they were mostly intimidated by his power.

Just relying on power, he might be able to convince them.

In their hearts, however, they were not entirely convinced.

Once they left Mount God of Heaven, he could do nothing if they did not come back.

Therefore, In addition to show his power, he had to give them some benefits that would make them willing to submit.

Jiang Yun had already made plans.

"Since you are all disciples of Mount God of Heaven Sect, as the Sect Master, I should show you the strongest technique of our sect."

As he spoke, Jiang Yun used the second halo on the three great magical beasts: Bloodline Evolution.

Yes, since he could increase Yu Sisi's innate talent, the innate talent of the three great magical beasts could also be increased.

Although the innate talent of the three king-level beasts was good enough for them to reach the peak of the seventh stage, their remaining potential was too small to go any further.

This was all related to their innate talent.

Once their innate talent increased, their bottleneck would no longer exist. Breaking through was then just a matter of a thought.

This was also why the three king level magical beasts were so excited when they saw Yu Sisi.

This was because Yu Sisi didn't have a bottleneck to break through.

As long as she had enough resources, she would definitely be able to step onto the peak of cultivation.

When Yu Sisi became stronger than them, they would break through and advance faster under Yu Sisi's guidance.

After Jiang Yun had used the second halo, they could clearly sense that their bloodlines were surging crazily.

Was their innate talent increasing?

Immediately, the three great magical beasts were completely shocked!

How was this possible??? 

Their innate talent was already considered high-grade. Over the past few thousand years, they had eaten quite a number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, so their talent should have already increased to the limit.

Now, they could actually feel that their bloodline was showing signs of evolution once again.

For a moment, the three people's faces revealed an inconceivable expression, and then one after another, they fell into ecstasy.

The increase in their aptitude caused the three king beasts to undergo a huge change.

They burst out terrifying spiritual fluctuations, and a spiritual energy hurricane appeared in the sky.

At this time, Bai Su and Wang Hou also clearly sensed that the bottleneck that had restricted them for over a hundred years could be easily crossed with just a thought.

Then, the two spiritual fluctuations suddenly increased, and the hurricane in the sky became even more violent.

Almost at the same time, both of them broke through the Spirit King Realm and advanced to the Spirit Origin Realm!

At the same time, above the spiritual energy hurricane, dark clouds suddenly covered the sky, and a terrifying thunder tribulation appeared.

The Heavenly Ordeal was triggered when three great magical beasts broke into the Spirit Origin Realm at the same time!

When Niu Batian broke through just now, it hadn't appeared yet. Maybe he was lucky that his breakthrough was blocked by the halo.

Now, the aura of Wang Hou and Bai Su was too turbulent, bringing along the part of Niu Batian at the same time.

The Heavenly Thunder of the three Spirit Origin Realm magical beasts were now mixed together.

Heaven and earth were shattering!

In the face of this massive thunderstorm, the joy on the faces of the three king level magical beasts immediately disappeared, and their faces turned pale.

After all, it was aimed at them. With this apocalyptic scene, they had no chance of winning at all.

They were dead meat!

Jiang Yun had long sensed the changes in the outside world.

But he did nothing.

With their current strength, they can resist their own Heavenly Thunder.

But now the three Heavenly Thunders merged into one, its power would increase by more than 10 times.

He deliberately let the three Heavenly Thunders fall at the same time.

The greater the disaster and the more desperate they became, the more they would revere him when he turned the situation around.

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